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Virtual/ Indoor Golf in West Virginia

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Virtual indoor golf in West Virginia

Known for having picturesque views and striking displays of various natural attractions, West Virginia is a perennial tourist haven as visitors come in droves all year round to enjoy Mother Nature in all her beauty and glory.

Aside from its natural beauty, the state is also a virtual magnet for history buffs because of its multiple sites that are related to the Civil War. There are also numerous resorts and architectural feats that you can visit and enjoy during your stay if ever.

There are also numerous indoor and outdoor recreational activities that can be explored in West Virginia. For avid golfers, there are a number of popular outdoor courses that the state can offer such as the legendary Pete Dye Golf Club, Woodhaven Golf Course, and The Greenbrier Golf Course.

The state also offers a bevy of indoor activities that can be enjoyed at any time of the year, regardless of the weather outside. Indoor Golf Courses, for instance, are fast gaining popularity and can be found all throughout the state. 

Listed below are some of the top virtual/indoor golf courses in West Virginia that we highly recommend that you visit if you are in the area.

Virtual Indoor Golf Facilities in West Virginia

Location: 340 Washington Ave., Huntington, West Virginia 25701

Located in the largest city in the Tri-State Area, Greenside Indoor Golf is a premium indoor golf course that features state-of-the-art golf simulators guaranteed to provide you with a wonderful time through their crisp, high-quality display and software designed to make you feel like you are playing on the actual championship courses listed on their menu.

Some of the elite courses in their selection are the famed Pebble Beach, the legendary Old Course at St. Andrews, the beautiful Blue Monster course and the intricate Bethpage Black Course which are all realistically recreated to perfection with every little detail embedded in the game.

Also, Greenside Indoor Golf can be the ideal venue to host your special events and occasions. They have private golf simulator hubs that are spacious enough for you to enjoy the game while in the company of your friends and family. It can also be a practice facility for kids or anybody who have just recently taken up the sport.

Aside from their stellar indoor golf facility, Greenside Indoor Golf also has a bar and snack area for you to satisfy your hunger or cravings during or after a game. They offer delectable food, as well as a wide selection of beverages such as soda, beer, coffee and tea.

This family-friendly facility is open to golfers of all ages. They also offer monthly golf events with varying themes. Guests are required to book a tee time in advance. A pro shop can also be found inside the facility where players can buy essential golfing apparel.

Monday Closed
Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 AM – 11:00PM
(Tee times must be scheduled before 6:00PM)

681 204 5000

Location: 110 Gott Road, Princeton, West Virginia 24740

Equipped with some of the best golf simulators in the business, Princeton Indoor Golf is known locally for providing players and guests with an enjoyable virtual golf experience. Located in Mercer County in West Virginia, avid golfers are encouraged to include the Princeton Indoor Golf to “to-do” list whenever you are in West Virginia, especially during the off-season. Featuring a top-notch indoor golf facility at an affordable price, this is one of the best value-for-money indoor golf facilities in the state.

Princeton Indoor Golf feature the latest model of golf simulators that have the ability of creating perfect replicas of some of the world’s most famous courses. Each course is portrayed with crisp visuals and incredible details that will make it seem as if you are playing on the actual courses. The simulators not only provide you with a first-class indoor golf experience but can also help you improve your game with the feedback that it provides such as your swing speed, distance, angle of the club and various other factors that make up your swing. You can keep track of your data and correct the different aspects of your swing in real time.

Aside from the golf simulators, they also have driving ranges inside the facility for you to practice at your own pace and leisure. These are equipped with the latest Foresight GS2 monitoring and feedback system designed to help you improve your game.

Their selection consists of some of the most popular and challenging golf courses from all over the world wherein the playing conditions can be customized to your individual preference. You are encouraged to bring your own clubs, but if you find it more convenient not to, don’t fret because Princeton Indoor Golf has also got you covered.

This indoor golf facility is a safe and secure venue that accepts players of all ages, so don’t be afraid to bring your kids along for some memorable bonding moments. It’s also an ideal place to spend your birthday party with some of your closest friends, family and relatives.

There are certain rules that you are required to abide inside the facility to ensure the most enjoyable time for everybody without the hassles. One of those rules is that you must handle the equipment with care. A CCTV system is installed within the premises to ensure that you do not go out of bounds when handling those equipment.

Children under the age of 15 are required to be in the presence of an adult at all times. Clubs and balls should be kept clean and neat at all times. There is also a designated area where you can consume your food and drinks. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the facility.

Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM

681 282 5507

Location: 5008 Mid Atlantic Drive, Morgantown, West Virginia 26508

Tee to Green Indoor Golf and Sports Bar features four premier golf simulators which are approved by the PGA Tour and are guaranteed to give you a memorable experience. Each simulator has a wide selection of famous championship golf courses from all over the globe. With courses such as Bay Harbor Golf Club, Donald Ross Memorial, The Heather and Pebble Beach all available at the press of a button, Tee to Green Indoor Golf is an indoor facility that you shouldn’t miss. Each simulator provides high quality details and features of the selected courses that they seem to instantaneously transport you to the actual courses themselves.

Aiming to provide the highest quality service and indoor entertainment, there are also other notable amenities and facilities that can be found in the Tee to Green Indoor Golf and Sports Bar. Aside from the golf simulators, they also have a full bar with a wide array of beverages to choose from, a lounging area with comfortable chairs to relax and unwind in after an enjoyable game, as well as six HD TV’s that are tuned-in to different sports channels so that you will not miss the action from your favorite games.

Tee to Green Indoor Golf and Sports Bar is also open to hosting special events and occasions such as birthday parties, reunions, corporate outings, or even some plain old, quality bonding moments with your friends and family.

Tee to Green Indoor Golf and Sports bar is closed during the summer for some renovations and upgrades. Please check their website for updates on their schedule. You are encouraged to book your preferred tee time or special event at least one week prior to the date.

304 381 2442

Location: 101 Main Street West, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia 24986

Located inside a luxurious 5-star hotel, The Greenbrier, this indoor golf facility is one of the premier indoor golf facilities in the state. Featuring the latest TruGolf simulators, Indoor Winter Golf at the Greenbrier offers faithful replicas of the real courses up to the minutest details that can make you feel like you’re playing at the actual courses themselves.

You can pick from their wide selection of 85 world-class championship golf courses, where the playing conditions can even be customized to fit your individual preferences. Their golf simulators are capable of tracking your shots and analyzing your flaws to come up with real-time feedback that you can use to adjust and improve your game right on the spot.

Indoor Winter Golf at the Greenbrier is also a top-notch learning facility where you can improve various facets of your swing and take it to the next level. They have practice facilities along with professional coaches who are ready to assist you and help you improve your game. Beginners are particularly invited to come and learn the fundamentals and nuances of the sport at their facility.

Aside from professional golf instruction and the simulators, Indoor Winter Golf at the Greenbrier also offers custom club fittings so that you can perform better at the course with a well-fitted club that feels like new. Custom Club Fitting can increase a player’s efficiency and precision.

Since it is located inside a 5-star hotel, there are also other amenities for you to visit and enjoy such as the hotel spa and casino. There is also a restaurant serving delectable food that will satiate your hunger after a challenging round of indoor golf.

Tee times should be scheduled ahead of time. Call to make reservations.

855 453 4858

Location: 250 Grand Central Ave., Vienna, West Virginia 26105

Pixel Mini Golf, located in Vienna, West Virginia, is an exciting indoor mini golf course that offers fun and surprises at every turn. It is a black light mini golf course featuring amazing and artistic designs that decorate every inch of the room; the black light making the artwork and decors even more unique and exciting.

Each hole depicts characters from iconic video games that are instantly-recognizable by millions of gamers, such as Pacman and the like. Every turn promises to deliver more fun and excitement than the other. This family-friendly facility is open to players of all ages, even to children as young as 3 years old. It can be an ideal place to teach your children the basics of the sport or just to let them have an introductory experience of the game, so that they will grow up loving the sport as much as you love it.

Pixel Mini Golf is also open to hosting special events and occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, reunions, corporate outings and others. You may have own party room so that you can celebrate in complete privacy with your friends and family. There are also group packages that you can avail to get discounts off of their already-affordable rates.

Monday to Saturday10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

304 485 2021

Wrap up

Being one of the most scenic states in the country, West Virginia is naturally-endowed to offer a vast array of premium championship golf courses with stunning views and challenging layouts. These courses all feature breath-taking views of the state environs in all their natural beauty and splendor. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enjoy these facilities during the winter season or if the weather outside just does not cooperate.

Fortunately, West Virginia also offers several options for virtual/indoor golf so that locals and visitors alike can still play their favorite game, no matter the weather. Most of these indoor golf facilities in West Virginia are equipped with some of the latest golf simulator technology to guarantee a productive and memorable time especially with your friends and family.   

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