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Hey Golfers!

We did a little more updating to the site during these winter months. We have added a Golf Course Rating System to the site! You can now go to your favorite golf course (or any golf course for that matter) and rate the course.


How does the golf course rating system work?

We set up 5 different categories that you can use to rate the courses. They are:

  1. Green Quality – How were the greens on the course? Were they sandy? Too Long? Dead grass? Perfect? Give them a 1-5 star rating. Please keep in mind that regular maintenance happens and shouldn’t be held against the course (eg. They did their 1 annual aerating of the greens that morning).
  2. Fairway Quality – Is the fairway keep clean and short? Are there big unreplaced divots? Rate them from 1-5 stars.
  3. Price vs Value – Did you think the price you paid was worth the experience you got? Did you pay $40 and it felt like it was worth $100? What about paying $100 and it felt like a $30 course?
  4. Staff Members – How well did the staff members at the golf course treat you? Did the pro shop team help you pick out some golf balls and were helpful? Did the server compliment you on your excellent choice of golf shirt? Maybe you felt you were just another annoying customer? Let everyone know with a rating.
  5. Facility Quality – How nice was the clubhouse? The proshop or restaurant? Were the bathrooms clean or dirty? We know not every course can spend $10M on a clubhouse, so be fair with your rating.

These 5 categories are then averaged together to give an overall rating for the golf course.

To rate a golf course, you, first must be signed in. You then click the drop down menu and select a rating from 1-5 stars. Then click “Rate this course”. It’s that simple.

Why should you rate a course?

We know that things will change from year to year. For example, the course may have had a hard time finding a good ground crew or a polite server this year which skewed your rating for this course. These things happen unfortunately, but as golf courses get more and more ratings, the law of averages will apply. For example, if a course constantly hires that grumpy server that never smiles or never asks about your round, then the course will keep getting low ratings for staff members. Eventually you will find that the good ones rise to the top.

The more people we get rating the courses, the more the law of averages takes affect and thus will be a ​_better representation of the actual quality of the golf course.

Please also leave comments on the golf course page, as these will be time stamped so you can see if “the course was too dry”, but that was in 2014. This will also allow golf courses to see where they are doing well, and areas they need to improve upon. In the end, it provides a better experience for everyone involved.

If there is another category that you think should be added, please contact us. We are always trying to grow and make the experience better.

We are in the age of checking out ratings for the places we go, before we go there. It is adding a level of accountability to these places, which is a good thing. Side note: Yes, I know there is an abundance of people that only rate place once they have had a poor experience… But there are people on the other side of the spectrum too. The ones that can find the good in anything, so make sure you read the comment section as well.

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