Golf Beer Pong And Ways To Play It

Have you heard of the new, most amazing drinking and golf skill game out there? It’s called Golf Beer Pong, and it is awesome! Check out the video of Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin from the TV show ‘The Office’) playing with Mark Willard, who is the host of “Celebrities in Golf Carts” (More on this series in another post).

In this version they set up a 3 teir pyramid of beer jugs (have to go big on the golf course), filled with beer. They each take turns chipping their golf ball into the jugs in a race to see who can get 3 into the jugs. They appear to edit a lot of the shots out, as it looks like it takes them quite a while to get to 3 in the jugs. They play for a simple prize in this version of a “Best Golfer Ever” beer-stein. I won’t ruin who wins, you have to watch the video for that.

Then follow on past the break to check out the rules of Golf Beer Pong, along with some Variations to Golf Beer Pong!

So these guys used full jugs of beer, which is not only expensive, but kind of wasteful as the beer spills and gets too warm to drink…And as far as I can tell they didn’t drink any of the beer. It was probably still lots of fun to play, but beer pong enthusiants are probably cringing because one of the goals of the game is to drink. That being said, we thought of a few variations to Golf Beer Pong…

If you want to play this game with your buddies in the back yard, you totally can. You can set up across from each other like a normal game, each team having it’s own pyramid to shoot at. If you don’t have jugs to use for the game, you can improvise with something else. Remember that you are going to want something with some weight to it, that won’t break when it is hit with a golf ball. It doesn’t neccessarily have to hold beer (more on this next).

Some ideas for containers:

  • Jugs
  • 5 gallon buckets (see image below)
  • Old paint cans
  • Old soup cans
  • Tupperware containers
  • Your wife’s old pots or planting trays
  • Cut out holes in a piece of plywood
  • Hats upsidedown

These are a few to get your brain thinking in the right direction. Hit me with some suggestions in the comments section.

The way they played it in the video isn’t the optimal way to play it in my opinion. The following are some suggested rule changes or adaptions to make Beer Pong Golf more interesting and/or user friendly.

How to make Golf Beer Pong Better:

  • Use a ping pong ball instead of a golf ball. This will allow you to play the game almost anywhere as it becomes a lot less dangerous. Plus you can go back to using your Red Solo Cups as the pyramid. Other ball options include foam balls or practice wiffle balls.
  • Fill the jugs or cups with water instead of beer. Settle down, I didn’t say take the beer out of the game! I believe this creates a lot less wastage of beer and is probably more sanitary. You still have your cups of beer that you drink when they sink a shot, but they are kept off to the side.
  • Same rules can apply as regular Beer Pong (Eg. 2 balls in one cup and everything touching that cup is eliminated OR One re-rack per game)
  • If you miss 3 shots in a row you either lose a jug on your side or have to finish your beer.
  • Have a front tee that is half way or a quarter of the way to the other teams jugs, but the stipulation is you have to shoot with the opposite hand or one handed.
  • If both players on your team hit it short, then the opponents get to shoot from the closest ball.
  • Trick shots (eyes closed, bank shots, through the legs shots) count double.
  • You can block shots with your clubs (caution, this can get dangerous), but if you touch the ball and it goes in, it counts as double!
  • Put a trampoline in the middle for those bounce shots.

This is a really fun game to play with the friends, but on top of that, you can actually work on your swing at the same time. If you take it serious you can do this on your own to work on your swing, then dominate your friends next time you play. Keep in mind though, this is Golf Beer Pong, and you really shouldn’t take it to seriously, it is a fun game designed to get you having fun with your buddies.

Also remember that this DOES NOT have to be a drinking game at all. It can simply be a competitive game where you try to beat your opponent (or yourself if you are counting strokes).

Let me know in the comments section what you think of this awesome new idea, if you have tried it, and/or if you have some new rule suggestions that can make this more exciting.


P.s. If you don’t know the rules of regular beer pong, a quick google search will tell you.

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