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Georgia is home of probably the most famous golf course in the world, the Augusta National, which already tells us how important this sport is in this state. So, as you may imagine, it is not difficult to find some indoor facilities equipped with the best technologies in order to improve your game! Playing at one of these, while it may not seem as fancy as in a real course, is a great way of learning golf in a more individualized way. If you are a complete beginner, this way will make you have a fun and enjoyable first contact with the game. If you are more skilled, it’s a perfect way of improving little details of your swing in order to make it as perfect as possible.We have just made a list of some of the best indoor and virtual facilities in the Peach State. Let’s take a look at them!

Best Golf Courses in (Province/State)

1. Top Golf (Atlanta & Alpharetta)

The Top Golf sports complex that counts with a high-tech golf experience, consisting on a driving range with different targets, and their own patented technology which analyzes the speed, distance, angle and accuracy of every shot. With this, they have come up with nine different games that everybody can enjoy in groups of a maximum of 6 persons. However, if you are a group of more people, there are also different options available.They are spread through multiple locations in the U.S., having two in Georgia: Atlanta and Alpharetta.This facility is perfect for company events, celebrations or birthdays, as fun is absolutely assured, and it is not necessary to have played golf before (however, that will help you win!). Age is also not a problem here, as Top Golf counts with different options for kids: seasonal academies, lessons and birthday parties are the main activities of the facility, all of them aimed at the youngest ones. Finally, if you are looking for golf lessons, they have also different packages, all of them one-hour long: individual lessons (one-on-one) cost $89 for adults and $59 for junior players; group lessons (up to 6 people and including a drink and an appetizer) cost $149 and the normal classes (up to 12 people), $29. 

2. Georgia Golf Center (Roswell)

While not being an indoor or virtual golf facility per se, the Georgia Golf Center in Roswell is a huge golf practice facility which counts with some of the best technological resources to improve your game and learn in the best way possible, such as the Trackman: a radar unit and touchscreen monitor which analyzes and records the golfer’s shots. For this feature, the facility counts with 2 indoor hitting bays. For using the Trackman radar, the fees are $15 for 30 minutes and $25 for one hour. Apart from the cheap rates, another great thing here is their availability: the facility opens 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. An absolute must visit!

3. Swing Pros (Atlanta)

The Swing Pros is an indoor golf facility located in the capital city of Georgia, Atlanta. Created in 2014 by Kevin Magee, it started as a 960 square foot facility; however, only a couple of years after its opening it expanded to a 3,200 square foot building. Now, the centre counts with a 1,800 square foot putting and chipping area, and a 1,400 square-foot full-swing area, equipped with the best technology in order for you to improve your swing: FlightScope, JC Video and Ball Flight Projection are some of them. They offer a wide range of lessons, from individual to groups, special programs for veterans and youngsters, and the possibility of have some lessons in different golf courses of the area. As for the rates, you have three options at Swing Pros: 30 minutes for $84, 45 minutes for $114 or 1 hour for $139. The most popular is the 30-minute lesson, perfect for those wanting to maintain or improve their swing once they already have it. However, the other options are available for those wanting more time to train. 

4. Paragon Golf Center (Duluth)

Located in the city of Duluth, only 30 minutes to the north of Atlanta lies the Paragon Golf Center. This golf facility counts with a three-level driving range that includes an automatic ball feeder, covered lanes for practicing while raining, mirrors to check your swing and large tee boxes. Apart from this, they have a terrific indoor facility that includes several simulators, a pitching area and a putting green, all of them next to their bar, where you can stop by to have a drink after your game. In order to seize this great facility and improve your golf, there is also the possibility of getting lessons from two pros: Peter Yum and Hannah Kim. 

5. Aussie Kids Golf Academy (Atlanta)

If looking for an indoor golf facility for your kids in Atlanta, this is the place. Aussie Kids is basically a golf school that aims to make children love this sport through fun, positive learning, building confidence and working on their performance. For that, they count with a 10,000 square foot indoor facility that includes a driving range, chipping areas and putting greens, along with some high-tech simulators for analyzing every aspect of the swing.Their group classes are divided by ages: from 3 to 5, from 5 to 7 and from 8 to 12. Once in the group, they have a program of 12 weeks, with one hour per week, with different objectives for each age group. What’s more, all of them include all the necessary equipment for the kids to play. Fees per child are $375 for the whole program.For those a bit older, and looking to take their game to the next level, the option here are private lessons, which can be totally private (one-on-one) or semi-private (with one coach for two people). The system is the same: 1 hour per week, 12 weeks. For these options, rates are of $486 per person for the semi-private lessons and $720 for the private ones. 

6. GolfTec Buckhead (Atlanta)

Located in uptown Atlanta, GolfTec Buckhead is a great indoor golf facility for those looking for golf lessons, instruction or club fitting. This company has more than 140 locations and over 200,000 clients, so the expectations should be huge. The strengths of GolfTec are their technology in order to analyze the payer’s swing: motion measurement and video analysis with their patented TECSWING training technology.The worst part here are the prices, which are not cheap. After a first 60-minute swing evaluation costing up to $100, you will have a personalized game plan depending on your needs. However, take a look at discount pages like Groupon, as you may find interesting offers!

7. The Swing Factory Golf Center (Roswell)

Since 1986, The Swing Factory indoor facility has served its purpose of helping golfers to improve their game with some of the best technologies available. Situated just north of Atlanta, in the city of Roswell, they now count with a digital video analysis from Ernest Sports, and a 3-D motion capture by SwingGuru. The count with Don Peterson as the main teacher, a PGA top 50 golf instructor who provides private lessons for any level, from total beginners to experts in the game. However, his experience is not cheap, charging $140 per hour. There are also some packages available in their website, such as the Game Builder package ($599), the Swing Builder Lesson Package ($299), or the Golf Swing Evaluation ($125). 

Wrap up

These are only some of the best-known indoor facilities in Georgia. Try the one that fits you best and let us know how it went!


Author: Abraham

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