Compression is a measurement of how dense your golf ball is. Every object has a density and thus a

Whatever your skill at golf may be, it is very important that you choose the right golf ball for yourself;

A slow swing speed comes in really handy while golfing, particularly if your club head speed isn’t

These days, there are many different perspectives of what an average golfer is. A player’s handicap,

Great golf equipment manufacturers, irons in our case, do not only exist in the US. Beyond names such

Gang, we are at it again and today we will be discussing best vintage irons. Yep, in this best vintage

Travelling with golf clubs can be really hectic. If you have ever experienced travelling with your golf

It’s been four years since Bridgestone launched their last series, the J40, and it’s been a long

There are many aspects to golf and most of them revolve around the striking of the ball, whether it be

We love to golf and that is the reason we write about it and share our insights with you. As such, we