Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my pass valid? is continuously expanding into new regions. Simply search to see if your golf course offer's a discount, if they do then your pass is valid. If you are at a course and aren't sure, simply ask someone that works at the course. Plan on taking a vacation... Do a search for local courses! We might be available there as well!

When does my pass expire?

Passes expire 365 days after the date of purchase. Eg. This means you can buy a membership in August and use it the rest of the year, and following year all summer until August.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes we can offer group discounts if you plan to buy 5 or more passes. This is dealt with on a case by case basis, and you must contact us through our contact form.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $49.95 per 365 days.

What security measures are in place regarding the coupons?

We have a number of security measures in place to protect the Course Owners and Players.
  • Only Members are able to access the coupons on the site. This stops anyone from printing off fake coupons. Thus protecting the Course owners from fraud, and protecting the Members investment.
  • Member's names will appear on the coupon so you can cross reference with their ID to make sure they aren't sharing with their friends.
  • When the 'One-Time Use' Coupon is downloaded, an email with the coupon will be sent to the golf course for their records. This will allow the golf course owners to keep track of the coupon usage, as well as prevent duplicates from being created. Again it is the responsibility of the golf course to track these coupons.
  • Every 'One-Time Use' Coupon will contain the Member's name, along with an expiration date, and the user's id number. If these items are not there, along with the email version of the coupon from, then it will not be valid

As a course owner, how do I claim my page?

When you search for your course, there will be a link on the side and the bottom of your Detailed page labelled “Claim this course here”. Simply click that link and follow the steps. This will allow you to add pictures, videos, info, and most importantly Coupons!

The Golf Course I am looking for isn’t on the site?

We are constantly adding courses, but sometimes we may miss a few along the way. Please send us an email at, or reach us through our contact form and we will look into it as soon as possible!

How come every course doesn’t offer coupons?

Again this depends on a number of factors (see #4). Course Management may not see the benefit they would receive by offering a discount.

If you see a course on here that you would like to offer a discount, simply click the 'We want a discount' Button on their page. Course owners will receive a monthly email letting them know about the demand for discounts. On the same note, if you are golfing at these courses already, it doesn't hurt to mention, as the power of the people can go a long way!

Why is there such a big range in savings from course to course?

They differ because the course owners/managers are the ones that decide on the savings they want to offer. This is based on how busy they are, what they can afford to give, desire for new customers, as well as other factors. We at, are constantly trying to get our members the best deals, however, the ultimate decision rests with the Course Management.

What are ‘Everyday Use’ Coupons?

'Everyday Use' Coupons are the smaller discount coupons that can be used on an on-going basis. They have no expiry date, and can be used every single day if you want.

These coupons have a huge range from saving you a couple $ to a free round, again allowing you to more than pay for your membership within a few rounds! All you have to do is show your membership card and save!

What are ‘One-Time Use’ Coupons?

'One-Time Use' Coupons are the bigger discount coupons that can only be used once. These coupons can only be downloaded once per year, and must be used within 10 days of downloading (i.e. They have an expiry date, 10 days from the day of download).

These are generally the coupons that have more value, and will save you more than the entire cost of membership after 2-3 uses. These are very exclusive, and course owners cannot afford to give these discounts out every day!

What does my membership get me?

When you sign up for a membership, it gets you access to all the coupons and discounts the site has to offer. You will have instant access to the 'one time use' coupons, as well as the 'everyday use' coupons. You will also receive a membership card in the mail that verifies you have an account with us.

Your membership also gives you access to other discounts as well. Such as tournament fees, lessons, and even hotels. Being part of our community also allows you to talk to other members, make new golfing partners, or share tips with one another!

How does the referral program work?

imply enter your friend's email address in the 'Refer a Friend' box (Link Coming Soon!). When they sign up for a membership using that email address, they will receive a $5 discount. As a bonus for 'Referring Your Friend', your account will be credited $5 towards your pass next year. 10 friends referred and you receive a free pass! You can do this every year! Adding more and more value to your Membership!