Getting Started With Golf

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If you are a beginner or are thinking about starting this sport, you need to understand the basics in theory before you go about swinging the club. In addition to the 18 holes of real golf, following are the requirements of golf that you must learn before you start playing:

1.     Knowing The Rules Of Golf

Before starting any game, the player should first and foremost learn the rules of the game. It is essential that the rules are known so that any confusion that might arise in the mind of the player is cleared before the game starts. The rules of the game of golf are available online, as well as, at different bookstores and even at golf retailers with book section. The book includes all the rules which a player should read thoroughly and should understand it completely. We have a Rule Guide for Beginners that makes it easy to get the basics.

2.     Local Rules And Dress Code

When deciding to play at a golf course, it is essential that the player learns all the local rules that they might have set up. In addition to this, some courses have their own dress code. Players are allowed to follow the particular dress code in order to play at the course. The dress code involves wearing a white collared short-sleeve shirt with khaki shorts. Players wearing any other dress than the one that is specified by the course are not allowed to play and are sent home.

3.     Golf Balls

As a starter, a player may not be able to par every hole, thus the player will not be able to find every ball that he hits. In order to avoid hassle and inconvenience, it is important for the player to make sure that he has plenty of golf balls. In the learning phase, the player does not need spend much time on buying expensive branded balls – recycled balls are readily available and are much cheaper and useful. A dozen recycled balls will cost $18, and a dozen of branded balls will cost $50. Thus, buying the recycled balls will be much better suited for a fresh player.

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4.     Sun Protection

A new player is not used to stand in the sun for hours. Golf is not played on a court with roof, but in open air. Thus, it should be made sure that the right sun protection tools are used. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are the perfect sun protection tools. The hat should be in accordance with the dress code. Usually, a ballcap is acceptable by all golf courses. Standing in the scorching heat, a player might get sun burnt very easily. It is essential for the player to make sure that a proper sunscreen is used to protect the skin. Furthermore, sunglasses will be a perfect addition to the sun protection tools.

5.     Golf Shoes

For beginners, tennis shoes are acceptable; however, following the dress code is necessary. Some golf courses will suggest golf cleats as they help to pivot feet and avoid sliding sideways. Other courses may suggest shoes that are specially designed for golf. The player must be aware of all the requirements of the golf course in order to prepare well to get started on your golfing journey.

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