The dreaded slice is the bane of many a golfer's game, from the beginners to the more regular

Playing golf is fun and interesting (some of you read this as frustrating and cruel), if

Winter in Alaska can be brutal with bitterly cold conditions. This will mean a round of golf

Virtual or Indoor golf has become a popular sport due to its flexibility when it comes to time,

The Western American state of Colorado offers a number of excellent indoor golf venues where

One of the smaller US states, Delaware only has a couple golf courses and simulation golf facilities.

Florida is noted as the best golfing states in the U.S. Hosting PGA Tours and many more golfing

Georgia is home of probably the most famous golf course in the world, the Augusta National,

New Brunswick is home to a number of indoor golf venues and a good few places that offer virtual

Sometimes you have a yearning for golf but the weather is not exactly ideal for walking around

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