Best Clone Hybrid Golf Clubs Review

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Best Clone Hybrid Golf Clubs Review

Clone golf clubs have been a hotly debated topic for many years. Many golfers have a negative perception of clones, seeing them as cheap ripoffs that are made by rogue manufacturers. We are going to dig a little deeper into this part of the industry and separate the fact from the fiction, so keep reading this best clone hybrid golf clubs review to find out more.

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Original Clubs

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the big names we all know and love, spend millions on research and development. They use some of the most sophisticated technology and often employ outside specialists to constantly improve and perfect their products. They also spend a great deal of money on marketing, sponsorships, endorsements, and advertising.

Much of the technology has become rather generic these days so you will often see aspects that prove popular or effective in one manufacturer's products soon appearing in other brands. This is nothing new and happens in most industries. One just has to look at the pharmaceutical and automotive industries for hundreds of examples.

Clone Clubs

Clone clubs are not cheap imitations that are designed to deceive the buyer. They are not like your Rodex watches or similar knock-offs. They are perfectly legal and legitimate and there are many top quality clones on the market.

They follow the same design principles and technologies developed by the big brands and some are even made in the same factory or, in some cases, actually manufactured by the original brand company. Like anything else, you do get good and bad ones.

Because they are not spending a small fortune on branding and marketing, they can afford to sell the clone brands at a significantly lower cost.

Conducted Tests

There have been a number of tests conducted to compare the performance of quality of clones to the originals they are modeled after.

Granted, they probably would not stand up to scientific scrutiny but they are good enough to give a pretty accurate comparison between the two. The tests were done by unbiased enthusiasts with no particular axe to grind. The tested like for like and tried to keep as much as possible exactly the same for the original and the hybrid.

The same shafts and grips were used on both. The results generally showed a marginal difference in performance. The clones came up fractionally shorter while the difference in spin, accuracy, and forgiveness was negligible.

Looks and Sound

The more subjective aspects like the look of the clubs and the finish are obviously harder to measure but the general consensus was that the originals came out on top. The attention to detail and finer aspects were better on the originals.

The other area where clones did not live up to the originals is in terms of sound. They generally failed to live up to the acoustics of the original equipment.

Clones Could Be Worth It

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and club manufacturers do it all the time. Clones are masters at this. Sure, if money is no object, most people would go for the well-known brand names we have grown to trust and love over the years.

These companies have spent vast amounts of money positioning their brand in a positive light and creating a sense of trust. It makes the brand desirable. This process obviously costs a small fortune and this accounts for a large percentage of the price you pay when you go and buy your new branded clubs.

Best Clone Hybrid Golf Clubs Review

Hybrids are relatively new to the golfing equipment market and have rapidly become very popular with most golfers. They are great for replacing the hard to hit longer irons or playing off a difficult lie when you still have a good distance to the green.

Here are our top choices for hybrid clones. 

Heater BMT II Hybrids

Clone of the TaylorMade SLDR

Heater BMT II Hybrids

The Heater BMT will give you the forgiveness you expect from a hybrid while delivering excellent distance. Much of this is due to the "Velocity T-Slot" which sits in the sole of the club and profoundly improves distance.

The thin face is also designed to flex when it strikes the ball, also improving distance. The Center of Gravity (CG) has been positioned for an effortless launch and optimal distance.

It is a good looking, hard hitting club that will give you buckets of confidence when you need it the most.

The Turbo Power Great Balance Plus hybrid 

Clone of the Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid​​​​​​

The Turbo Power Great Balance Plus hybrid

Fashioned after one of the top names in golf technology, the Turbo Power Great Balance makes use of speed pocket technology for top MOI.

This results in an extremely forgiving driver that consistently hits the ball far and accurately. Over and above this, it is still a players club and one can easily shape shots with the Great Balance Plus. 

F35 Heater Hybrid Irons

Clone of the Taylormade RBZ Rocketballz ​​​​​

F35 Heater Hybrid Irons

The TaylorMade RBZ Rocketballz is a great hybrid to base a clone on. The F35 Heater Hybrids are great clubs at an affordable price.

The CG is low and forward to get an effortless launch while the sole features recessed pockets near the face to help you out of a tough lie or thicker grass.

It has good forgiveness thanks to a large, deep face with a high MOI. They are available in a range of lofts. It is a good looking club with a white crown and a good alignment aid.

The forgiving, hard hitting hybrids come in either an Apollo steel or Velocity graphite shaft and a black Karma perforated grip.

Turbo FBS Hybrid Irons

Clone of the TaylorMade RBZ Rocketballz​​​​​

Turbo FBS Hybrid Irons

Another hybrid that is a clone of the Rocketballz is the FBS Hybrid. Again, the CG is low and forward to ensure a good launch.

They have also increased speed through improved aerodynamics. This is done by a sole pocket that is recessed towards the front of the club. It also has a large face with a high MOI giving you great forgiveness and good distance.

