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Indoor and Virtual Golf in Utah

***Disclaimer*** This post may include affiliate links, including Amazon. This does not affect your viewing, or any pricing on the associated sites, but we make a commission on purchases. This is how we help fund this site. Thanks!

Utah’s weather is quite variable, counting with a continental climate that changes dramatically from a hot and dry summer to a cold and snowy winter. This fact makes it difficult for golfers to enjoy this game during the cold seasons.

But do not panic! Thanks to technology, there are still options for keeping your game sharp during the coldest times. How is that? Well, this list is the proof that indoor golf is on the rise: virtual simulators, video analysis, metrics of your swing, ball, and shots, heated driving ranges and more; all of them with the objective of giving you other choices when the weather does not allow you to enjoy outdoor courses, or simply when you have a tight schedule and don’t have time for going and playing a complete round!

Let’s see some of the best virtual and indoor facilities in the Beehive State:

Virtual or Indoor Golf Facilities in Utah

One of the best choices for playing indoor golf in Utah is found in the city of Draper, located 30 km from the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City. Here lies the Impact Golf Center, a facility which counts with 6 simulators, a spectacular pro shop, club fitting services and the possibility of taking private lessons.

Lessons here are taught by two main instructors: Derek Fox, founder of the facility; and Jordan Bloxham, a certified instructor. Their prices are different, ranging from $85 to $120 for one hour of private lesson. However, the price for juniors goes down considerably, ranging from $50 to $85 depending on the teacher and number of hours.

As for the fitting, they charge around $100 per hour of work, normally being 3 hours for the full bag.

Address: 12101 South Factory Outlet Dr. Suite 105 Draper, UT 84020
Contact: 801-987-8934

The northern city of Centerville is the home of one of the most famous golf simulators builders: TruGolf. Proof of this is that TruGolf E6 golf simulators are present in more than 70 virtual golf facilities spread through the different U.S. states, being the most famous technology in the virtual golf world.

Their experience building video games and software for the golfing industry goes back to 1983, and their team is responsible for the creation of masterpieces such as the famous LINKS award-winning golf games, the TruFlight software and more recently, the E6 CONNECT platform.

Here you can come and try all their different simulators the company offers, divided into three groups: the portable ones, the free-standing ones and the built-in ones.

Address: 60 N 1400 W Centerville, UT
Contact: (801) 298-1997

Located in the capital city of Utah, Salt Lake City, Golf Lab stands as one of the most complete golf facilities of the state. Here you can find a complex offering both indoor and outdoor services, and including a wide range of programs.

The ‘Indoor Lab’ counts with a simulator with the latest technology in swing analysis and ball performance: The Foresight GC2 is a stereoscopic camera which measures and analyses every aspect of the ball, such as the speed, angle, spin rate or roll; the Dartfish Video the player’s swing, a video that can be reviewed later and compared to other swings; the Boditrack Pressure Mapping System analyzes the player’s contact with the ground; and the Blast Motion Swing & Stroke Analyzer captures the swing and give some metrics about it, thanks to a sensor attached to the end of the club.

As for the lessons, most of them have a one-hour duration and can be private or together with more people. The private lessons, also called Skill Improvement Plan, are designed for those players which want to improve their game but do not count with much time for it. Lessons are divided into three main points: ball control, Organized practice plan and golf course and self-management skills.

Address: 925 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Contact: (801) 746-1291

The Top Golf sports complexes are spread all over the US, being in more than 40 locations and counting, as 15 more are about to open. They are also expanding to other countries, such as the UK (where there are already 3 of them), Australia, Canada, Mexico or The Arab Emirates. This success is coming as a result of a facility which mixes originality and fun in a great way, in a unique experience impossible to find anywhere else.

TopGolf counts with a high-tech golf experience, consisting of a driving range with different targets, and their own patented technology which analyzes the speed, distance, angle, and accuracy of every shot. With this, they offer nine different games that everybody can enjoy in groups of a maximum of 6 persons. However, if you are a group of more people, there are also different options available.

This facility is perfect for company events, celebrations or birthdays. As for age, it is also not a thing here, as Top Golf counts with different options for kids: seasonal academies, lessons and birthday parties.

Finally, if you are looking for golf lessons, they have also different packages, all of them taught by main instructor Chip Weasley and one-hour long: individual lessons (one-on-one) cost $89 for adults and $59 for junior players; group lessons (up to 6 people and including a drink and an appetizer) cost $149 and the normal classes (up to 12 people), $29.

Address: 920 Jordan River Blvd|Midvale, UT 84047
Contact: (801) 208-2600

Located in the city of Cottonwood Heights, GolfTec Salt Lake City is a great indoor golf facility for those looking for golf lessons, instruction or club fitting. As TopGolf, Golftec is another big player of the indoor golf game, counting with more than 140 locations and over 200,000 clients all over the world.

The strengths of GolfTec are their great own technology in order to analyze the player's swing: motion measurement and video analysis with their patented TECSWING training technology.
The lessons here are given by Regional Manager Corey Butler, a PGA Member which has worked in places such as the well-known Pebble Beach course in California. He counts with the help of certified personal coaches and PGA Associates Ray Passaro and Kevin Matthews.

Address: 6582 Big Cottonwood Canyon - Suite 100 Cottonwood Heights, UT
Contact: 801-618-0399

The last of our list is Golf the Round, a facility which is not an indoor center per se but counts with some characteristics that make it playable even in the coldest winters.

Here we find an outdoor 9-hole executive course, however, the interesting thing here for us is their covered driving range, which counts with 30 heated stands. Opened every day of the year (except Christmas and New Year’s Eve), it is a perfect place to hit some balls without having to think about the weather, and keep your game sharp all year long.

Lessons are also available here, with the presence of five great instructors: Ken Clark, Henry White, Kami Terrion, Aden Faddis and Christian Scott. The possibilities for learning here are endless, as they count with multiple programs, each of them aimed at people of different ages and levels.

Address 600 3300 S, South Salt Lake, UT 84119
Contact: 801-973-2345

Wrap up

So there it is! Now you can’t blame the weather if you want to play golf in Utah. Take a look at the options for virtual indoor golf in Utah, choose the one that suits you best, and try it out! Be sure to let us know about your experience at these places. Also, if you know that we are missing a place from the list, let us know and we'll add it. Good luck!  

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