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by Ryan S, Apr 08, 2016

In case you missed it yesterday, Ernie Els, moved way up on my list of favorite golfers!

Why?! You ask...

Well, I called a bunch of my buddies on the tour to wish them luck at The Masters like I usually do... We chatted about golf obviously, and I explained that my putting was struggling the other day and how it was frustrating. A couple of them told me, "Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. You just have to brush it off and keep going!".

Right. I thought to myself.

Then, my pal Ernie Els steps up on the first hole and takes on for the team.

The team, in this scenario, is all of us amatuer golfers who struggle on the green every once in a while.

Ernie was within 3 ft, yes 3ft, the type of shot you would expect pro's to just pick up the ball and walk away because it is a gimmie.

Ernie took his shot.... HE MISSED?!?! What?

Then we went on to miss the next 3 putts to ultimately end up with a total of 6 putts! Ouch!

Have a look at the video here:

After this WORST FIRST HOLE IN MASTERS HISTORY, Ernie finish the rest of the round shooting only 3 over par, for a total of +8. 

If this was me, I would be on tilt, and the rest of the round would be full of boogies! But Ernie pulled it together pretty well.

So, I just want to say THANK YOU ERNIE!!

Thank you for being a nice guy and showing me that anyone can miss those putts. 

Thank you for showing me that it is possible to regroup and play well after this happens.

Thank you for reminding me that I should never pick up the ball on the green and assume it is a gimmie.

You took one for the team on a world stage. That takes guts, and that's why you moved up on my list of favorite golfers!

Good luck in the rest of the tournament. You can check out the Leader Board Here.


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Watch An 11 Year Old Hit A Hole-In-One In front of Tiger Woods!

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by Ryan S, Mar 03, 2016

11 year old hole in one

While the title gives away what is going to happen in the video, I want to set the stage for it anyways...

11 year old, Taylor Crozier, out of Corpus Christi, was one of only a handful of kids selected to play on a Tiger Woods' new course for kids ("The Playgrounds" at BlueJack National, which is a course for kids). So already Taylor was one out of a million (or more) that was chosen to go...

It was like winning the lottery.

Lucky kid...

Then Taylor gets to take the inagugural shot at new course...IN FRONT OF TIGER WOODS!!

Really lucky (nervous) kid...

THEN, he goes ahead an hits a HOLE-IN-ONE!!!! Unreal.

Have a watch.


Beat that shot, Tiger!

The only sad thing about this story is that this could be the highlight of his entire golf career and he is so young. I sure hope it isn't, and he goes on to blow my mind a few more times.

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Golf Shops

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by Ryan S, Feb 28, 2016

We have composed a huge list of golf shops in your area!

best golf shops

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The Ultimate Guide to Golf Wedges

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by Ryan S, Feb 16, 2016

golf joke
Image Source Unknown

Whether you are new to golf or have been playing for a long time you may have some questions about all the intricacies of the different wedges that can be used in golf. Well, you are in luck, we are going to try to answer those questions you have. We are going to start with the basics for the beginners and go into more detail about the differences in the various types of clubs. This includes things like the angle of loft, distances they hit, and even the finishes on the club head. Read on to learn more and figure out which one is going to be your new go to club.

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The Proper Way to Wash Your Golf Clubs

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by Ryan S, Feb 09, 2016

time to clean the golf clubs

Playing golf is fun and interesting (some of you read this as frustrating and cruel), if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be here… yet it can be pretty tricky and daunting at the same time. Dirty golf clubs can add to this difficulty and affect your performance in the game. If the grooves of your club are filled with dirt, then you wouldn’t be able to spin the ball effectively. (You may think “Hey, I’m not good enough to spin the ball yet”, but that’s not what I mean here. The grooves on a club will cause spin that helps to lift the ball as it flies through the air.) The position of club at the time of impact might not be affected by this; however your ball flight would definitely have to bear the toll of your dirty golf clubs.

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