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Situated in the North-eastern region of New England is the lovely state of New Hampshire. This northerly state occupies an area of 9,351-square miles but only has a population of about 1.34 million residents which makes it one of the least populous states in the country. Its major cities are Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Dover, Rochester, and Keene. Most commonly known as the “Granite State” for its extensive granite quarries, New Hampshire also boasts of some densely wooded forests and other natural attractions. The state is divided into three major regions: the southeastern coastal lowlands, the southwest New England uplands, and the White Mountains in the northern area.New Hampshire may not have the most famous brands in the indoor golf industry but they make up for it with up-to-date simulator technology, enticing marketing promos, and excellent service. Golf at New Hampshire is best enjoyed during the summer, but the state is also prone to long chilly winters. When that season comes and also during times when the weather is bad, golf enthusiasts usually flock to the indoor golf facilities to keep their games in tip-top shape and to satisfy their golf craving. Enumerated below are some of the best indoor golf establishments in New Hampshire. 

Best Golf Courses in (Province/State)

1. Rochester Country Club

Location: 94 Church Street, Rochester, NH 03839You don’t have to worry about bad weather, all you need to do is visit Rochester Country club and you’ll be playing golf in no time. With the help of one of the best simulator technology in the industry, this facility gives you the best indoor virtual golf experience as if you are playing on the actual course itself. They offer a selection of up to 30 elite golf courses to choose from, with an extraordinary combination of 3D graphics and efficient data collection to help you improve your skills by leaps and bounds.Their golf simulators are from AboutGolf, which is known as the official simulator provider of the PGA Tour. The Rochester CC provides a virtual golf experience that is not only innovative but also affordable at the same time. They also offer Early Bird packages to those first groups who come in early and play up to 4 hours in the facility. For reservations and event-planning we recommend that you book at least 14 days prior to the date you have in mind to have a fair chance of securing your preferred schedule. League Tournaments composed of two-person teams are also held regularly for the indoor simulator category. It usually runs from January to March, with the playoffs held on the 9th week among the top teams. Weekly rounds are played any day of the week with weekly and overall prizes as incentives. Staying fit offseason is no problem, either, with the presence of two Indoor League Sessions held at the Rochester CC, the first in the late fall and the second during the winter. Two-person teams compete between Mondays to Sundays with a different format used every week. Aside from the League Fee, you should also have your GHIN handicaps handy. The Indoor Simulator League is also open for beginners and professional golfers. Hours:6:00 am – 9:00 pm (Monday to Friday) 6:00 am – 8:00 pm (Saturday) 6:00 am – 7:00 pm (Sunday)Contact:(603) 332 – 9892

2. Derryfield Country Club

Location: 625 Mammoth Rd., Manchester, NH 03104Derryfield CC’s goal is to provide the best, enjoyable indoor golf experience to its clients that you could not wait to come back for more. With the help of one of the virtual golf industry’s finest technology, they can help you analyze the facets of your game with the help of relevant data provided by their system such as the SAM PuttLab, K-Vets, and the TPI Physical Screen. Derryfield Country Club’s on-site Level 2 Certified Instructors are the only certified instructors in New Hampshire. They offer a selection of 52 golf courses to choose from which are all designed to be as realistic as possible.Derryfield CC has three virtual golf simulators that are available to players of all skill levels, shapes, and sizes. Rates are on an hourly basis and not per person. It takes approximately one hour for one person to finish an 18-hole course. The Derryfield Restaurant and Lounge is also open to serve you in the Simulator Room during your stay at the facility. SAM PuttLab, one of the best putting analysis system in the industry, is incorporated into the facility’s simulator technology. Developed by Dr. Christian Marquard, it uses a sophisticated system to measure and analyze ultrasonic pulses within milliseconds to provide you with a data-based feedback on the things that you need to improve on. SAM PuttLab provides you with quality advice on what stance, grip, and ball position is best suited for you. It can also tell you what putter you putt best with and the specific areas that you are struggling with. With the help of their data, you can now strategize better and adopt new techniques to effectively improve your game. Golf lessons are also available at the Derryfield Country Club. They also have a video analysis software from K-Vest to help evaluate your swing. K-Vest is the latest 3D animation and video technology available today that provides you with the most comprehensive data aimed at improving your golf swing.Derryfield CC also has a set of trainers from the Titleist Performance Institute, the world’s leading educational organization devoted to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. They use the data given by the various technology available in the facility to help you come up with the most efficient and effective way possible. They not only look into the performance aspect but they also analyze the individual limitations of a player’s body that potentially affects his golf swing, but most importantly, how it can be utilized to prevent potential injuries.Hours:8:00 am – 9:00 pm (Monday to Sunday) Contact:(603) 669 – 0235 (603) 231 –

3. Breakfast Hill Golf Club

Location: 331 339 Breakfast Hill Rd., Greenland, NH 03840Built out of a former farmland, the Breakfast Hill Golf Club has both indoor and outdoor golf courses. Their outdoor course is an 18-hole championship course that’s been voted as one of the best in New Hampshire. Their indoor virtual golf simulators, on the other hand, are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to accommodate players even in the off-season or during bad weather when the outdoor course is not accessible. Breakfast Hill GC is consistently ranked as one of the top courses to visit by prestigious golf publications such as Golfweek,, and Golf Digest. They are also known for their well-managed restaurant that serves some of the best food in New Hampshire. Hours:Closed on Mondays to Tuesdays 12:00 noon – 10:00 pm (Wednesday to Saturday) 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm (Sunday)Contact: (603) 436 – 5001

4. Pease Golf Course

Location: 200 Grafton Rd., Portsmouth, NH 03081This facility is known to be one of the ultimate golf venues on the Seacoast today. Fully-equipped with PGA Tour simulators that offer a selection of up to 30 courses to choose from. Their simulator technology uses 3D graphics paired with precise contact measurements to steer your game efficiently and to immediately correct any flaws that you may have. The PGA Tour simulators help you calculate ball and club data, launch angle and distance, and a quick feedback of other relevant facets of your game. The facility also hosts leagues for both men and women with a match play format where the members compete for a possible 18 points during their 9-hole match. Players accumulate points for their respective teams each week and the scores are closely monitored by the League Committee.Hours:8:00 am – 8:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday) 8:00 am – 7:00 pm (Friday and Saturday)Contact: (603) 433-1331(603) 433-6238

Wrap up

​New Hampshire may only have a few indoor and/or virtual golf facilities to its name but they make up for it with some of the best technology available in the industry, enticing marketing promos and packages, and excellent customer service. Even some outdoor golf courses have established their own indoor facilities so that players can play all year round regardless of bad weather or even during the offseason. 


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