Best Public Golf Courses in Manitoba

Golfing has made a name for itself as an intimate sport that allows its players to unwind and focus on nothing but the game. Unlike other sports, golfers expect to tackle a variety of terrains whenever they are playing in any given course. The differences in the design of golf courses are what make this sport simply a joy to take part in. With such variances coupled with the chance to be outdoors surrounded by nature, it is easy to see what the fuss about the sport is. The province of Manitoba is a humid golfer’s paradise. This province in the heart of Canada is home to about 1.3 million people and houses a considerable number of northern polar bears. It spreads across about 650,000 square kilometers and is one of the three prairies provinces of Canada. When it comes to golfing, lovers of the sport have a variety of private, semi-private and public golf courses to choose from. The province is home to about 93 golf courses in total and has an active golfing season that starts in mid-April and lasts for about seven months. These courses differ in size, design, the number of holes and amenities offered. We understand the rigorous process that acquiring membership into private and semi-private golf courses is. It is for this reason that we have put together a list of the best public golf courses in Manitoba.

Best Golf Courses in (Province/State)

1. Swan River Golf And Country Club

Rating: 5/5 ( $13-$360)

The Swan River Golf and Country club offers golfers a blend of scenic beauty and challenging courses. It was founded in 1934 and has to date been subjected to renovations to achieve the current scenery. On this 6700 yard course, both newbies and golf pros get a chance to test their skills in appropriate courses. The back nine is designed to test the accuracy and resolve of pro golfers. Newbies have the chance to improve their game thanks to the golfing lessons offered by Mike Hobson. There is something for everyone with the option of private lessons being offered for the shy individuals, group lessons for those looking to make a hangout out of it and junior lessons for the younger players. In the clubhouse, you will find a pro shop that is a one-stop shop for everything golfing and a restaurant where you can enjoy beautiful meals with friends and family.

2. Pleasant Valley Golf Club

Rating: 4/5 ( $10-$340)

Found to be one of the most pleasant golf courses in Canada, this golf course offers quite the challenge to its users. Founded in 1965, the course has been family run to date. It is situated in Pembina Valley, south of Pelican Lake. It features an oak treeline, well-maintained greens, a restaurant the clubhouse, a 125-feet elevation and power car rental services

3. Oak Island Golf

Rating: 5/5( $20-$499)

The courses complexity and beauty is the handy work of designer Les Furber, a renowned architect in Canada. The green on this course is well maintained and the scenic beauty is amplified by the prairies wetlands that surround it. The course itself covers 6629 yards and includes a driving range, a front nine course, and a back nine course. The latter has been designed to incorporate a stand of oak trees that is said to be one of the oldest in Manitoba, while the front nine is set in a more open setting. The beauty and relaxing atmosphere of this course is what makes it one of the bets rated caourses in Manitoba. Apart from housing a golf course, the island houses 400 hundred camping sites, a marina, splash decks, a walking trail, and a public beach. So should you tire of golf, you have plenty of other activities to engage in.

4. Minnedosa Country Club 

Rating: 5/5 ( $27-$72)

If you are in Brandon, then a thirty-five minutes drive north to the Minnesoda country club for a round of golf may prove to be a rather worthwhile undertaking. This facility is designed to test the skill of its users while providing them with multiple breathtaking views of Manitoba’s valleys. The elevation changes of up to 120 feet are definitely something to write home about. Aside from a challenging yet enjoyable 18 hole golf course, this facility houses a clubhouse in which you will find a snack shop and a pro-shop.

5. Green Lea Golf Course

Rating: 5/5 ( $5-$250)

Located to the east of Brandon, this family owned and run facility is definite golfer’s paradise. The’Green’ bit of its name is rather befitting. It is surrounded by lush greenery and features well-maintained greens, a driving range, and 18 hole course, picturesque views of the Brandon Valley and the Abissoine River, a pro shop at the clubhouse and a restaurant. The course itself is carved out of a creek valley. This not only adds to the beauty of the course but to its difficulty especially on the fairways. The course website is also user friendly, making it easy for you to find th relevant informationa bout the course.

6. Clear Lake Golf Course

Rating: 5/5 ( $0-$62)

For environmentally conscious golfers, this facility is bound to be appealing. From recycling plastics, composting food waste and grass clippings, to recycling water this facility’s priority aside from providing a memorable golfing experience is doing right by mother nature. Seeing that it is situated at the Eastern end of clear lake in Riding Mountain National Park, its commitment to environmentally friendly management is rightfully placed. The course itself is as a result of the Stanely Thompson’s design efforts in the late 20s and Vic Creeds efforts in the early to mid-30s. The result of these efforts is an 18 hole 6309-yard golf course that is considered to be one of the best courses in Manitoba.

