Indoor/Virtual Golf Courses in Hawaii

The archipelago of Hawaii lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, around 4,000 kilometers to the west of the American land. This location gives its different islands a volcanic topography and a really varied tropical climate, which creates an ecosystem that mixes desert, tropical jungle, tundra, and temperate zone. But the variety is not only present in its climate. Its people and culture are also a result of the great diversity of ethnic groups living in the islands, creating a unique land with its own language and culture. Nowadays, Hawaii is one of the most exotic places for Americans to spend their holidays. Its great mix of characteristics has created a peculiar land that attracts thousands of tourists each year. But what about golf? As many of the places that attract massive tourism in America, golf courses abound here, most of them part of different resorts.: Nanua, Kapalua or Princeville are only some of them. However, the weather is not always on one’s side when visiting Hawaii. What about those players eager to hit some balls even when it’s raining? Well, there are also some alternatives for them, in the form of indoor facilities counting with virtual simulators, driving ranges or even mini golf. Here is our list of the best indoor golf facilities in Hawaii!

Best Golf Courses in (Province/State)

1. GOLFTEC Honolulu (Honolulu)

With more than 140 locations and over 200,000 clients all over the world, GOLFTEC stands as one of the top golf facilities in the States. In Hawaii, they have one facility, located in the capital and well-known city of Honolulu, on the Oahu island. The GolfTec facilities count with their own technology which analyses the player’s swing in the most detailed way: motion measurement and video analysis with their patented TECSWING training technology. (GOLFTEC Web, s.f.) With these facilities, the services here range from golf lessons to club fitting and repair.-Lessons: Golf lessons at GOLFTEC are personalized for each player, having a different Game Plan according to each person’s needs. Main teachers here are PGA Jason Deigert and Bill Hunt, and certified coaches Justin Kuraoka and Todd Nagata. -Club Fitting: The facility in Honolulu counts with the presence of Justin Kuraoka, expert club fitter. So, in case you need anything related to your club, he is the person to speak with.-Club shop: If you are thinking of changing weapons, here you can also purchase new clubs! Address: 510 Piikoi Street, Suite W 100 Honolulu, HI 96814Contact: 808-441-0105

2. PowerGolf Hawaii (Kaneohe)

We stay in the Oahu island, this time in the northern region of Kaneohe, where we find the Pali Golf Course, a public course which opened back in 1953. There we can find the Powergolf Hawaii, a well-stocked pro shop which also counts with the latest technology in golf analysis.The owner of the store is Allan Ano, an experience PGA member who spent 37 years as Assistant PGA Professional. Now, together with associates Ryan Acosta and Billy Anderson, they offer not only golf items to sell, but also personalized lessons, club fitting, and repairs. Their price is $300 for 5 lessons, except for juniors, that pay half the price ($150 per 5 lessons). (PowerGolf Hawaii, s.f.)As for the pro shop, apart from clubs, they count with all the accessories related to club making: grips, shafts, adapters, drivers… And for those wanting to get some good deals, there are also some semi-used clubs to buy for a cheaper price!Address: 45-050 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI 96744-5220Contact: (808) 262-2911

3. Aloha Golf Center (Honolulu)

Back in Honolulu, we find another indoor virtual facility located in the City Square Shopping Center of Kalani Street, the Aloha Golf Center. This place is basically a complete golf shop also counting with a Trackman Launch Monitor, in order to analyze each person’s swing in the most detailed way. For this purpose, Aloha Golf Center gives the possibility of taking lessons, for a rate of $75 per lesson. There is also a 3 lesson-package for $195. As for the team, it is formed by Joey Tadeo as the manager, Adam Tamashiro as golf fitter and Chris Reedy, TJ Kua and Kenneth Park as instructors. (Aloha Golf Center Web, s.f.)And finally, as a curiosity, apart from its location in Hawaii, Aloha Golf Center is also present in the city of Las Vegas, in Nevada.Address: City Square Shopping Center, 1286 Kalani St, B201 Honolulu, HI 96817Contact: (808) 687-0888

4. Glow Putt MiniGolf (Kaneohe)

We could not end the list without naming at least one indoor place to play to play mini golf, for those looking for a plan for the whole family. The one we chose is located in Kaneohe, and it is called the Glow Putt Minigolf. This facility is perfect for spending one familiar evening or organizing any type of party or event. Furthermore, prices are quite low: playing a round here does not cost more than $7 per person. (Glow Putt Minigolf, s.f.)By the way, the staff here is also a family, in a literal way: The CEO and president is Gerry Houser, the General Manager is his wife Christel Houser and the Web Manager is their son, James Houser. Address: 46-056 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI, 96744Contact: (808) 235-6600

Wrap up

As we have seen, there are not a lot of places in Hawaii to enjoy indoor and virtual golf, probably because most of the demand for golf is from tourists, and they are more attracted to play outdoors. However, as virtual golf becomes more and more popular with time, Hawaiians will probably start to use indoor and virtual golf more often. We will have to wait and see!    

Author: Abraham

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