Ladies will rarely hit the ball as far as guys. This is because they have slower swing speeds than guys

Golf is the great equalizer. Thanks to the handicap system, a relative newcomer to the sport can have

Ladies, this one’s for you! If you’re a woman golfer, especially if you’re just getting interested

If you’re a Wilson fan, then you’re probably more accustomed to seeing them issue great sets of clubs

Whether you’re new to golf, or have been playing it for years, you are all too painfully aware of the

Men and women golfers alike should be aware of the importance of having a wedge (or four) in their bags.

OK, first thing’s first – men and women are different; equal, but different. If we can get that out

Well, we are at it again and today we have a best golf clubs for petite ladies review for you to enjoy.

Like all players, I believe female beginners too should enjoy golfing. However, their potential calls

Most golfers dread the idea if taking out the long irons, both male and female players. This is particularly

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