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Funniest Golf Videos

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Golf is known for a number of things. To begin with, there is the players brilliance and excellence, the insane trick shots, and don’t get me started on the difficulty of the game. However, it’s only on rare occasions that it springs to people’s minds as a great source of comedic inspiration. And it’s not for lack of great golf bloopers and ridiculously insane videos, but because they are not acknowledged. We’ll change that, though, by providing you with these funniest golf videos below.

Going Viral

As from 2015, viral golf videos have soared to a level previously unheard of. Some of these are scripted, others unplanned. Some are incredible highlights to utter fails while other videos are straight out weird. However, it is undeniable that most of these golf videos are hands down side-splitting.

Settling on what we deem the funniest golf videos proved to be a minefield. Nonetheless, we managed to come up with a list ranging from golf parodies to epic fails to hilarious commercials. For that reason, put your clubs down, legs up, and enjoy golfs finest moments.

Funniest Golf Videos

1. FEDEXCUP Commercial

First on our list of funniest golf videos is this commercial by FedEx. For an advert, this is quite creative. I would sure love to meet these guys, to congratulate them and warrant they never do it again. The video entails a boss instructing his employees who are supposed to be working, but are rather enjoying a game of golf. Here is the video, enjoy.

2. Chipshot Failed Escape

Next on our list of funniest golf videos is this commercial by Chipshot. So much for being a good friend. Though it was banned, it still remains an amazing commercial and one of golf’s funniest videos. I especially enjoy how he shrieks after the ball hits him on the g*****s.

3. Peter Malnati Failed Escape

Before Peter Malnati won the PGA tour, he was famous for his failed escape from a water hazard. His “Are you kidding me? All that for that?” reaction was priceless. Going by the length he had gone to and the power on his shot to get out of the hazard, the outcome was hysterical. And to think I was for him getting out of the hazard.

4. Woody Austin’s Royal Flush

During the 2007 presidential cup, Austin took a plunge that was one of the highlights of the tournament. After finding the edge of the water, the only realistic way to take the shot was to go into the water. Well, the results weren’t as desired seeing as he fell into the water after taking the shot. As a result, he came to the course the following day in scuba gear.

5. Backflip into a Faceplant

So much for trying to be a gymnast. This golfer showcases her gymnastic skills only to end up in a face plant. Good thing it’s in the bunker, which is rather forgiving. Her resignation after the failure is lovely and thus had to make it onto this list of amusing golf videos. It’s probably wise not to try this on the course or at home.

6. The Tale of Le Man, Le Fox & The Head Cover

Next on our list of comical golf videos is in the wildlife category and is a tale of a man, a fox, and a head cover. This lovely fox doggedly tries to steal a golfer’s head cover and in the end causes him to slip and fall. Wonder why the fox had a fetish for the head cover?

7. Best Friend Ever

No better way to ruin a friend's 1st eagle.  Next on our list of funniest golf videos is this folk who ruins a pals eagle shot. Inches before the ball goes in for what would have been an amazing eagle, the pal kicks it away. You should hear the friend’s reaction.

8. The Dead Bird

This lady’s reaction, timing, and the unplanned outcome make for a pretty funny video. As such, it had to be on our list of golfs funniest. Weird outcomes are not unheard of in golf, but what are the chances that this would happen and be caught on camera so perfectly. This is a classic and you should watch it to jazz up your day.

9. A Driver Floats

Who would have thought a golfing mishap could offer such insights into drivers. Apparently, drivers float and it’s thanks to this Michael Bradley blooper. Michael was on the tee when he accidentally dropped his driver into the water about 6 or 7 feet from the ground. However, the fun is in how the commentators deride the whole situation. These guys were having a field day. The fan was pretty helpful in retrieving the club. Hope he got an autograph.

10. Greatest Putt-Putt Shot of all Time

Definitely a ghost ball. This cannot be put in words, but it definitely had to be on this list of funny golf videos. And though this might come as a surprise, it is not for the shot itself, but for the reaction from the folks. Lovely, just lovely.

