Ever listened to a podcast? If not, I will have you know that they are not only informative, but are ‘hella’ fun, sweet, and frankly quite entertaining. Golf podcasts are no different and I deem them a must for golfers - especially the best golf podcast with high quality content will make you laugh while learning something.

Only Good Things Come From Podcasts

To begin with, podcasts fire up your imagination. In the view of the fact that one is listening to rather than viewing, there is a high level of emotional involvement that stimulates mental imagery more intensely. The fact that one has to pay closer attention and make use of their imagination is also a plus. This is quite nifty as you can make more creative shots on the course. Second, podcasts keep one informed and educated. You can get insights on how elite golfers play, the best clubs to use depending on factors such as handicap, how to tackle different course layouts, et cetera.

Other than stimulating your imagination and enlightening you, what makes a good podcast show as simply going through the motions reviewing what happened during the week or what to expect the coming week won’t cut it. A humdrum presenter too is no good for the show. A good, no great, golf podcast can only be judged by the level of intelligence, and attitude of the presenter. A fella who doesn’t give a hoot and is easy to connect with makes for a remarkable presenter. The insights ought to be exceptional and subject matter should really absorb. Dependability is also key.

Best Golf Podcasts

Finally, we have listed what we consider are the best golf podcasts; after all, what are friends for.

No Laying Up

First, on our list of great golf podcasts has to be No Laying Up by Solly and company. They are audacious, fearless, bold, and will happily move to non-golf topics. Though they have been accused of being excruciatingly millennial, as a senior golfer, I think they will appeal to all players across the divide. They are quite extraordinaire that Rory Mcilroy had to phone them to get a slot.

The crew is made up of 4 guys: Randy, Neil, Tron Carter, and Solly who is the main host. These guys have an incredible outlook on the golf world and are pretty well informed. The cast makes golf remarkably fun even for the casual golfer. But I guess that’s what you get from guys whose main focus is to feel good as the ball sails OB. Ask Neil and he will tell you. A must listen for golfers, and fans alike.

No Laying Up records the NLU podcast and Trap Draw podcast. The latter is more of a rare gem as only ten episodes have been produced in a span of one and half years. The frequency varies from a few days to months. As for the NLU podcast, it is more of an everyday podcast with 99 episodes recorded so far. The frequency varies from a few days to a week or two between podcasts, but never exceeds a fortnight.  As for the average length, No Laying Up episodes are anywhere from fifty minutes to one hour ten minutes.

Hands down, this is the best podcast in the golf world and we can only expect them to continue to engage and grow. Hell, Sky can even get them. Though the episodes are a tad too long, there is never a dull moment.


This podcast by longtime podcast personality Joe House and Geoff Shackelford a veteran golf correspondent had to make it onto our list of top golf podcasts. The pair is not only wealthy in experience, but is quite attention-grabbing. The podcast is a general outlook on the golf world. The duo will break down golf stories for you and even help you allocate capital (short for advertising). They also feature some of the biggest names in the game which is above and beyond.

Shackhouse is a rather consistent podcast as they produce 2 to 4 episodes a month. They have recorded a total of 49 episodes and each episode averages 50 minutes in length. This is quite neat measured up to other podcasts.

Nevertheless, Shackhouse has become a bit mind-numbing thanks to the advertising which can be a bit invasive. Their aggrandizing of Callaway merchandise does not help either as it makes them seem like an extension of the Callaway PR team. Even so, if you can bear up the advertising, then this is a worthwhile podcast.

The Clubhouse with Shane Bacon

Third on our list of top podcasts is this remarkable podcast by Shane Bacon. Unlike other podcasts where we have two or three hosts discussing various topics or interviewing guests, Shane Bacon is more reclusive and does this all by himself. Notwithstanding, the guest lineup is glitzy with the likes of Rory Mcllroy, Keith Pelley, and Justin Thomas all gracing this podcast in the last 12 months. This stellar lineup is well constituted with veterans like Gary and young guns such as Rickie Fowler.

If he is not featuring some bigshot he has guests from other podcasts, with Geoff Shackelford from the ShackHouse and Tron Carter being regulars. Shane Bacon has recorded 80 episodes whose average length is rather short as they range from 20 minutes to around 40 minutes. Notwithstanding, he is consistent recording 2 to 4 episodes a month.  However, Shane Bacon lacks the edge as he plays it too safe. Overall a remarkable podcast.

State of The Game

Definitely the leading light of golf podcasts with the first episode being recorded back in 2012. However, only around 72 episodes have been released ever since which says a lot about their frequency. Episodes are few and far between with the last recorded on April 28th this year with a one hour fifteen minutes average episode length.

