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How To Organize Your Golf Bag

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Organization and discipline is the core of success. No individual and no o can aspire to climb up the staircase of success until it internalizes the principle of organization and adheres to it every step of the way. Organization is crucial in every single domain and arena of life no matter what it may be. Whatever task it may be, will be culminated much more efficiently if it is organized. So, in this article we’ll go through how to organize your golf bag so you can start striving for the success you deserve!

Why is Organization Important in Golf?

Similarly, when it comes to golf, you can be a much better player and can harness your game much more efficiently if you are well acquainted with the art of organization. In golf, swift thinking and quick action is important. It is crucial that you are very particular when it comes to the game’s pace. Therefore, it is necessary that your golf equipment is properly organized to aid you in swift retrieval and quick return.

Moreover, your golf bag would betray a lot about your personality and your skill in the game. Most often players with disorganized bags aren’t very keen in excelling in the sport as well. Their lack of interest in the assortment and organization of their golf clubs and other equipment is most often a direct reflection of their lack of interest in the sport itself.

In contrast, efficient players would take pride in their golf bag and what they bring with them to the driving range or to the course. Not only will the organization of your golf bag give other players good vibes about you, help improve your game, and as a consequence bolster your confidence in your playing ability, but it would also help keep your golf clubs in shape so they will last longer and save you hundreds of bucks (Who doesn’t like saving money? I am sure you do too).

How to Organize Your Golf Bag?

But the important question which pops up its head at this point then is how to keep your golf bag organized? Are there some rules etched in stone which need to be followed? Is there a correct or a fallacious way of doing it?

Hereby, we would be giving you some guidelines and tips as to how you should organize your golf bag so that you can embark upon your game just like a professional.

Types of Golf Bags

What you need to remember is that there are two types of golf club bags. One is the carry bag (the name itself suggests that you carry it while walking). The other one is the cart bag. (Again the name suggests that it is carried in the golf cart). This article would suggest ways of organization both for the cart bag as well as the carry bag.

Golf Cart Bag

We will be starting with the organization of a golf cart bag. This bag has a hand carry handle in the front. This front would be facing you when the bag is placed on the cart. The organization of your clubs will be determined by both their number as well as their type. Generally a cart bag is divided into four sections. The tallest clubs will be placed at the back section whereas the shortest ones will automatically fall in the front section. In this way there would be a hierarchy of clubs making it easier for you to look at the club heads easily and retrieve the ones you want.

In other words, your ball retriever, woods, and long irons would go in the back section. In the middle left hand section, you would place your middle irons whereas your short irons go in the left hand section. In the bag’s front section, you would be placing your woods and putters. You may be a little confused by this advice since the rule only allows you to carry 14 clubs at the most. However, no need to scrunch your brows and frown. All you have to do is tailor our advice according to the available clubs you have.

Some golf cart bags on the other hand have 15 sections for 14 clubs and 1 ball retriever respectively. If such is the configuration of your golf club bag then place the tallest club in the last and start placing the remaining clubs in the remaining sections respectively. However, make sure that you place them in a descending order. Moreover, you can also organize your clubs according to their numbers. Your odd-numbered clubs can be placed in the left hand section, whereas the even numbered clubs can be placed in the right hand section.

Most bags would also have a side-sleeve, for you to put your umbrella in. The bag would also be conjugated with side pockets. You can use the front and top pockets (since they are the most easily accessible ones) to store items which are used most frequently. These items could be your spare balls, ball markers, or your tees, etc.

In contrast, items which are used sparsely can be stored in pockets which are not as easily accessible. These products could include your rain parka, golf gloves, first aid kit, etc. Golf cart bags would also generally have a ring attached to their front. This ring is the place to hang your towels. You can also use it to attach your ID tag unless you have a separate view window for it.

Golf Carry Bag

Essentially there isn’t much difference in the organization of both bags. The basic rules tend to be the same in both. However, we would still elaborate them for your convenience. Just as there are different configurations for the golf cart bag, similarly golf carry bags also differ in their specifications. Some bags are divided into a couple of large sections, whereas others may come with individual sleeves to accommodate individual clubs. No matter what configuration your golf bag may have, the general rules to be followed are the same.

The putter goes in the top most section of the bag. This section is the one which is closest to the straps. Usually, golf bags come with a specific sleeve to keep the putter in. If your bag doesn’t have such a sleeve then just go ahead and place it in the top-most section. The reason for placing your putter in this section is pretty simple.

Your drivers and woods ought to be placed in the bag’s highest section. This section can also be shared with the putter if your bag is devoid of a putter specific sleeve. If this top/highest section is further divided into sections then place the drivers on the left hand section and the woods on the right hand section. They have to be arranged in such a manner that they move from the longest to the shortest.

In the next section, right below this top one, place your long irons and mid irons. Start arranging these irons from the longest to the shortest as you move from left to right. The last section or the bottom section of your bag would comprise of wedges and short irons. The arrangement again has to be the same i.e. the longest clubs go at the left and then move from there. Once you have followed all these steps, you will have your bag perfectly assorted, with clubs arranged appropriately with respect to their height and degree.


In the beginning, arranging your clubs according to their degree and number may consume a little time of yours, but once you have done it, make sure that you remain organized. This means that when you pull out a club, make sure you return it to the place where it belonged to. With a little practice, this would soon become a reflex of yours and you wouldn’t have to think about where the club belonged to in the first place.

The Takeaway

The Golf rule states that you can carry no more than 14 clubs in your golf club. It is recommended that you do not stuff your golf bag with additional equipment that you don’t need. This organization will thus go a long way in ensuring that you get the best out of your game. So, start organizing your golf bag today! Good luck and may the fore be with you!

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