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Best Golf Grip for Sweaty or Wet Hands

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Sweaty hands are sometimes a mess while playing golf. Play golf in winter? Well, you’re not used to having sweaty hands and play your game with the slippery annoying feeling that definitely affects your game and causes loss of focus on the game. It usually occurs in hot, humid, or rainy seasons and sometimes even because of some medical conditions. You can never get a firm grip on the club and your swing always gets inaccurate. Battling with the effort of swinging your club with sweaty hands would really make your day a quite long one. So, what do you do? You get the best golf grip for sweaty or wet hands of course!

The Smart Thing To Do

Some players bring a few pair of gloves with them to get some grip. Some even bring towels to wipe off the wet from the hands as well as the grip. But the smart ones always use grips for those slippery hands since they know that gloves and towels are a bit of a mess. So, your game does definitely get affected by sweaty hands and you definitely need to get some good grips for those sweaty hands for a better performance at your game.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of grips on the market and you will get the idea of what you need.

Types of Golf Grips

1. Swing Grips

Swing grips can be taken as versatile grips. They have reasonable to high moisture management, moderate feedback, and moderate surface texture. They are used when you want to hit your golf ball to a faraway hole. They increase the power in your swing and are very comfortable to hold in your hands. Although they can be used for putting as well, but they won't give you much control.

2. Putter Grips

These are specific grips needed when you are up to putting, which is the most important part of a golf game. If you need to do some good putting, you need a good putter grip. These grips have a longer length than the swing grips, allowing you to grip your club firmly. They also have a slight bend shape from the upper portion which allows the upper hand to have more control on your club. Hence they put real control and smoothness in your swing.

3. Specialty Grips

These grips are specially designed for a power swing and a strong grip. They are mostly used for training and for beginners. The most innovative design of all grips comes under this category. This grip will certainly improve your game and improve your swing by giving you a firm grip on your club as well as control on your swing.

Get the Feel For It

As far as the slippage is concerned, swing grips are best for the purpose. Since you require your wet hands to not affect your game, it’s better to concentrate on what you need. Putter grips will get you in the habit of having a softer grip even while swinging and that would create slippage in your grip. The specialty grips are in fact used for training. You may use them for practice, but in the actual game you need to test your skills and if you are certainly up to being a good player. So, the most recommended grips are swing grips which will come handy in all situations.

Some examples of actual products might help in choosing good golf grips for sweaty hands.

Best Golf Grip for Sweaty or Wet Hands

Winn Golf Club Grips Dritac

Winn Golf Club Grips Dritac

Winn’s golf clubs grips are weather resistant slip-on grips for woods and irons. Its slip-resistant surface helps keep the clubface angle steady through impact ensuing in a more precise shot.

Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Grip

Made from 100% rubber, this grip from Golf Pride is made to give optimum control in the upper hand as well as a sensitive response in the lower hand. Never will your hand slip on this.

Golf Pride Golf Club Grips Tour Wrap 2G

Our second grip from Golf Pride is made from a combination of exclusive black velvet cord which is utilized in the upper hand area and soft rubber material used in the lower hand area; it will surely give you a satisfactory grip on the club.

Golf Pride Golf Club Grips Multi Compound Platinum

We have a grip specially designed for juniors. Provides perfect control and smoothness in the swing. It has an unbeatable grip in any weather situation. No more worrying about sweaty hands.

Are These Grips Good for Sweaty Hands?

Yes, the above grips are all very good grips to eliminate your battle with sweaty hands. They are made from an exclusive material, rubber, and black velvet cord. Not only do they give a good grip with your sweaty hands, but on the iron/wooden club material as well. No more worrying about your grip coming or slipping off from your club. Your focus will be in your game and not on your hands if you use these grips.

Moreover, for juniors, who have smaller hands, there are specially designed grips so that their hands fit perfectly on the grip, just like our alternative the Multi Compound Platinum Grip, which is specially designed for juniors. Plus the material used for these grips is much better than the traditional grips. Old ones may be able to make a perfect shape for your hand to fit in, but will never provide a better anti-slippage experience like these grips can.

Be Sure To Try Them Out First!

It is always advised that you try your grip out after buying one. Make a few swings and shots on your ball. Maybe even practice with just your club. Make sure you’re comfortable with the grip. You must try them out a few times with wet/sweaty hands to feel the difference. Never play a proper round without practicing with the new grip. You may not be used to it or it may not be good enough for you.

The Final Sweat

It might be a short list, but one of these bad boys might be all it takes for you to have a better grip while playing the game you love. Make sure to try them out first, but don’t sweat it, we’ll sure you’ll find your new favorite grip!

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