However, despite recording a small number of episodes, this podcast has set the standards in terms of guests and quality. The appearance of Joe Ogilvie was remarkable and is the benchmark for podcasts guests.

State of the game is more about the broader issues affecting the game and not a weekly review into the game of golf. This is quite welcome as it gives more substance to the game. At the beginning of the podcast, John Huggan was the host, but he was to depart later. However, even with his exit, the current trio of Mike, Geoff (from Shackhouse), and Morri, have maintained the quality. A pretty neat podcast and had to make onto this list of top podcasts.

Fore Play Podcast

This next podcast on our list of top podcasts is more of a no holds bar podcast. A podcast by Barstool sports, it has the hottest takes and it is for the common folk. Previously airing on Wednesday, it was moved to Tuesday as it coincided with the end and beginning of tournaments. According to Barstool, Tuesday was a much better choice as it gives you (listeners that is), an extra day to listen to podcasts before the beginning of the next tournament.

The Fore Play podcast run for well over an hour with some episodes exceeding 1.5 hrs. The Podcast is quite consistent with an episode every week, and so far they have managed to produce 38 episodes. Hosted by Riggs and Trent, Fore Play podcast offers a young and never heard before voice to a rapidly evolving game. The diversity in guests is also noteworthy, and how they structure it for common golfers is quite impressive.

David Feherty Podcast

There is never a grey moment on the David Feherty podcast. Coming 6th on our list of incredible golf podcasts, the David Feherty Podcast is edgy and according to David Feherty, politically incorrect and the only stupid question is the one that is never asked. The host has mustered humor and wields it quite effectively.

However, what’s outstanding about this podcast is his stellar guest lineup which ranges from remarkable golfers to basketballers to politicians. In just a couple of months, he has had interviews with Stephen Curry, Jackie Burke, and Donald Trump. He also has a knack for setting as he ensures his guests are in their most comfortable locale.

With over 100 episodes, David Feherty is quite consistent in his production. However, he has only produced 38 golf episodes of 30 mins average length. On average, he records 2 episodes a month which is pretty decent. If you are in search of the perfect blend of all matters golf and humor, then you might want to take a look into The David Feherty Podcast.

Broadcast from Dublin, Golf Weekly podcast hosted by Joe Molloy and Fionn Davenport is the 7th best golf podcast on this top golf podcast list. Golf Weekly is a local Irish podcast, but one that bases most of its podcasts on what’s on Sky Sports. This podcast is made for the podcast audience and is less of a catch-up radio. The duo doesn’t fear to chase away the non-golfing audience with their detailed and geeky golf debates.

The only downside with Golf Weekly is that it is not updated that regularly, but notwithstanding, it is one interesting podcast. The normal length of a Golf Weekly podcast is anywhere from 50 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes. So far they have produced 101 episodes at a frequency of no less than one episode a month.

Golf Science Lab

Next on our list of popular podcasts is Golf Science Lab with Cordie Walker. Golf Science lab revolves around the cutting edge research in the golf world and thus if you are fascinated with the technology surrounding golf equipment, it is the podcast for you. This podcast features a different topic for each season and expounds on it with multiple interviews.

Simply enthralling for the inquisitive folk. The only downside is they are not predictable in their recording. Their last episode was on June 13, but in June they recorded 4 episodes. So far there are 44 Golf Science Lab episodes which are around 30 minutes long.

On the Mark

A podcast hosted by Mark Immelman who is the older brother of the 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman. However, he is also a broadcaster and a top instructor in the golf world. On the Mark is a game improvement podcast and Mark gets experts to share their advice on how to advance your game. The average podcast length is give or take 35 minutes and he is quite unpredictable. Marks recordings vary from several in a week to weeks on end without a new release.

Last on our list of great golf podcasts is The Mindside which looks into the mental game. Therefore if you are interested in sports psychology, this is an interesting podcast for you. Hosted by Bhrett Mccabe, this podcast also looks into resiliency, nutrition, and personal excellence in all matters golf. A rather regular podcast, The Mindside has 145 recorded episodes which is quite impressive. Their episodes range from 40 to 50 minutes with a weekly production routine.

The Challengers

Other than these top golf podcasts, there are some interesting prospects starting with iSeekGolf podcast which is rather new on the scene, this podcast is hosted by Rod Morri (remember Morri from State of The Game) and he is outstanding, to say the least. His tenacity makes this one podcast not to miss. The First Cut with Kyle Porter also holds promise as well as the Global Golf Post.

The Final Word

Well, that’s it from us on top golf podcasts and we do hope you enjoyed it. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below, and if you liked the piece, do share.

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