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Best Golf Trick Shots

When the words trick shots are thrown around, what comes to mind is entertaining, fun, and cool. However,

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​Are you new to the game of golf? Wondering about some of the basics of golf etiquette? We’ve been

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Golf Shops

In a hurry? Read this:Simply click the Province or State you are looking for a shop in. It will

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Rules Of The Game Made Easy

If you didn't already know, the point of the game is to hit/play the ball with your clubs and try to

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Creating and maintaining strong business relations is the foundation of success. However, it isn’t

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We here at GolfThis understand you want to save money on golf with the best tee time deals you can find.

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Looks like the 2015 outdoor golf season is done for the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to

How To Play Help Misc

Getting Started With Golf

If you are a beginner or are thinking about starting this sport, you need to understand the basics in


Golf is a centuries old sport which has been enjoyed by millions of people around the globe for years.


Jordan Spieth had an amazing year last year golfing with a few tournament wins and few new records. So

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