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SCOR vs Vokey Wedges Review: The Best Wedges Out There

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An intelligent short game starts with the selection of the right kind of wedges, and an appropriate wedge fitting needs precise bounce, loft, and grind. Working on that, the big boys of golf industry, namely Cleveland, Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, and many other brands and companies, have been bringing in innovative products year in and year out for bag inclusions by the golf community. We have compiled this SCOR vs Vokey Wedges Review for the purpose of exploring who is offering what and what’s out on the greens. Let’s have a look at these two different wedges in detail.

SCOR Wedges

It’s a rare occurrence that a name other than Titleist, Callaway, or Cleveland manages to bring something of a front runner quality to the golf short game. SCOR Golf, is a name worth mentioning that not only tends to offer a unique system of scoring clubs but wants the golfers to reconsider the way they put their bags together.

SCOR Wedges

SCOR wedges come with a wide choice of shafts mainly grouped in 3 categories. Steel, lighter graphite (mid 70g), and heavier graphite (mid 90g). Wedges are manufactured from mild 8620 carbon steel and forged for a soft feel. Special focus has been put on the club head weight distribution. The wedges are designed so that the middle of the blade will have more bulk and the ball makes contact high on the clubface.

An Insight of SCOR4161

The launch of SCOR4161 wedges came with SCOR winning a silver award in 2012 Golf Digest, where the 4161 line up of scoring clubs was able to secure four and one half stars in performance and sound/feel/look, and four stars in innovation.

Loft Options

The SCOR4161 wedges come with 21 different lofts varying from 41 to 61 degrees with a single degree increment. The lower lofts feature a higher center of gravity (COG) promoting a flatter and dynamic trajectory on full shots.

SGC3 Progressive Weighting

It features Short Game Control (SGC) technology which refers to control at three different levels; distance, trajectory, and spin. The progressive weighting technique has each club weighing differently as compared to the other clubs designed specific to lofts. It offers a progressive heel/toe weighting as the loft falls from the lob wedge to the iron. SGC also provides a thicker face and a higher center of mass delivering increased forgiveness.

V-Sole Technology

The patented V-sole technology provides a combination of high and low bounces to each of the 4161 wedge’s sole matched to the loft. High bounce on the sole’s leading edge helps avoid digging in soft turfs, enabling quality strikes from sand and soft lies. Lower bounces (3 to 7 degrees) on the other hand ensure playability from the tightest lies. Together the bounce combination makes the wedges perform well in versatile turf condition.


SCOR uses a GENIUS shaft line up, bringing forward three different shafts. The Genius 12 KBS steel, Genius 7, and Genius 9 graphite shafts. Each shaft works to optimize ball flight, trajectory control, distance accuracy and feel through the softer mid-section and firm tips.

Accuracy and Distance Control

The 4161 line up owes its accuracy to the precise club length and lie angle set as per the player’s requirements. The Lamkin grip featured in the wedges is an inch longer than the standard with slight taper. This helps players to choke down without the grip being felt too thin. When tested, it performed with a controlled spin and yardage on almost every swing. The clubs have two circular reference points on the grip which allows you to hit a range of yardages.

How it Feels

Club heads of the SCOR 4161 series are first precision cast from mild 8620 carbon steel, polished, and then reheated to 1200 degrees C (2192 degrees Fahrenheit), which renders a soft and more responsive feel. The shaft choice also contributes towards the feel in your hands. At impact the players can have a prompt and crisp idea of where and how well the shot strike did.

Looking Good

An all-time favorite design with an extremely compact clubhead. With minimal engraving, the shape inspires confidence. Moving through the lofts a change of look can be noted where the clubs with lower lofts are more towards square in leading edge as well as toe, while the higher lofted clubs are more towards round.

The patented V-sole, though quite noticeable, is still not distracting as per the feedback. The wedges come in with covers which is a nice add on for players who are more towards protection of their clubs.

Performance Review

The big plus of the 4161 series is its V-sole technology which makes the wedges perform incredibly well against a variety of turfs and lies. It makes the golfer hit any type of desired shot with great ease without much spin. This is something not commonly offered. The overall feel is soft providing the necessary feedback without losing the stability of hands.

