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Cobra has aimed to appeal to the largest segment of the market in their design of the Fly-Z driver by giving golfers the two things they most desire from their driver- forgiveness and distance. It is hard to deliver both of these in good amounts, but they have certainly achieved just that with this driver and it will appeal to golfers from beginners to fairly low handicappers alike. We will go into the technology in more depth shortly, and also cover other important elements in this Cobra Fly-Z driver review, but the design will deliver high ball speeds across the face with low spin off a medium to high launch. What more could you ask for?

The reviews from professional testers as well as those who have bought the driver and given feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it is proving to be a firm favorite choice for many golfers.

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Praise for the Driver

The Fly-Z effectively replaces the Bio Cell driver which was extremely well received. They have not made dramatic changes, but have introduced some adjustments to the weight distribution and enhanced their Speed Channel technology.

What they have done with the Fly-Z works and it works well. If you are in any doubt, you just have to read a few of the many extremely positive reviews buyers of this driver have made online.

Many came close to gushing about how much the driver had improved their performance and almost all were highly impressed with the distance and forgiveness the Fly-Z gave them. If that is still not enough to convince you, just look out for the multiple awards the Fly-Z has accumulated.

Key Technology

The first thing Cobra has done with Fly-Z is to shift the weight back and low on the 460cc head. They have made some crafty design and weight distribution decisions with the forged E9 Zone Face and Crown Zone Weighting.

MOI and CG

The great MOI and the CG arrangement provide great forgiveness as well as a mid to high launch and relatively low spin. You can expect fast ball speeds and good distance. It is great to have this amount of forgiveness without having to sacrifice on distance. The head features a titanium body with a crown of carbon fiber.

Loft and Trajectory

Thanks to the MyFly8 technology, you have a choice of eight loft/trajectory settings that range from 9 to 12 degrees, enabling you to find the ideal trajectory for your swing speed and style. This will help you achieve optimum distance off the tee. One of the great advantages of the MyFly8 technology is the ease of use. It is really simple to adjust so no engineering degree is needed to select your desired loft.


This combines well with the highly effective SmartPad so that you maintain a square face when addressing the ball irrespective of loft choice. This simplifies the adjustment and makes your address and delivery that much easier. The customizable sole weight will let you tweak the launch action and spin to your preference.

Speed Channel Technology

Then, of course, they have included their new Speed Channel Technology. This effectively forms a hollow channel around outer edges of the face which will enhance ball speed on all hits, even when you go off center. It creates a wonderful trampoline effect which enhances speed and distance.

Overall, it is a great combination of technology and design ingenuity that is bound to improve the game for the majority of golfers.


Cobra has been rather innovative with their shaft as well. Formally known as the Velox, they have used a Matrix VLCT SP shaft. What is does it perform differently according to swing speed. There are four options available, 53g(L), 58g (R), 60g (S), and 63g (X), so select accordingly, based on your swing speed.


The Fly-Z is aimed at a wind range of players from the relative beginner to those getting to the low, single-digit handicaps. The loft settings and customizable options will make it suitable to all but the super fast swingers.

Again, distance and forgiveness are the two outstanding benefits you will notice when using a Fly-Z. It is ultimately a game improvement driver so if and when you have those occasional mishits, the results will not be disastrous and you will not stray too far off the fairway and still achieve a respectable distance.

On the whole reviewers and users of the Fly-Z found that it gave them an effortless swing with a decent launch and good distance.

Cobra Fly-Z Driver


The redesigned head shape makes the 460cc head look smaller and more compact. Players were able to see the loft well at address irrespective of the setting while the face size will increase confidence. The yellow removable sole weight makes it instantly recognizable.

There is a range of head colors to choose from (these vary from market to market) ranging from the more conservative to the rather funky. This further enhances its appeal to the larger audience as there is something to suit all tastes. It has a pleasing sparkle finish that gives it a bit of interest without being distracting at address. Nobody could find anything bad to say about the appearance which is rare with a driver.

Feel and Sound

The Fly-Z produces a satisfying if somewhat muted sound on impact. This is mostly as a result of the Speed Channel design. You will get good feedback in both sound and feel when you hit off center and you will immediately be able to determine where the clubface met the ball.

You will enjoy a comfortable, well-balanced swing that produces a solid, firm feel at impact which was positively commented on by many users.


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    The main advantage of the Fly-Z has to be the balance of forgiveness and distance. While you might not win any longest drives prizes with it, the consistency of hitting a more than respectable distance that is generally on target makes it worthwhile
  • thumbs-o-up
    Well balanced, comfortable and easy to swing
  • thumbs-o-up
    Simple yet effective adjustability to suit your swing 
  • thumbs-o-up
    A good looking driver


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    For some, there was too much spin
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    Some players found the feedback insufficient for their liking

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Final Thoughts

If you want to improve your game, and who doesn’t, the Fly-Z will do a great job helping you to achieve that. Unless you are a low, single digit handicapper with a lightning speed, this driver has lots to offer. It is simple, effective, and does what you need it to do. You will have plenty of forgiveness when your hit is not dead center, a decent launch and a distance that will please you.

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