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Golf Etiquette Basics For Beginners (18 helpful tips)

​Are you new to the game of golf? Wondering about some of the basics of golf etiquette? We’ve been in your position, and it is a little intimidating as a beginner.

Good etiquette is needed in many circumstances from dining etiquette and telephone etiquette to sports etiquette. Every sport has its own etiquette and/or unwritten set of rules that should be followed. Golf is no different, with its’ rich history, these unspoken guidelines have a lot of meaning to those that are avid golfers.  

There are, of course, many areas that you should give attention to, if you are to have good golf etiquette. It shouldn’t be something that scares you though, since these are very simple and easily mastered. To make it easy we have complied:

16 Tips on Proper Golf Etiquette.

Golf course do's and don'ts

Read on to learn and understand golf etiquette better.

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Essential Etiquette For Business Golf

Creating and maintaining strong business relations is the foundation of success. However, it isn’t easy to get to know a client on a personal level within the tense office environment. Here comes business golf. It was once known as the domain of executive elites, but in the recent decade has become accessible for people who wish to develop and strengthen their business relations in a calm and comfortable environment.

Golf offers a window into the conduct, values, and personalities of others. This proves to be rather beneficial in business dealings as the behavior of a client on the course is a reflection of their business ethics and character. However, in order to ensure that business relationships are successfully built and improved, one must follow the etiquette of business golf. Click the image to see the tips now!

Shaking hands on the golf course

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