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How High To Tee a Golf Ball

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The golf industry is developing and revolutionizing just like any other technology in any other field. Recently, a new trend of designed tees was observed on the market. These tees claimed to provide you with the same height on every ball. This may appear to be enticing for some golf players especially the newbies, however, the fact of the matter is that the correct height varies with and is determined by every individual shot. Just like one dress cannot be worn on all occasions, similarly one height doesn’t work with every shot. Continue reading to find out how high to tee a golf ball and much more!

Be Aware of Different Situations

Two main factors determine the appropriate teeing height for your ball. These factors are:

  1. ​The conditions in which you are playing
  2. The shot you want to hit

Teeing is a very important part of your game and it is crucial to do it properly since you would be doing it on each hole you play. Teeing and knowing which is the right height to tee your ball is not difficult at all, however, this simple and easy task can be overlooked quite often, which might make all the difference to your game.

Always Use a Tee

Before we move on to the teeing lesson, the primary fact you ought to remember is that you always have to use a tee. Whether you are using a short iron, sand wedge, or a long iron, by placing the ball on a tee, you would be able to endow quality to your shot. This tee gives you an edge and helps you to make a distant and accurate ball.

While setting your tee you should always follow the steps below. It’s important you remember the different heights depending on which club you use.

First Steps

First of all, take hold of the tee. Secondly, place the golf ball onto this tee. Afterwards, make use of your palm to apply pressure on the ball’s top so that the tee gets pushed into the ground.

Note: This step is really helpful in pushing the tee inside the ground, particularly when the ground seems to be hard and dry.

When Using a Short Iron

If your iron is short, then you ought to place the tee in such a manner that it is completely inside the ground so that all you see is the ball sitting on top of the ground.

You might have a second thought at this, though. What is the use of placing a tee in the first place, if it has to be completely inside the ground? Why not hit the ball straight off the ground? The question is indeed a legitimate one, and trust us, we have come across this one a multitude of times.

Well, there is always room for errant shots and using a tee minimizes this possibility. It not only gives you a slight margin to make errors, but also makes sure that your club makes a crisp contact with the ball.

When Using a Long Iron

In contrast, if you are using a long iron, also known as a hybrid or a fairway wood, then you would want the tee to be slightly higher than it was with the short iron.

You might be wondering why it is so. The answer is pretty simple. When using a long club, you aim to simply sweep the ball which is why you want a higher tee. Your tee should be almost half an inch above the ground. This height would enable you to hit the ball easily and make its flight straight and more distant.

However, make sure that you are not teeing really high, because if you are doing that, it is very likely that you would fail to hit the club’s sweet spot and, consequently, you would be missing out on both accuracy and distance.

Learn What Height You Should Have

While teeing with your driver, you need to ensure that your tee has sufficient height. Our tip is that you have to make sure that half of your golf ball is lying on the top of the driver. If you are a newbie at golf, you may even consider making it a tad higher than this. The higher it is, the more appropriate the sweeping action will be. Harping on the same point; the two considerations you ought to have while teeing the ball is maximization of both distance and accuracy.

A Rule to Remember

The rule of thumb being that the ball’s tee should neither be very low nor very high. The maximum height ought to be almost half of the ball above the top of the driver, whereas the lowest is when the ball’s top is only marginally higher than the club’s top.

Final Thoughts

How high or low you should tee your golf ball may not seem like the most important skill you need to learn to improve your game. Although, it is the first thing you do when the game starts, and if you remember the rule of thumb you’ll always know the perfect height to tee your golf ball.

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