11. Expensive Mountain Top Mistake

This video took ‘the duvet went further than the ball’ saying to a whole other level. Coming in 12th on our list of funniest golf videos is one where a golfer decides to use his bag as a tee. This would prove to be a rather costly mistake as he sends his bag flying off a cliff. Simply thinking of all the valuables and essentials he lost gives me jitters. Wonder how he spent the night? However, it is still a really funny video.

12. Darren Clarkes Good Fortune

Next on our list of golfs funniest videos is Darren Clarke's lucky shot. It is definitely remarkable and Irish eyes must have been on him that day. Clarke's shot was without a doubt headed for the water, but bounces of a couple of rocks and lands on the rough. This has been touted as the luckiest golf strike ever, and guess what? We agree.

13. Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One

Zoeller's hole in one is nothing short of remarkable and had to be on our list of funniest golf videos. Albeit with a bit of luck, Fuzzy manages to sink the ball from 173 yards on the 16th hole. After the initial strike, the ball gets hung up on the rough which is a rather difficult position to putt from as it calls for a tough chip. A few seconds pass by and unexpectedly, the ball starts rolling and ends up in the hole. It’s such rare moments that we golf enthusiasts live for.

14. Robin Williams on Golf

I am quite grateful to Robin Williams, not only for his great sense of humor, but for educating me on the origin of Golf. Did you know Scots invented golf? Anyway, Robin Williams rant on Golf is a must watch. His sense of humor is unparalleled and so is his stage presence.

15. Le Gong Show

Next on our list of golfs funniest videos is this masterpiece featuring 4 pros. Ryder Cup vice-captain Paul McGinley, David Howell, Marcel Siem, and Rhys Davies (misses the entire lake on his 1st try). The goal in this video is to skim a ball across the water and hit a gong 200 yards in the lake. Their reactions misses and cheers when Howell hits the gong are lovely. Nothing beats a pros reaction when he makes a poor strike. The teasing and conversations too are good to listen to.

16. Louis Oosthuizen's 500+ yard Drive

This is one of those moments where gods smile on the golf world. It does happen more often than not where a mishit trundles onto the green or a bungled bunker shot gets a generous kick and ends up in the hole. However, on this one occasion, it was exceptional. Louis mishits his drive and the ball ends up on the cart path. In that position, he would be done for, but the ball continues down the cart path and stops yards away from the green. It passes some spectators who are oblivious to the ball is passing behind them. A 583-yard drive, and a ‘how in the hell did that happen’ moment.

17. McIlroy Six in the Sand

Next on our list of incredulous golf videos is one where it takes Rory (one of the world's best golfers) 6 tries to get out of a greenside bunker. For a pro, this should be free-flowing, but seeing him take that many tries is entertaining. He gets out twice, but the ball rolls back into the bunker and his reaction after the first strike is priceless.

18. Rory McIlroy 4 Putts Again

This is now officially the Rory sub-section in the pro segment of funniest golf videos. In this video, we see Rory, make four putts again in the same tournament. However, it is not hilarious for the many missed strikes, but for his reaction after the 3rd putt. Watch it and hope you find it as much fun as I do.

19. Heckler Wins $100 Bet

Back in 2016, during the Ryder Cup practice round, David Johnson from North Dakota kept heckling the European team including Rory McIlroy for constantly missing a roughly 10-foot putt. The team invites the heckler onto the green as he could not let up and challenge him to sink it. They put a $100 bet on it and the heckler sinks it in one try no sweat, and the crowd goes bonkers. This is one of those moments the golf world will not be forgetting soon.

20. Rory McIlroy, Golf Ball, Fan Pocket

Next on our list of golf best moments is one where Rory McIlroy's ball ends up in a spectator’s pocket. Back in 2014 during the PGA Tour 2nd Round, Rory’s drive goes left into the trees and falls straight into the pocket of a spectator who was trying to get out of the way. The spectator has to stay rooted to the spot until the umpire arrives to give the way forward.

