Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge Review

For over a period of 37 years now, Cleveland Golf has set and maintained a hard to beat standard in the short game starting with the Classic wedge back in the 80’s to the new 588 RTX. This market lead is owed to the progressive technological advancements such as multiple bounces, zip grooves, laser milling and precision forged, which acted as game changers. Come explore the legendary wedge with us in this Cleveland 588 RTX wedge review as we take a closer look.

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Cleveland’s Legacy

The Cleveland 588 wedge series started around 1988 with the famous 588 Tour Action. It was an 8620 soft carbon steel product. The U-shaped grooves helped in an increased spin, high ball flights along with a great feel, high toe profile, and a large face area. Its V sole narrowing towards the heel provided the required bounce on full shots.

Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge

With this, the company moved on to customize its products further, resulting in the Gun Metal 488, TA 588 Perimeter, and 588 Tour Action BeCu wedges. Made from Beryllium Copper, these wedges featured the classic 588 shape. Following a long list of developments thereon including the 588-53 degrees wedge -Dyadic, 792 VAS, Raw Tour Grind wedge, 900 Form Forged, 588 Dynamic Sole Grind to the CG10 wedge and the CG16 wedge, the company launched its new 588 RTX in November 2012.

Available in multiple finishes, lofts, and bounces, the 588 RTX features the most leading-edge spin technology from Cleveland yet. The Tour Zip Grooves are larger than the 2010 model by a good 16% and a more durable and rougher laser milling for an increased spin and friction has been designed. To provide better control in damp weather conditions and from sand, a U-Groove design has been implemented.

The New 588 RTX 2.0

Following the 588 RTX, Cleveland inspired golfers yet again with the follow up 588 ROTEX 2.0 Cavity Back (CB) wedge. It features micro milled grooves that produce the roughest face surface allowed by the U.S Golf Association.

The Rotex Face has the most advanced spin technology by Cleveland and offers 15% sharper grooves that puts the dirt out of the way, imparting the spin to the ball. It uses a true temper dynamic Gold shaft, multiple lofts from around 46 to 60 degrees, with low, medium, and full sole head options for most lofts. With these 3 distinct sole shapes, the effective bounce for low, medium, and high bounce players is optimized.

The RTX 2.0 CB has a nice look with its sleek blade; very responsive and acrobatic, and a fine black satin and silver tour satin finish. It has a neat and crisp impact as it offers a medium-good balance. Being light it also enables on the fly adjustments. There is a strong distance control where the optimum spin gives many options.

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Black Wedge

Pros and Cons:

As per a consolidated user review, the club is found to be accurate, easy to hit, with a solid grip and feel and forgiveness of the cavity back. Some users also mentioned that the club has a near perfect left bounce. Best uses identified include rough, fairway, lies of all kinds in sands and closer to the greens.

While towards the negatives, the downside is little to speak of. As per some reviews, the feel could have been better by giving a metallic touch, some more tricked-out soles other than the existing bounce options can work well with some golfers, also, the black finish might wear off faster.

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The Final Word

Nevertheless, with these versions of 588 RTX, Cleveland assures you a best performance out at the greens and sands, and it definitely guarantees golf and all the golfers, and there’s more of such equipment to come.

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