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The state of Kansas lies in the Midwestern side of the United States, surrounded by other states such as Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado. It is also called ‘The Wheat State’, due to its important agricultural production, one of the biggest in the States.But what about golf? In Kansas, there is one world-class course that every golfer should know: Prairie Dunes. However, its continental weather, which causes extreme temperature changes and some months of rains and snow, makes it difficult to play outdoors all year long. So, for those not patient enough to wait for the warm season to play golf, there is another option: indoor golf.Whether it is playing in a virtual simulator, in a driving range with different games or mini-golf, Kansas have some indoor facilities in order for those eager to take their clubs and hit some balls to satisfy their needs. For this purpose, we have just made a list with the top places to play golf indoors in the Wheat State. Let’s take a look at them:

Best Golf Courses in (Province/State)

1. GOLFTEC (Overland Park, Wichita)

The GOLFTEC facilities are a common thing throughout the States, counting with more than 140 facilities and having served over 200,000 clients throughout the whole American nation. In the case of the state of Kansas, there are two locations: one in Overland Park and another one in Wichita.Their strengths: GOLFTEC counts with their own technology for analyzing the player’s swing: motion measurement and video analysis with their patented TECSWING training technology in all of their locations. As for the lessons, they are imparted by James Kinney (PGA), Brett Beard, Mike Kerr and Dustin Ulm in Overland Park, while in Wichita the instructors are Brett Beitler (PGA) and Scott Smith. (GolfTec Website, s.f.)Address and contact (Overland Park): 8901 W. 95th Street, Overland Park, KS / (913) 642-8881Address and contact (Wichita): 3101 N. Rock Rd. Suite 155, Wichita, KS / (316) 295-4681

2. TopGolf (Overland Park)

The Topgolf complexes are well-known in all the United States, counting with at least one of them in practically every state. In the case of Kansas, there is only one, located in Overland City, just near Kansas City and almost touching the state of Missouri.Topgolf offers a unique experience, difficult to find in any other golf venue. Counting with a high-tech golf experience, consisting on a driving range with different targets, and their own patented technology which analyzes the speed, distance, angle and accuracy of every shot, the TopGolf offers a different approach to play indoor golf, whether it is with friends or family or organizing any type of event. There are nine different games available to play, that everybody can enjoy in groups of a maximum of 6 persons. However, if you are a group of more people, there are also different options available. (TopGolf Overland Park, s.f.)Another great thing about Topgolf is that anybody can play here and have fun, whether they are experienced players or total beginners. Fun games, food, and great ambiance make it really difficult to get bored here!Apart from the normal games here, there are also organized leagues you can join with friends or on your own in order to compete, improve and meeting new people.Finally, Top Golf also counts with different options for kids: seasonal academies, lessons, and birthday parties are the main activities of the facility, all of them aimed at the youngest ones. Address: 10611 Nall Ave, Overland Park, KS 66207Contact: (913) 562-9713

3. Precision Valley Golf and Bike Center LLC (Hays)

This time we move to the city of Hays, located in the middle of Kansas. Here we find Precision Valley, a store specialized in two main things: golf and bikes. So let’s focus on the one we are really interested in!Precision Valley offers a fully stocked pro shop with the top brands in the game, a miniature golf (this time, outdoors), and the most interesting feature: virtual simulators that you can rent on your own, or where it is also possible to take lessons, and featuring up to 32 famous courses to play in!As for the rates, Precision Golf offers some reasonable fees for both renting the simulators and lessons. In the case of renting the machine on your own, rates are $11 for half an hour and $20 per hour (prices per simulator, not per person). For the lessons, fees range from $25 to $30 depending on if they are private or group lessons. (Precision Valley Web, s.f.)Finally, they also count with a bar where you can enjoy some food and drinks while playing in the simulators. A different experience that it is worth a try!Address: 1500 West 27th Street, Hays KS, 67601Contact: (785) 625-4900

4. Sticks 96 Golf (Wichita)

Located in the most populated city of Kansas, Wichita, it lies Stick 96: a 4,000 square feet golf store which offers not only every golf item you can think of but also services such as club fitting and repairs. And if this was not enough, they also count with two virtual simulators equipped with the latest technology in swing measurement. Having opened in the year 2013, this is not only a golf shop: apart from purchasing anything you want, there is the possibility of taking lessons by the instructor Dan Winters, for a general rate of $70 for one hour. In the case of juniors (under 17 years old), the rate is $50 per hour. (Sticks 96 Golf Web, s.f.)And as a particularity, they also count with a launch monitor for putting: the Quintic Ball Roll. This technology uses a high-speed camera which tracks the ball and putter before, after and in the moment of the impact, measuring your shot in the most detailed way. A fantastic way of improving your putts!Address: 2621 N. Greenwich Rd. Suite 700, Wichita, KS 67226Contact: 316.719.2489

5. Overland Park Golf Course Turf (Overland Park)

Back in Overland Park, we now go to the Overland Park Golf Course. Apart from a great public 18-hole track, here we can enjoy an indoor driving range from months of November to March. In order to play here, you must pay a rate of $10 per half an hour, however, if you are thinking on going one or two days a week, take a look at the monthly pass of $39, and see if you could save some money! If you are going to be playing the whole winter season, it is also interesting to check the season pass, costing $99.​Address: 12698 Nieman Rd, Overland Park, KS Contact: (913) 890-1600

6. Glowgolf (Wichita)

Finally, we end our list with an indoor mini-golf course, perfect for those looking for a family day with the kids. Located in the city of Wichita, Glowgolf offers a 36-hole indoor course with glowing lights that will make the day of the youngest ones, and for some ridiculous prices that range from $5 to $10 per person, depending on the age. Apart from the golf course, this venue offers also other ‘glowing’ activities, such as Glow Pong, Laser Maze, Glow Toss, Glow Pool and a VR experience. In a nutshell, a great place for a family plan, or organizing birthdays and parties with children, and where the fun is assured: proof of it is that Glowgolf counts with more than 30 locations across the States! ​Address: 7700 E. Kellogg, Suite 0G03H, Wichita, KS 67207Contact: (316) 721-1433

Wrap up

So, there is our list of the best places to play indoor golf in the Wheat State. Whether you are looking for a virtual simulator to rent on your own, a driving range, a mini-golf course or to improve your game with some personalized lessons, you have several options in Kansas. Take a look at them and choose the one that suits you best! Do not forget to have fun and tell us about your experience afterward. And, of course, if you know any other places we forgot to mention, let us know so we can update the list. Have a great golfing day!

Author: Abraham

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