Longest Drive Through the Golf Simulator Screen

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by Ryan Sebastianelli, Aug 26, 2015

Check out this AWESOME golf video...


Jamie Sadlowski, who is the Lond Drive champion, was brought into the studio to show off his long drive on the golf simulator they have...

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What do you want to see on GolfThis.com

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by Ryan Sebastianelli, Aug 25, 2015

Hey loyal readers and future PGA pro golfers!!

I am reaching out to you today for some help. 

I am looking to make my golf site better and to help you along the way!

But what I need to know is what would you like to see done on this site?!

KEEP READING HERE to see some of the planned blog posts and ideas

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An engineer, a priest and a doctor play golf…

by Ryan Sebastianelli, Aug 17, 2015

An engineer, a priest, and a doctor are trying to enjoying a round of golf. Ahead of them is a group playing so slowly and inexpertly that in frustration the three ask the Marshall for an explanation. “That’s a group of blind firefighters,” they are told. “They lost their sight saving our clubhouse last year, so we let them play for free.”

The priest says, “I will say a prayer for them tonight.”

The doctor says, “Let me ask my ophthalmologist colleagues if anything can be done for them.”

.The engineer says....

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Bubba’s Hover Cart is an Exciting Change to Golf

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by Ryan Sebastianelli, Aug 11, 2015

Bubba's Hover Cart!! 

I know this has been around for a couple years, but I get excited to revisit this every once in a while. If you haven't seen the video yet, check it our below, then follow on to see what it costs or where you can try one!


Check out our Pro's vs Con's list after the break...

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Business and Golf – Why Is It A Successful Combo?

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by Ryan Sebastianelli, Aug 07, 2015

Golf courses aren’t strangers to business and have always maintained a good relationship. Golf is a sport which is practiced outdoors, walking, chasing and shooting the ball over lush green lawns and it is a perfect time to create long and lasting business relations. There is more than enough time for businessmen to have talks related to business between holes.

It can be safely said that numerous business agreements are made on the daily basis on almost every golf course around the globe. There are various reasons why a golf course is a great place to settle a business deal or a proposal. From the relaxed and calm setting, to the quiet and peace essential for reflection, golf courses offer the perfect atmosphere for businessmen to make decisions and improve relationships.

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