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Indoor and Virtual Golf in Massachusetts

***Disclaimer*** This post may include affiliate links, including Amazon. This does not affect your viewing, or any pricing on the associated sites, but we make a commission on purchases. This is how we help fund this site. Thanks!

The state of Massachusetts counts with a short outside golf season, so it is a perfect location for indoor golf. Proof of this are the multiple facilities spread throughout the whole state, all of them of great quality and with some affordable prices, and a relief for those golfers which can’t wait for the good weather to come for playing some rounds!

Here’s a list of some of the best facilities in the Bay State. Let’s check them out!

Virtual Indoor Golf Facilities in Massachusetts

The first of our list is located in the town of Westborough, in the county of Worcester. Here lies the Fore! Golf Entertainment, an indoor facility which counts with 8 virtual simulators with around 34 different courses from the Pro Tour, including some of the most famous ones: Pebble Beach, Myrtle Beach, or St. Andrews are some of them.

At the same time, the facility offers multiple HD TVs for those having a break from golf, all of them with live sports; and a bar to have some drinks or food at any time.  

As for the price, they charge $50 per hour during winter, something reasonable as demand grows bigger in that season. On the other hand, if you go in the summer season, the price goes down a half! 

Not far from Boston (a 20-minute drive approximately) lies the town of Burlington, where we can find the Big Sticks Golf complex.  With more than 10 years of experience, its approach is different than Fore! Golf: while they are more a bar with simulators, Big Sticks is more focused on teaching golf. This place is therefore perfect for those looking to improve their game more than just chill with friends and drinks.

For the lessons, Big Sticks only counts with PGA professionals, such as the founder, Terry Felty, an award-winning teacher. That fact, combined with the advanced technology featuring some “aboutGolf” simulators, the video swing analysis and the “aG Studio” and “GC2 launch monitor” makes this place a perfect opportunity to upgrade your golf skills. (Big Sticks Web, s.f.)

Prices for a private one-hour lesson range from $100 to $125, however, there are some interesting packages available for those looking for more than just one visit. As for the semi-private lessons, they cost between $60 and $75, depending on the number of people. Finally, if looking only for a practice session on your own, you can use the simulators and technology for $35 per hour.

Just checking the website of Dr. Greens will give you a hint about the quality of this place. Located in the middle of Ashland, this facility offers 7 simulators, a bar with drinks and food and some pool tables. So, no matter your skills, this is a fantastic plan to make with friends on a rainy day.

Here there are 54 courses available, including some of the most famous ones: St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill or Harbor Town are only some of them. All of them mirror the real ones in a great way, thanks to the advanced technology of the PGA Simulator, powered by 3Trak and aboutGolf 3D technologies. 

This place is so full of entertainment that one full day will not be enough to enjoy all of it. Located in the northern city of Middleton, approximately thirty minutes from Boston, this huge facility is perfect for organizing any type of event or spend some time with friends.

The Clubhouse offers 12,000 feet of pure entertainment, counting with 10 PGA official golf simulators. In addition, a full bar, three ping pong tables, dart boards, cornhole courts, pool tables, meeting rooms and some HD TVs with live sports. 

Opened in 1998, CityGolf is located in downtown Boston, in the middle of the financial district. Its founder is Gary Parker, a PGA Head Professional, which is the main teacher. However, the rest of the team is also PGA, something to consider if thinking about taking some lessons here.

The facility counts with 3 BoGolf Simulators, all of them using the Dartfish analysis software for studying the golfer’s swing.

For $60, there’s also the option of having a customized club fitting at the premises. Other services also include the possibility of organizing events. 

The coastal town of Plymouth is located in the south eastern side of Massachusetts, around 60 kilometers to the south of the capital city of Boston. Here we find the On the Tee Indoor Golf facility.

The complex offers the classic indoor golf experience in a ‘pub’ style: a place to practice golf while enjoying some food and drinks, perfect for enjoying a fun afternoon with friends. Rates for renting the simulator are $25 per half an hour and $40 per hour.

However, for those looking for a more serious and improving experience, lessons are also available by the main instructor, Russell Quigg. And if you end up loving the simulator, here you can also buy one for yourself! 

Located in the south part of Massachusetts, Bellingham is a town belonging to the Norfolk County. Here there is one and only place for indoor golf: Chamberlain Pines.

Offering two different types of simulators (one aboutGolf model and two E6), you can choose between more than 120 courses. There are also weekly tournaments, a league and the possibility of taking lessons, with rates which range from $45 per half an hour to $60 for one hour. 

This time we move to the far west of Massachusetts, to the city of Pittsfield, where it lies the Downswings Indoor Golf facility.  With the 3 Es as their core values – Entertaining, Educational and Economical, Downswings offers some great golf simulators, a well- stocked pro shop and golf lessons for those looking for improving their game.

About the simulators, they offer more than 100 courses to play in, for some affordable rates which oscillate between $24 and $32 per hour.

Other amenities here include a club fitting center, a club repair service, a 100 square feet putting green, a trade-in service (‘Cash for Clubs’) and a refreshment station where you can buy some drinks and snacks.  

This complex counts with three simulators ‘TruGolf E6’, which offer 15 different golf courses, all of them replicated from some of the most famous ones. Banff Springs, Harbor Town or Torrey Pines are only some of them!

Combined with the beautiful graphics and simulation experience, there’s the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, capable of analyzing your shots in an extremely accurate way: the carry/total distance, the speed, the launch angle, the back spin, the roll, the club head speed…

As for the rates, GolfX counts with some reasonable prices: $15 for half an hour and $30 for an hour. 

The city of Lakeville is located in the south of Massachusetts, and takes its name from its situation, surrounded by various ponds: The Elders Pond, the Assawompset Pond, the Long Pond or the Grand Quittacas Pond are only some of them.

In this precious location lies the Broken Tee virtual golf facility, counting with three simulators which offer around 40 different courses to choose from. They also count with an open league called the Floating League, and the possibility of buying some drinks and snacks to enjoy while playing. 

Wrap up

These are only some of the best possibilities you have in Massachusetts if wanting to play some golf without the complications of bad weather, high prices or distance. Most of them count with some reasonable prices and an advanced technology, something every golf player should try at least once!
And you, have already tried any of them? Which are your thoughts about it?   

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