Indoor and Virtual Golf in Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma is located in the South-Central side of the U.S, and while it is not really known by golf, there are still some stunning courses to enjoy this great game, such as Southern Hills, Oak Tree National or Karsten Creek. But what about indoor golf? Well, there are some possibilities, however, the great majority of them are huge companies such as TopGolf and GOLFTEC, and are located in the two main cities: Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Apart from those, there are also immense entertainment venues offering golf, but most of them have only mini-golf courses, more aimed at children and family. Therefore, we have skipped them, but if you are interested, take a look at HeyDay, Brickopolis or AllStar Sports Complex!Let’s take a look at the most important indoor and virtual golf facilities, which are mainly three: TopGolf, GOLFTEC (there are three of them throughout the state) and Flying Tee.

Best Golf Courses in (Province/State)

1. Topgolf (Oklahoma City)

The Topgolf complexes are well-known in all the United States, counting with at least one of them in practically every state. In the case of Oklahoma, there is only one, located in Oklahoma City.Counting with a high-tech golf experience, consisting on a driving range with different targets, and their own patented technology which analyzes the speed, distance, angle and accuracy of every shot, the TopGolf stands as one of the best facilities to play indoor golf, whether it is with friends or family or organizing any type of event. There are nine different games available to play, that everybody can enjoy in groups of a maximum of 6 persons. However, if you are a group of more people, there are also different options available. There are also organized leagues you can join with friends or on your own in order to compete, improve and meeting new people!Finally, Top Golf also counts with different options for kids: seasonal academies, lessons, and birthday parties are the main activities of the facility, all of them aimed at the youngest ones. Address: 13313 Pawnee Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73114Contact: (405) 607-7154

2. GOLFTEC (Tulsa, Quail Springs & Moore)

There are three GolfTec facilities in Oklahoma, two of them around Oklahoma City (Moore and Quail Springs) and the other one in the city of Tulsa. This fact should not be a surprise, as the company has more than 140 locations and over 200,000 clients all over the world.The GolfTec facilities count with their own technology which analyses the player’s swing in the most detailed way: motion measurement and video analysis with their patented TECSWING training technology. All of the facilities count with these technologies, so no matter which one you choose, the experience should be quite similar!The locations in Oklahoma have also some of the best golf instructors of the state, such as David Lisle and Bobby Taylor (Moore), Tim Andruss (Quail Springs) or Joe Hassler and Jon Butler (Tulsa).Address and contact (Tulsa): 6010 S. Memorial Drive Tulsa, OK / 918-622-3968Address and contact (Quail Springs): 2120 West Memorial Road Oklahoma City, OK / (405) 698-3200Address and contact (Moore): 1619 S. I-35 Service Road Moore, OK / 405-225-3494

3. Flying Tee (Tulsa)

​Located in Tulsa, the Flying Tee facility was founded in 2016 by three friends: John Vollbrecht, Ryan Tawwater, and James Vollbrecht; a golfer, a foodie, and a techie respectively. Now, the complex counts with 53,000 square meters which offer a combination of these three components: golf, high technology, and food.The idea is similar to TopGolf: a huge driving range with different games everybody can enjoy, from total beginners to top players, restaurants and a unique technology to measure each shot in detail. There are four main games here: The Darts, the Horse, the Blackjack and the Long Drive, each of them with its own originality. Some are all about accuracy (Darts and Horse), others about strategy (Blackjack) and others about distance (Long Drive).As for the prices, they range from $20 to $50 per hour. As you may imagine, the cheapest rates are in the mornings, becoming more expensive from 6 p.m.All the information is listed on their website, which is worth a visit. Address: 600 Riverwalk Terrace, Jenks, OK 74037Contact: (918) 528-7717

Wrap up

As we have seen, there are not a lot of places to play indoor and virtual golf in the Sooner State. However, with the fast advance of technology and virtual reality, more and more will open eventually, as we have experience in other states. For the moment, we will have to enjoy what we have, and wait for more facilities to come. Or who knows, maybe study the possibility of opening our own virtual golf shop in Oklahoma!


Author: Abraham

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