7. Shilo Country Club

Rating: 4/5 ( $0-$47)

Large open spaces that make it relatively easy to play accurately are what you are bound to find on this facility. That notwithstanding, you can be sure to encounter some trees, sandy spots as well as some water as you advance through the various stages of this 18-hole golf course. Aside from an engaging golf course, the country club boasts of a well-stocked pro shop in its clubhouse, a restaurant from which you can enjoy well-made meals, and superior customer service.

8. Tuxedo Golf Course

Rating: 5/5 ( $16-$38)

Bordering the Assiniboine Park to the south, this facility offers courses of varying difficulties for golfers at different levels in their games. Here, you will find an 18-hole golf course, an 18-hole miniature course, and a driving range. If looking to improve different aspects of your game, then you can take advantage of the course’s lessons program. That aside, the facility offers power car and cart rentals, as well as food and beverages. Whenever you are in Shaftesbury Boulevard, be sure to drop by and check it out.

9. Portage Golf Club

Rating: 5/5 ( $10-$280)

Located on Island Park, this facility has managed to turn what would be a wasteland into a scenic golf course. The facility first founded in the early 1920s is the result of the reclamation of a rubbish dump and a slough. The reclamation process saw the founders transform the area through the planting of trees that today mark the boundaries of the different fairways. The club boasts of an 18-hole championship course, a well-maintained clubhouse, and an equally well-stocked pro shop.

10. Shooter Family Golf Center

Rating: 5/5 ( $15-$26)

An 18-hole 57 par course, 18-hole miniature golf course, a driving range that houses 100 stations, corporate golf services, a restaurant from which one can enjoy delicious meals, and golf lessons are all features of this family-friendly golf course. Situated on Main Street, this facility allows its users to enjoy the scenic beauty of the neighboring surroundings including the Red River.Being a family golf center, it is no surprise that the facility emphasizes on their users being fully clothed in decent attires at all times. Tight fitting clothing items such as muscle shirts and revealing items sucha s tank tops are not allowed. This combination of friendly services, scenic views, an enjoyable course and the encouragement of decent dressing to ensure everyone’s comfort is what wins the hearts of the facilities visitor making in one of Manitoba’s top rated public golf course.

Wrap up

​Netley Creek Golf & Country Club: 5/5 ( $12-$45.50) Set within a naturally occurring valley in the Interlake region and with an 80 inches wide creek working its way throughout various sections of this course, the facility is a blend of natural beauty and an entertaining golf course. The care and maintenance given to the course are noteworthy. This 6500-yard golf course boasts of ten to forty feet elevation changes, man-made lakes, sand bunkers, no play zones, contoured greens, and elevated tee boxes. Fantasy Lake Golf Course: 5/5( $10-$20) The city of Winnipeg is home to a number of private and public golf courses. The Fantasy Lake golf course is one facility that stands out amongst the public golf course. The friendliness of both the course and the staff is a definite plus for this facility. The 18-hole par 3 course is owned and run by a family and is dedicated to making your golfing experience with them a relaxing and enjoyable one. It also has a family friendly clubhouse, a driving range and golf lessons for those looking to improve their swing. River Oaks Golf Course: 5/5( $20-$42) Picturesque views of the LA Salle River coupled with the stands of oak trees are what invite you to this golf course. What keeps you there is the engaging course that features water hazards and bunkers along the way. This family owned 18-hole, par 72 golf course has been operational since 1991 and has hosted golf tournament for more than 25 years to date. Its signature hole is the 9th hole that is home to the Island green. The undulating fairways and the well-maintained greens also go a long way in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the course. The Meadows: 5/5 ( $15-$160) The Meadows mission statement is “To create one of the top public golf courses in Manitoba and present this service to the public at a reasonable and affordable cost.” To date, this golf course has managed to meet the standards it set for itself in its mission statement. The facility located within the East St. Paul golf course is famed for its fast and challenging green. It also boasts of a grass driving range, a chipping green that features a bunker, a private green dedicated to golf lessons and a putting green.

ConclusionSpread throughout the province are some of the best public golf courses in Manitoba. These courses literally have something for everyone. Whether you are new to golf, golf only as a pass time or take the sport rather seriously, you are likely to encounter a course that has the right atmosphere and posses the necessary challenges for your skillset. The fact that many of them are family owned and run is an assurance of personalized service whenever you visit the course. A major plus for the public golf courses in this province is that they allow you and our family and friends to enjoy breathtaking views of different parts of the province and to get involved in the conservation of some of the province’s natural spaces. Even when golfing is not the primary goal of visiting these courses, you are bound to find something to do that does not involve a golf club.


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