21. Sergio Garcia’s Shoe Meltdown

Next on our list of funniest golf moments is Garcia’s shoe meltdown. And what would this list be without a pro meltdown? After all, there is nothing as enjoyable as watching a pro having one. The fun is not in Sergio’s beef with his shoe, but rather how this commentator puts it. The first punch line was okay, but he puts it to bed with his second.

22. Sergio Garcia Knocks Diamond off Fans Ring

Touted as the most expensive tee shot, Sergio Garcia knocks a diamond off a fans ring during the Bridgestone World Golf Championships. What makes this hilarious is not the chances of it happening, but the pundits who add a rib-tickling twist. Sergio is a gentleman enough as to ask for the lady’s number (we would love to think he was considering making it up to her), but the diamond was eventually found.  

23. Luke Fitzgerald Grip It and Rip It  Moment

Luke Happy Gilmore Style blooper has got to be the best in golf history and as such, it had to make it onto this list of Golf Funniest Videos. Rory will definitely need a new driver. During an Irish Cup TV episode Luke misses a drive and the outcome is amusing.

24. The Binman

Be warned, if you are thinking of participating in a 24-hour golf tournament, then this could happen to you. Next on our list of best golf videos is one of a man whose head gets stuck in a bin. How? We have not the slightest clue, but getting out is a bit challenging. The crowd doesn’t help either.

25. J.C Anderson Golf Advice

You are weird if you understand what J.C Anderson is saying. Next, on our list of top funniest videos is supposed to be a golf swing tip from a pro golfer on Sportscenter, but goes awfully wrong in an amazing way.

26. When Everything That Could Go wrong, Goes Wrong

Golf is a tough game, and that’s the beauty of it. However, it is on really rare occasions we find a golfer hitting himself with his ball. On our next video on this list of funniest golf videos, a player terribly mishits (toe strike) a ball and the results are quite undesirable. The ball ricochets off a tree and gets him in the gonads.

27. The World’s Worst Golf Shot

Much like the rest of the players in the video, we too enjoyed this mishit. Next on our list of funniest golf videos is an error from what should be a good player. He is even derided into thinking the ball has gone the distance. His reaction and how he strolls down the course to where the ball is, is absolutely delicious. The rest of the players make this a pleasure to watch too.

28. Mikes Bad Golf Shot

There is a lesson here. How not to get your ball out of the water. Next on this list of comical golf videos is of Mike trying to get the ball out of the water. As these are weekend golfers, I think it would have been better to seek hazard relief, but noooo!!! Mike had to go on and be a hero. Well, the results were side-splitting. His ‘let’s get that’ statement makes it more amusing.

29. Revenge For the Birds

I could not think of a better way to get back at the golfers. Birds are on the receiving end (literally) of surprise golf balls and they finally got a chance to have their revenge. During the 1998 Players Championship, Steve Lowery was doing darn well, but the bird couldn’t have any of that. After a wonderful strike, and landing on the green, a seagull makes away with his ball and drops it in the water. This video has stood the test of time and it’s going to be a while before we see something like this.

30. This is Just Bad Golf Driving

Next on our list of humorous golf videos is all about terrible golf cart driving. Going by the title, it may sound like someone had a driving club fail. Well, it’s only the driving part that fails. Nonetheless, it’s pretty funny.

31. The Awkward Reporter

In this video, Henrik Stenson, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Lee Westwood, and Rafa Cabrera Bello have the worst interviews during the European Tour. A scripted video and one of the good ones. The crew behind the scenes are remarkably good at coming up with uncanny questions and tactics and the reporter plays the awkward role pretty darn well.

32. The Heckle

People, we have finally come to the end of our list of funniest golf videos and we would love to end with The Heckle. This group of four friends is the future of funny golf videos if they are consistent with this. The interferences, jokes, and unequivocal dumbness makes for incredible golf videos.

The Final Video

That’s it for us and hope we have included enough videos for you to realize the fun side of golf. If we have left out any major bloopers, please let us know in the comment area below and if you liked it, please share.

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