Best Golf Trick Shots

When the words trick shots are thrown around, what comes to mind is entertaining, fun, and cool. However, most don’t stop to think how these can improve their game… while that is mostly true, there are some key take-aways when thinking about these shots. First is the insane amount of practice or trials it takes (a.k.a. practice makes perfect), secondly, the hand-eye coordination is crazy with some of these golfers, which is key in the game of golf…. and third, look how much fun they are having out there (we don’t need to remind you how having fun can really help improve your game. SOOOO… because of our hope to help improve your game… and to try to keep you entertained of course…. here is a short list of the best golf trick shots (31 tricks to be exact) for you to devour and start improving today. 

Why Trick Shots?

Trick shots are good for your game as they teach adaptability. Seeing as they are quite difficult to pull off, skills acquired during this training are valuable to get yourself out of any difficult situation.

A great case in point of the weight of trick shots is Wesley Bryan’s two tour events triumphs in a span of four weeks. Wesley is one of the infamous Bryan Bros duo. 

Two Different Approaches

Before we get into more elaborate golf tricks, lets probe 2 shots recommended by Luke Benoit, one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers who will help you significantly improve your game.

  • Classic Trick Shot

Made famous by Tiger Woods almost 2 decades ago, this shot improves your coordination alongside wrist and hand strength. It entails juggling the ball on your club and smashing the ball mid-air. 

  • Shotmaker Discipline

This drill goes a long way in improving your shot making skills. Pick a target and see if you can hit a draw at it. Once you achieve this, try a fade and alternate the two every other 15 minutes. Coalescing this with your practice will better your game. 

Best Golf Trick Shots

Other than these basic drills, there are tons of trick shots out there and they are only getting better. We have put together a list of what we deem to be the best golf trick shots.

1. Taylor Laybourne Toss and Catch

First on our list of incredible golf trick shots is Laybourne’s club toss and catch. Going by the difficulty associated with the backswing, this can be a fancy replacement. Nonetheless, it won’t be stress-free but it will be a stunner for sure.

To begin with, holding the club head, Laybourne tosses the club backward, catches it by its shaft over his back and whacks the ball down the range. You can watch the video below:  

2. Golf Cart Surfing Tricks

Next on our list of top golf tricks is this driver trickshot by Coach Rusty and Joshua Kelly. Though it’s perilous, it’s flat out impressive. At the start, Coach is on a golf cart roof, as Kelly drives it down a course. Simultaneously, Kelly is juggling a ball on his club which he heaves upwards to Coach who thumps it down the range. The coordination, balance, and level of focus in play are just insane. The original video is hard to find but we found an old copy (please help us find the original!). 

3. Chip and Pin

Third on this list of remarkable golf trick shots is one where the golfer (Andreyo) chips the ball over his shoulder, runs, tends to his own pin, and watches as the ball effortlessly sails into the hole. A shoulder chip is not unheard of. 

However, a shoulder chip coupled with tending to your own pin is unparalleled. This level of skill can be disheartening for those of us who can barely make a 2 footer, but it is out and out remarkable. 

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4. Boat To wakeboard

Hands down a masterpiece, this boat to wakeboard shot by Coach Rusty had to make it onto our list of famous golf trick shots. It is now quite clear that Rusty borders on insane but fortune favors the bold after all. Coach has a guy toss a ball from a boat which he thumps as he is wakeboarding. This will require a ton of focus, balance, and a whole lot of skill. The video below.

5. Most Elaborate Trick Shot

Simply no way to describe it other than mind boggling. In less than 50 words: it begins with a golf ball, then a mass of pool balls and pool tables and ends up with putting. The trick took 8 hours of preparation and over 50 snooker cues. Don’t believe me? The audio-visual is below.

6. Phil Mickelson Famous Backward Shot

A maestro of the short game, Phil Mickelson’s backward short is a must learn. It is quite handy for getting one out of a severe slope and Phil used it once in the At&t national pro-am. The shot necessitates one to get underneath the ball and flip it back. Hope that makes sense but if it doesn’t, here is the video for you to get a better understanding.

7. Wall, Chairs, Cup

This is one crisp golf trick shot. And who said golf is an outdoor activity? Like a boss, the player bounces the ball off the wall, onto a table, over some chairs, and into a cup. One has to be quite dedicated to pull this off. Simply getting the right force and spin to make the shot I believe is a headache let alone the right placement of table, chairs, and cup. Watch it below: 

8. Tania Tare

Best golf trick by a female golfer, it had to make it onto our list of top golf tricks. Tania Tare juggles the ball on an iron. Takes it under the foot and tosses it catching it on the back of her neck. She then rolls it down her back, flicks it with the underside of her foot, and smashes it onto the fairway using her driver. The coordination, focus, and balance required to pull this off are unmatched and this is definitely a top golf shot trick.

