​I remember when I started golfing - I was of the opinion that golf was one easy sport if not the easiest.

Centre shafted putters have long been a bone of contention among both the pros and recreational players,

Many of us have been in the following scenario: you get off work early, it’s a beautiful day and you

Over the last twenty years, the game of golf has seen a considerable shift from a leisurely activity

Best Golf Podcasts

Ever listened to a podcast? If not, I will have you know that they are not only informative, but are

Unlike cast irons which are from molding molten metal, forged irons are from a single piece of metal

Most of us cannot hit as well as pros using the normal PGA tour irons. It is quite difficult to hit straight

A proper warm-up before a round of golf has several benefits. First, you have a better chance of starting

Considering that your hands are the only thing that ever touches the golf club, few fundamentals are

When it’s time to start the golf swing, it all begins with the takeaway. The golf swing has a long