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Black Mountain Golf Course: Review

In 2015 I got to play Black Mountain Golf Course, and am finally going ot post my review. My first impression of this course is that it felt very tucked away and exclusive. You drive up the side of the hill/mountain to get to the clubhouse. You do pass some residential buildings along the way, but as you get closer to the course the houses seem to get more luxourious… the first signs of an exclusive area.

The clubhouse was well kept and fairly new looking. It had a good sized proshop and a big restaurant. It was a Thursday morning when we went there, and, while there was other people on the course it was pretty quiet. The price was on the highest end of all the courses we played, with the round costing $95…. However, this price included a cast and a $10 food voucher for the restaurant for after the round, so relatively this wasn't too bad. That being said the power cart is mandatory so you can't get the round cheaper thinking you walk. Plus, this is a long course with a lot elevation changes so you wouldn't want to walk it anyways.

Black Mountain Golf Course

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