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9. Amazing Team Golf Trick Shot

Next on our list of stupendous golf trick shots is this team shot by the duo of Zachary Christian and Eric Angeles. This shot takes teamwork and timing for perfect execution. One of the two makes a small shot, right onto the path of the other who smashes it down the range. Watch it here:

10. Off the Fence Backwards Shot

This top draw backward shot by Matt Wheatcroft, which is enough to rival Phil Mickelson’s, had to make it onto this list of top golf trick shots. Matt was stuck barely a foot from the fence and had an uphill task of getting the ball onto the green. 

Luckily though, there was a main fence post that was lined up with the ball and the flag. Matt hits the ball against the fence up over the tree and lands barely a foot from the pin. Exquisite and the product of crazy golf:

11. Incredible Golf Trick Shot

Next on our list of amazing golf trick shots is one that requires precision and focus. This shot by the How Ridiculous team involves a plate, an iron, and a golf ball. One of the guys flings the plate and the other has to hit mid-air. After one trial, the team manages to pull it off, and it’s simply amazing.

12. Slick Golf Shot

When we said golf trick shots are becoming more elaborate we meant it. However, some are killing it with how slick they are. Next on our list of terrific golf trick shots is this pick, kick, flick slick shot.

The player picks the ball with his driver, kicks it with his back inner foot, and flicks it with his driver setting himself to smash the ball down the range. This teaches coordination thanks to the harmonization required to pull it off. 

13. Tania Tare Golf Trick

When it comes to female golfers and golf tricks, Tania Tare surely is the best. This shot rivals some golf trick shots such as the Bryan brothers and had to be on this list. 

Here, Tania shows off her golfing alongside her football skills. She picks the golf ball with her feet and instantaneously starts juggling it on her iron. Mind you she has a driver on her left iron. At that juncture, she flings it in the air, flicks it with her underfoot and smashes it with her driver. This extraordinary shot requires skill and a whole lot of athleticism. 

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14. Coach Rusty Most Accurate Golf Shot

Arguably the most accurate golf shot ever, and it’s within the budget of the casual golfer. If you want to improve your accuracy, then this is the video to watch. Ryan hits one ball against a concrete slab and as a result, it springs up. On its way down, he hits it with a second ball. The timing and level of skill required to pull this off are insane which makes it the perfect skill to practice your golf shot.

15. Through the Legs Through The Wood

Though risky, this trick shot encourages accuracy and power and thus had to make it onto our list of top golf trick shots. Dan Boever hits the ball through a ½ inch plywood and straight through the legs of his pal. This demands a lot of concentration and accuracy so as not to hit your friend, but also power to get through the wood. 

16. MGM Grand Into TopGolf Las Vegas

And what would our list be without the Bryan brothers? Arguably the most consistent golf trick shooters, this MGM grand shot had to make it onto our list of top golf trick shots. The duo is on the MGM Grand rooftop and Wesley has to hit the ball from George’s juggling into a target on TopGolf. 

The duo pulls it off without a hitch which is insane. This will teach precision but we doubt MGM Grand will allow you to practice on their roof. 

17. Ben Witter Mid Air Shot

Ben Witter is one of the better trick shot makers and should probably be higher on this list of best golf trick shots. Nonetheless, expect to see more of him going forward. In this shot, Witter combines balance (amazing balance), hand, and eye coordination.

He is on a balance ball, juggles the ball with his 8 or 9 iron, tosses it in the air, and thwacks the ball down the range. Ridiculous balance and inconceivable hand-eye coordination. A lot for a golfer to learn from this. Check out the video here.

18. Rory McIlroy Skins Trick Shot

Though it’s a promotional video, this trick shot is nothing short of remarkable. A statement of simple actually cuts it. At first, it seems like the lackluster classic shot but the end will get you going. Rory hits a rooftop bell which is roughly 100 yards away without breaking a sweat. To pull this off, one requires dead-on accuracy, and have incredible hand-eye coordination. 

19. Skipping a Ball on Water

Next on our list of top golf trick shots is this skip shot by Ricky Fowler. This is a nice way to learn how to make solid strikes as it is the only way to get the ball across. The biggest advantage is that this teaches you how to make solid contact with the ball. Right here is the video. 

20. Mark Schlenker

Golf made in Germany. Next is the classic (back to back trick shot) pop it to yourself and strike again. If that does not make sense, here is how it is done. First, you have 2 balls with one acting as the tee stick and the other on top of it. Strike the lower ball driving the upper ball upwards. Then strike it on its way down. Effortless, right? Well, it will require a bit of skill and will help you better your skill. You can also catch Ben Witter doing it. 