On the downsides some of the reviews reported that a small blade size can be daunting to the higher handicappers. Also some people reported the mis-hits to feel a bit clunky and feels a bit harder relative to some other wedges. Some reviews also state that the wedge needs to be struck hard to get enough spin.

Nonetheless, most of the user reviews have largely been positive and players have reported an increased level of confidence with a 4161 around the greens.

Titleist Vokey Wedges

Titleist has the crown of designing top performing golf equipment since 1932. It’s the titan of golf industry, providing the highest quality golf products starting from clubs to golf bags and apparels.

Titleist Vokey SM6 F Grind Wedge

There is a long list of wedges that Titleist has brought to the market starting from high performance wedges in the early 1990’s to the Vokey wedge series starting from 1999. From then onwards the company has given multiple Vokey series including Vokey 200 RAW, Vokey Limited Edition, Vokey 200 Chrome, Vokey 300, Vokey 400 up to the latest version of Vokey Spin Milled Series, i.e., Vokey SM6 introduced in March this year.

SM6 Story

The Vokey wedges offer six different grind options which provide a wide range of bounce in the wedges. This feature has been introduced considering versatile turf conditions.

  • ​F-Grind - Ideal for full shots; bounce level high and medium.
  • ​K-Grind - Ideal use for chipping and bunkers around the greens; bounce level high.
  • ​S-Grind - Appropriate for those playing with square face; bounce level medium.
  • ​M-Grind - Best suited for club face manipulation; bounce level medium.
  • ​L-Grind - Best suited for a sliding technique and firm conditions; bounce level low.
  • T-Grind - A specialist lob wedge.

Progressive Center of Gravity

This new technology tops the list of SM6 key features - aligning the COG neatly with the impact position of each loft which ultimately helps in a precise distance and trajectory control. It also improves the maximum. The technology is designed in a way that on the lower lofted wedges the COG is lower down the face. This helps provide an exceptional feel along with controlled pitch shots. Whereas for sand and lob wedges the COG is positioned higher on the club face for same results.

Loft Options

The wedge comes in 21 lofts ranging from 42 to 62 degrees, 3 heads, and 5 sole options. Another dynamic aspect to mention with lofts is the grooving. The SM TX4 newest groove design coupled with a parallel face texture creates a sharper groove edge which results in an increased spin up to 200 rpm. The grooving is deeper and more narrow for the lower lofted wedges whereas wider for higher lofted wedges. The grooving also results in an enhanced grip.

Grinds and Feel

Five grind options are being offered in the SM6 namely L, M, S, F, and K. F is for full shots, the traditional way. M is to add versatility, S offers a mix of full shots and around greens, K is again for versatility around greens plus the bunker play, and L is for firm playing conditions. The feel from the wedge to put in one word is ‘Excellent’.

Look and finish

SM6 is available in 3 different finishes with an overall stunning look – Steel gray, Tour Chrome, and Jet Black. As compared to the last year’s version, Jet Black is identical to Raw Black and Steel Grey is a somewhat darker form of Gold Nickel. The Jet Black is a finish applied to the metal which might rust off with time, whereas Tour Chrome and Steel Grey are plating.

Performance Review

The wedge is technically very sound near to the point of perfection. There is an impressive spin and trajectory control. The reviews by customers are highly positive. SM6 has received a high rating at its performance, look, sound, feel, and innovation.

According to the feedback by different level handicappers, the bounce and camber is exceptional and the feel is crisper than the past (mid Handicapper). Sole is reported to work well through turf and sands (high handicapper). The face bulge behind the top helps out when a high is missed (low handicapper).

People have highly appreciated the solid feel, accuracy, distance control, and turf interaction rating the wedge 5/5.

Parting Thoughts

This has been a brief review of both the wedges and we saw that both SCOR and Vokey are following different technologies and performing exceptionally well in different areas. As per the ratings by 2012 Golf Digest, on a scale of 1 to 5, the Vokey Spin Milled series has earned quite big ratings on performance, innovation, look, and feel. It made a clean sweep with a 5/5 in all categories.

A downside to SCOR might be lesser of a public limelight as people are not mostly aware of the brand name SCOR. But having said that, a wide variety of golfers exists out there with their standard game and requirements who are loyal to SCOR. So to conclude, very simply, both these wedges are equally fit to satisfy the wide spectrum of golfers.

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