December 2015

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Victoria Golf Course Edmonton Review

This summer, and almost every year for that matter, I golf at the Victoria Golf Course in the heart of Edmonton. This course is one of the few owned/run by the City of Edmonton. The other’s include Rundle Park Golf Course and Riverside Golf Course. 

There are some things I really like about this course, and some things I wish were different. Check out my my full review of the Victoria Golf Course after the break…

Misc, Videos

Golf Beer Pong And Ways To Play It

Have you heard of the new, most amazing drinking and golf skill game out there? It's called Golf Beer Pong, and it is awesome! Check out the video of Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin from the TV show 'The Office') playing with Mark Willard, who is the host of “Celebrities in Golf Carts” (More on this series in another post).

In this version they set up a 3 teir pyramid of beer jugs (have to go big on the golf course), filled with beer. They each take turns chipping their golf ball into the jugs in a race to see who can get 3 into the jugs. They appear to edit a lot of the shots out, as it looks like it takes them quite a while to get to 3 in the jugs. They play for a simple prize in this version of a “Best Golfer Ever” beer-stein. I won't ruin who wins, you have to watch the video for that.

Then follow on past the break to check out the rules of Golf Beer Pong, along with some Variations to Golf Beer Pong!


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