X Heat Hybrid Irons

Clone of the Callaway X Hot Hybrid

X Heat Hybrid Irons

The X Heat Hybrids are available in a range of lofts. They have copied the technology that made the X Hot such a well-liked hybrid. It is extremely forgiving with a large head and a generous sweet spot. It is a versatile hybrid that will suit golfers of all abilities.

The Turbo Power Mega 1

Clone of the TaylorMade M1 Hybrid

The Turbo Power Mega 1

The M1 is a popular hybrid and the Turbo Power Mega 1 is not far behind it. It looks great and has a good shape.

It is well designed and optimized for forgiveness and distance. The sole of the club tapers off to help you out of a tricky lie. It is a versatile and easy to hit hybrid.

Fire 3.0 Custom Hybrid Iron

Clone of the Taylormade Burner Superfast

Fire 3.0 Custom Hybrid Iron

The Fire 3.0 is a good looking club that is great value for money. The sole is designed to cut through the grass or the rough while the low Center of Gravity makes it forgiving and easy to launch.

It is a versatile hybrid that is highly playable for consistent, accurate shots. There is a range of lofts depending on your needs and distance is good across the range.

It is available with a choice of either the Acer Velocity or Apollo stepless steel shaft in a wide range of colors.

Z Force Z-35 Hybrid

Clone of the PING G30 Hybrid

Z Force Z-35 Hybrid

The Z Force Z-35 is a range of hybrids if different loft settings. The design is based on the popular Ping G30 Hybrid.

The club is aerodynamically designed with 4 “wind splitters” and the steel face is ultra thin for great speed transfer. Both of these features will add distance to your shot. The center of gravity changes according to the loft but is optimized for an easy launch and maximum forgiveness.

These versatile hybrids are great for beginners right up to low handicappers looking for some extra utility on the course.  

Turbo Power Z3.0 Hybrid

Clone of the Ping G30

Turbo Power Z3.0 Hybrid

Another G30 clone is the Turbo Power Z3.0 Hybrid. It has an inspiring head shape and will give you a lot of confidence at address. The CG is positioned towards the back and the large face will give you an efficient and forgiving launch with good distance.

It is optimized to cut through the surface making it excellent for playing out of a bad lie. It has a simple but austere look and a great feel.

Lazer XL Hybrid Irons

Clone of the Callaway Razr X

Lazer XL Hybrid Irons

The hybrids are aimed at the more experienced golfer who wants the forgiveness and benefits of a hybrid without sacrificing too much playability and shaping potential.

The Laser XL head is significantly smaller than the average hybrid to achieve this. It will hit the ball a good distance whether you choose to use it off the tee or your second stroke. Accuracy is enhanced by the hosel that is slightly offset for better alignment.

Turbo Power Ti11 Hybrid Irons

Clone of the TaylorMade R11 Hybrid

Turbo Power Ti11 Hybrid Irons

The Ti-11 is a great looking hybrid that is highly playable while remaining extremely forgiving. It has a low Center of Gravity on the medium sized head.

The sole is designed to cut through the surface without too much speed loss so it will help you out of a difficult lie when necessary. The hybrid will launch easy and generate good ball speeds with admirable distance.

Tour Model T11 White Hybrid

Clone of the TaylorMade R11 Hybrid

Tour Model T11 White Hybrid

Another TaylorMade clone is the Tour Model T11 which is a useful, versatile option to have in your bag. It will be infinitely easier to launch and more forgiving than a long iron.

It features interchangeable weights so you can set it to your preference. This, along with the low CG will make for an easy launch and good distance.

It is still versatile enough to allow you to shape your shots if you have the skills. Its main feature is the superb forgiveness.

The Turbo Power Ti15 Hybrid

Clone of the TaylorMade R15 Hybrid

The Turbo Power Ti15 Hybrid

This clone hybrid uses speed slot technology resulting in an accurate, forgiving, and easy launching club. It is highly versatile and playable if you want to shape your shots. It is great value for money and suitable for any shot where you need a good distance and accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Although still relatively new, hybrids have been around for some time now. They might have been referred to as rescue clubs or even bafflers. They have been steadily growing in popularity and are now a common weapon to add to your arsenal on the course.

They will give you added confidence and forgiveness where a long iron might prove more challenging and they are great at getting you out of trouble if you have a poor lie but still a long distance to the green.

You can go for one of the many great original hybrids on the market or consider one of these notable clones we have reviewed. The clones can be picked up for a fraction of the price of the original and you won’t be missing much.

Understand your specific needs and requirements as, while all are designed to give you more control and great forgiveness, some are more suitable for players who want to shape their shots while others are better at distance.

Most will appeal to a wide spectrum of players but certain hybrids will be more comfortable in the hands of a beginner and others more suitable for more experienced players.

No matter where you are on your golfing journey, a hybrid or two will certainly come in handy and is a worthwhile addition to your set of clubs. 

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