How Often Do Golf Manufacturers Release New Equipment?

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When Apple is due to release a new model of a phone, computer, or tablet, we hear about it for months on end. Car manufacturers tease us relentlessly as well when a new model is imminent. For some reason, the top golf equipment manufacturers keep new releases a closely guarded secret. If you want to know when your favorite brand is due to release their latest driver or a new set of irons, for the most part, you will just have to wait and see. But how often do golf manufacturers release new equipment?

Extensive Research

While I accept that Apple has a much broader fan base, a little more feedback from the golf companies would be appreciated. In writing this article, all I really wanted to find out was roughly how often the big companies release new equipment. A fairly simple bit of research I thought. Clearly, I was wrong.

I started with each company’s website. I am talking about ALL the big brands here. Apart from reviews and write-ups on clubs they had recently released, there was little to nothing about anything in the pipeline. There was no news of upcoming models due to be released soon. No forthcoming attractions.

Not be deterred, I tried to contact each company via their website. This was not easy. Very few had any form of e-mail address for marketing, customer care, or even a general contact address. I found that rather disappointing.

Some had a feedback section where you could post your query and your contact details and “they will get back to you.” Hmmm. Where I could find nothing on their websites, I turned to Facebook and messaged them there. Once again, the response was disappointing.

The Only Response

Cobra was the only company that gave me a brief response to say there was no formal policy, but they generally look at a 2-year product lifecycle. Thank you, Cobra.

Mizuno and Ping both sent an automated response and that was the last I heard from them. TaylorMade replied that no one is available to respond, but to please call them on the number provided. All of the rest I could not reach at all or they simply did not respond to any of my messages. Rather disappointing to say the least. It is sad that such large brands with massive turnovers and thousands, if not millions, of loyal supporters are not prepared to engage with customers and respond to a basic and reasonable request.

Inside Information

Perhaps if you have a friend in one of the larger Pro Shops or golfing equipment stores that have direct contact with the reps you might glean some more information, but it seems for us mere mortals, we will be kept in the dark.

Some time back, the PGA Merchandise Show was when most new equipment was revealed and showcased, but this is no longer the case. Innovation is certainly happening at a faster pace now and new developments are coming out with a greater frequency.

I can also appreciate the competitive nature of the industry and the need to keep these innovations under wraps for as long as possible. A little communication, however, would certainly be appreciated by the loyal fans.

The Final Answer

So, to cut a long story short, I have no concrete answers other than to say the average time between new clubs coming onto the market is roughly two years. My only suggestion, if you really want to know, is to follow the company you are interested in and hound them by whatever means possible. You might have better luck than I did.

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