21. Phil Mickelson 2 Ball Shot

If you dislike having to retrieve balls, then this is a neat golf trick shot for you from the master of the short game. To pull this off, one needs to be in the sand trap and have 2 balls lined up. On hitting the back ball, the front ball will be driven and sticks in the lip/barrier (now you see me now you don’t) while the back ball flies high and rolls back on landing. The perfect shot to increase your power and to have fun.

22. Jeremy Dale Scissors Trick Shot

If you have been looking for a way to improve hand-eye coordination and arm strength, then you might want to try out the scissors trick shot. There is no way for me to put it in words so I will let the video do the explaining. It’s the 1st 15 seconds. 

23. Kent Chase Juggling Golf Shot Trick

This is one surreal golf trick. It’s the German golf trick plus a bit of juggling both by hand and short iron followed by a perfect strike onto the fairway. To begin with, Kent flops the ball upwards, follows it up by juggling alongside 2 extra balls, drops it onto his iron, and continues juggling and later on hits the ball perfectly. Tons of skill required for this. It too will help you build your hand-eye coordination and it’s a trick that will have your friends going gooey. 

24. Golf Shot From the Neck

Next on our list of best golf trick shots is this stupidly-insane neck shot. The golfer juggles the ball on his 8 or 9 iron, flings it upwards, and catches it on the back of his neck. That’s pretty pedestrian nowadays. However, he drops it from his neck and smacks it onto the green before it hits the ground. This requires high swing speed and coordination. Two key golf aspects you can learn from this trick shot.

25. Opening Champagne With a Golf Ball

Golf trick shots are definitely evolving and this trick shot by holein1trick shots goes to show that. It as well requires power and dead on accuracy. Using a highly lofted (8 or 9 iron), the player uncorks a champagne bottle with a golf ball without breaking the bottle. In what universe is that not amazing? 

26. Mason Nome Pool Skip

From a 13-year-old, this is pretty neat. It will teach you solid ball contact and accuracy. Mason, skips the ball across a pool and straight into the hole. Doing it once would have been a fluke but twice is legendary. Watch it here.

In this other video, he modifies his trick by getting enough spin on the ball and having it roll back into the hole after the pool skip. Watch it below. It’s the second video after Taylor Laybournes toss and catch and a nominee for Golf Channel 2016 best trick shot. (You will recognize a couple other shots in the video). 

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27. Bryan Bros Mustang Trick Shot

The Bryan Bros are high budget trick shots producers and that’s the reason they are not at the top of the list. Nonetheless, they are quite good at it. On this next video on our top golf trick shots list Wesley has to hit a ball from a moving car. 

With the help of a Hollywood stunt driver, George does doughnuts around Wesley who on ‘their final try’ (notice the quotations), smokes the ball. Perfecting the timing and accuracy goes a long way when it comes to making this shot. Not for average golfers though.

28. 150 Foot Putter

Next on our list of incredible golf trick shots is this ridiculous 150ft putter from Dude Perfect. Definitely worth trying to improve your putting game. Oh and we should mention that they have a few other crazy trick shots in there as well!

29. Bryan Bros, Concrete Setup

Another one from the Bryan bros and Blair O’Neal, these concrete trick shots are good and had to make it onto this list of top golf trick shots. It’s a series of golf trick shots with the difficulty increasing after each accomplishment. These are pretty doable for the average golfer and will help you work on your accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and power. You can watch the video here:

30. Rory McIlroy Vs Robot

Rory Mcilroy used to hit golf balls into his mothers washing machine to practice his accuracy as a kid. A very similar concept to when you see that golf ball collecting machine drive out onto the driving range. As far as trick shots go, this one isn’t too elaborate, but does take some serious accuracy… or computing. Have a look below.

31. Ryan Rustand Hat Trick

Last on our list of top golf tricks is Coach Rusty’s, flick, kick, hat-trick shot. The flick and kick trick shot is pretty pedestrian these days, but the hat trick is pretty neat. Coach flicks the ball with his hat after juggling it and then hammers it down the range. (A note here: his page is now set to private, but give him a follow to check out some amazing shots).

The Takeaway

Golf trick shots are difficult to pull off but that’s where their beauty lies. It might take 130, 140, heck 150 tries just to get it right unless you are Tiger, who only took a couple on his famous commercial, but this difficulty in accomplishing a trick shot is what betters your game. And seeing that they are relatively tougher than most lies, you will have an easy time playing.

That’s it from us and hope you enjoyed the list. If we missed a major trick shot, let us know below (we are ever on the lookout for killer trick shots). We have no problem filling this list up with 100 of the best golf trick shots if we can find some great original content. 

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