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Watch An 11 Year Old Hit A Hole-In-One In front of Tiger Woods!

11 year old hole in one

While the title gives away what is going to happen in the video, I want to set the stage for it anyways…

11 year old, Taylor Crozier, out of Corpus Christi, was one of only a handful of kids selected to play on a Tiger Woods' new course for kids (“The Playgrounds” at BlueJack National, which is a course for kids). So already Taylor was one out of a million (or more) that was chosen to go…

It was like winning the lottery.

Lucky kid…

Then Taylor gets to take the inagugural shot at new course…IN FRONT OF TIGER WOODS!!

Really lucky (nervous) kid…

THEN, he goes ahead an hits a HOLE-IN-ONE!!!! Unreal.

Have a watch.


Beat that shot, Tiger!

The only sad thing about this story is that this could be the highlight of his entire golf career and he is so young. I sure hope it isn't, and he goes on to blow my mind a few more times.

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