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Indoor and Virtual Golf in Missouri

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Virtual golf in Missouri

The winter season in Missouri is sometimes difficult to handle, and even more if you are an avid golfer. The bad weather can oblige you to stop playing the moment you are at the top of your game, making it difficult to improve in a stable way. But, who said golf is only for the summer?

Nowadays, technology and virtual reality are advancing at a fast pace, and the same is happening in golf. Virtual simulators that let you play in some of the best golf courses, sensors that tell you the detailed data of your shots or software that analyses your swing and compare it to the pros: all of them are now up and running in the state of Missouri. You only have to know where to find them!

But it is true that this state is also known as ‘The Show Me State’. So do not worry: we will show you!

Here are some of the best places where you can keep training your golf in Missouri, even during the coldest seasons, all of them with their address and telephone number. Enjoy!

Virtual or Indoor Golf Facilities in Missouri

The Robin Nigro academy is located in the Martin City Golf Center, a huge golfing facility located in South Kansas City which offers plenty of options for those eager to hit some balls: an indoor instruction room called the ‘Taylormade performance Lab’, an outdoor mini golf course, a double-deck driving range with heated stalls, and the possibility of club fitting.

But this list is about indoor golf, so we must focus on the two interesting options here for that matter: the `Taylormade Performance Lab’ room and the driving range.

As for the lab, it is basically a room equipped with the latest technology in swing and club analysis, something to consider if we want to improve our game in a detailed and accurate way. For this matter, they count on the expertise of Robin and Mark Nigro and their professional staff. (Martin City Sports, s.f.)

The driving range, as we said before, counts with several advantages: a double deck, heated stalls, and an automatic ball placement, so the player can hit the ball without having to bend over in order to tee it up.

Apart from all this, here also lies one of the biggest pro shops in the state, where you can purchase clothing, clubs or any other golf items you may need, from a wide variety of brands.

Address: 1 E 135th St Kansas City, MO 64145
Contact: (816) 941-9000

Opened in 2013, Imperial Golf has grown through the years thanks to their excellent service, which made the word of mouth their best marketing strategy. Now, with a renovation being made in 2017, the facility is as big as ever and is for sure one of the top-notch indoor facilities in the state of Missouri.

Their services range from swing analysis, playing lessons, club fitting and a simulator, where you can try some of the most famous golf courses from the PGA Tour.

As for the lessons, they count with three programs: Premier, Elite, and Imperial, with the difference of the time of training: they all last 48 weeks, but depending on the plan you choose, you will train more or fewer hours per week. All the information is detailed on their website. (Imperial Golf, s.f.)

The facility also counts with a pro shop, and their own clothing line, including t-shirts, polos, hats, and sweaters.

Address: 6265 Lewis St. Suite 103 Parkville, MO 64152
Contact: (929)-251-4653

Swing Right offers the best option if you are looking for an indoor facility around the city of Springfield, in the southwest of Missouri. The complex counts with a mini-golf course, a driving range, and a virtual simulator, all of them for some really affordable rates.

The simulator, with prices that range from $15 for a half an hour practice session to $30 for an 18-hole round on any of the 40 popular courses available, offers tracks such as the famous Pebble Beach, in California, and offers a great opportunity to hit some balls in a different way, and during the whole year. (Swing Right, s.f.)

As for the driving range, it has 14 stalls, 7 of them covered and all of them heated, so weather should not be an excuse here!

Address: 444 East Farm Road 192 - Springfield, MO 65810
Contact: (417) 882 - 1222

There are three GolfTec facilities in Missouri, so, due to their closeness, similarities in the functioning and services, we decided to put them all together. This fact should not be a surprise, as the company has more than 140 locations and over 200,000 clients all over the world!

Funny thing is that the three of them are quite close from one another, located in the surroundings of the huge city of St. Louis, in the cities of Des Peres, Chesterfield, and Clayton, respectively.

The strengths of GolfTec are their technology in order to analyze the player's swing: motion measurement and video analysis with their patented TECSWING training technology. (GolfTec Website, s.f.) All of the facilities count with these technologies, so no matter which one you choose, the experience should be quite similar!

Address and contact (Clayton): The Plaza in Clayton 190 Carondelet plaza - suite 178 Clayton, MO 63105 / 314-721-4653
Address and contact (Des Peres): 11955 Manchester road St. Louis, MO 63131 / 314-721-4653
Address and contact (Chesterfield): 148 Chesterfield Commons E Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63005 / 314-721-4653

As you may have imagined, there is also a TopGolf facility in the state of Missouri! It is located in the city of Chesterfield, in the outskirts of the city of St. Louis. Here we can find a huge complex that will leave you speechless, perfect for any type of event or as a family plan for the weekend.

The Top Golf complex counts with a high-tech golf experience, consisting on a driving range with different targets, and their own patented technology which analyzes the speed, distance, angle and accuracy of every shot. With this, they have come up with nine different games that everybody can enjoy in groups of a maximum of 6 persons.

This facility is perfect for company events, celebrations or birthdays, and it is not necessary to have any skills. However, if you do play golf, you will have even more fun!

Age is also not a problem here, as Top Golf counts with different options for kids: seasonal academies, lessons and birthday parties are the main activities of the facility, all of them aimed at the youngest ones.

Finally, the lessons: Topgolf counts with different packages, all of them one-hour long: individual lessons (one-on-one) cost $89 for adults and $59 for junior players; group lessons (up to 6 people and including a drink and an appetizer) cost $149 and the normal classes (up to 12 people), $29. Main teacher here is Alex Graf. (TopGolf Website, s.f.)

Address: 16851 N Outer 40 Rd.Chesterfield, MO 63005
Contact: (636) 898-8044

Another fantastic option for those looking for a golf round while enjoying some great meal is the Wildwood Pub & Grill. This restaurant, apart from a complete menu, offers golf simulators to enjoy some virtual golf, what they call The Links. (Wildwood Pub & Grill Web, s.f.)

As for the rates, $35 per hour is the general rate for any day of the week. And for those more competitive and looking for challenges, there are some tournaments organized here as well. Make sure of asking about them!

Address: 17253 New College Ave. Wildwood, MO 63040
Contact: (636) 273.4300

The name of the facility at Blue Springs is not there by chance. And the fact is that this truly epic complex has no space for boredom: it offers the possibility of playing a great variety of different sports, such as soccer, basketball, flag football, bubble balls and of course, indoor golf!

For this, they count with a Foresight GC2 Simulator offering up to 19 different courses, which you can play while having some snacks and drinks. The rate for the simulator is of $20 per hour played.

To help you calculate, one hour is the time needed for one person to complete an 18-hole round. (Epic Sports Lodge Web, s.f.)

Address: 19310 E. 50th Terr Independence, Blue Springs MO 64055
Contact: 816-795-7171

Wrap up

So that’s it! There are the best places to enjoy indoor golf in the ‘Show Me State’, Missouri. Make sure of trying some of them out, and let us know how it went! Also, if we are missing a virtual golf facility from our list, let us know and we will add it!   

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