Getting Started With Golf

by Ryan S, Feb 04, 2016

first time on the tee

If you are a beginner or are thinking about starting this sport, you need to understand the basics in theory before you go about swinging the club. In addition to the 18 holes of real golf, following are the requirements of golf that you must learn before you start playing:

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How To Get Your Free GolfThis Premium Membership!

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by Ryan S, Jan 25, 2016

We here at GolfThis understand you want to save money on golf with the best tee time deals you can find. I mean, who wouldn’t want discount golf green fees?

As you may have seen through our Coupons Page, we get out a talk to golf courses for you and get these green fee deals for you. We offer you 3 free days to access these golf offers, then you must purchase a membership to keep using them.

We could try to explain to you that you use one or two special offers from the golf courses and your membership is paid for, for the year. But we know that some people just want a little more…

Well, you’re in luck, we have you covered!

We have set up a system so that


It’s a pretty simple system that we have. In fact it creates a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Golf Membership

Read on to see exactly what you need to do.

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Rules Of The Game Made Easy

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by Ryan S, Jan 23, 2016

If you didn't already know, the point of the game is to hit/play the ball with your clubs and try to get the golf ball into the hole with as few strokes (aka shots) as possible. This is done without influencing the ball (or course) in any way outside the general rules of the game (2 stroke penalty if you do).

We have looked over the official golf rules and regulations and are going to summarize them as best possible so that you don't have to waste time reading all the obscure and not as important ones. Hopefully these simple rules of golf will make it easy for you.

That being said, all the rules for playing golf are important, and if you want to truly honour the game, you will learn them all with time.

We have also added an interpretation of the rules, or the easy way for beginners to handle the rules so as to speed the game along, and keep it fun while still learning the do's and don'ts of the game.

Basic golf rules


Read on to see the simplified version of the rules of golf

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Some Odd Golf Facts You May Not Have Known

golf facts,golf history

by Ryan S, Jan 21, 2016

Golf is a centuries old sport which has been enjoyed by millions of people around the globe for years. Pretty much everyone is aware of what the game entails in its bare bones essence, with many being familiar about the intricacies involved too. However, there are so many unknown yet amazing facts about golf that you probably didn’t know about. Here are a few:

Old golf ball

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Golf Etiquette Basics For Beginners (18 helpful tips)

business golf,golf course conduct,golf etiquette

by Ryan S, Jan 20, 2016

​Are you new to the game of golf? Wondering about some of the basics of golf etiquette? We’ve been in your position, and it is a little intimidating as a beginner.

Good etiquette is needed in many circumstances from dining etiquette and telephone etiquette to sports etiquette. Every sport has its own etiquette and/or unwritten set of rules that should be followed. Golf is no different, with its’ rich history, these unspoken guidelines have a lot of meaning to those that are avid golfers.  

There are, of course, many areas that you should give attention to, if you are to have good golf etiquette. It shouldn’t be something that scares you though, since these are very simple and easily mastered. To make it easy we have complied:

16 Tips on Proper Golf Etiquette.

Golf course do's and don'ts

Read on to learn and understand golf etiquette better.

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