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by Ryan Sebastianelli, Aug 01, 2013

Special thanks to Ash over at Snapshotz ( for this funny golf comic! Check out his page for more funnies!

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The 200 Yard Gong Shot

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by Ryan Sebastianelli, Jul 30, 2013

Here is a little gem I found on YouTube:

Basically they are trying to skim a ball across the lake to hit a gong 200 yards out in the water.

This brings out the kid in me. Back in the day when you and your friends would set up a ridiculous challenge and never stop until someone accomplishes it. Who am I kidding, we all STILL do this.

The guys are all laughing and having a great time, showcasing the fun you can have while golfing.

My favorite comment was "Am I the first one to miss the lake?".

Maybe someday they will invent Extreme Golfing and this will be a hole. Along with hitting objects out of the air or hitting the ball while riding a moving golf cart. I bet no one has done this before wink .

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2013 Golf Season

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by Ryan Sebastianelli, Jul 04, 2013

Well, the 2013 golf season is well under way, and I have yet to update the blog. Been a super busy summer already!

So far on the courses we have already experienced some crazy weather on the golf courses. Late start with the snow this year, followed by some crazy winds, some intense heat, and unheardof amounts of rain! That doesn't stop us hardcore golfers though.

The rains in the south have caused courses to have severe damage, loss of sales, and even closures for the summer. Our thoughts are with you, and we plan on being out there twice as much as a show of support to help get you back on your feet.

Look for exciting things to come this year. Lots of blog posts, videos, changes to the site... and of course LOTS of new golf courses on board with our Premium Membership program!

Hope to see you on the greens soon.



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Fox Run Golf Course Review

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by Ryan Sebastianelli, Aug 28, 2012

I played Fox Run Golf Course earlier in the season and really enjoyed myself. I played the course mid-week with a friend. The course was fairly slow, and very quiet. We played at our own pace, never feeling rushed or like we were rushing anyone, which can be a nice change of pace from weekend play at a busy course.


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