Two Eagles Golf Course: Review

Last summer, while in Kelowna, I got to play Two Eagles Golf Course. I took lots of notes and strokes while playing this one so I could write a review for you guys.

Two Eagles Golf Course Review

This course is located in West Kelowna (Westbank), which was convenient for us since we were staying near there. It is a shorter course, but not a true par 3 course. There was a big mix of par 3 and par 4s, with a couple of par 5s in the mix. This means, for the most part you won’t be using your longer clubs that often, but can still bring them out on a few holes.

The Layout of Two Eagles Golf Course

The clubhouse for this course is nice, with a nice outdoor patio coming off the restaurant. It also has a driving range on the other side of the building as well. This course plays through part of the town/development… Well to be more accurate, there are houses lining the outside of most of the course. There are a few holes were these houses and apartment buildings coming into play…. On a relevant side note, if you live here, you should expect that an odd errand ball may come towards your place. There is no need to come out and yell at the golfers if it happens! (P.s. it wasn’t me that did it, but someone in our group).

Some of these houses do look awesome though, they are colorful and have some nice patios that people were sitting on for breakfast watching us play.

Two Eagles Golf Houses

Dispite all these houses, there are a lot of trees that come into play. On some they surround the greens and others they tightly line the fairway. We definitely lost some balls here, but overall the course is fairly forgiving, with neighbouring fairways parallel to your own.


You may read that Two Eagles Golf Course has a low par and thus is an easy course. This isn’t the case. This course will challenge your technical abilities as a golfer. A high percentage of the holes have elevation changes to them. Whether you are hitting up to a green, or your tee shot will end in a valley so that you can make it around a dog-leg. You will often find yourself with the ball above your feet or having to club up to chip to the green.

Two Eagles Golf Course Layout

There are also a lot of traps on this course. Some of them are water, but many of them are sand traps so you should probably brush up on How To Hit Out Of The Sand!

The Conditions

The grass and greens were in great condition, but the greens I noticed were a little slower. Again, this could just have been the day we tried it out. We were told that the restaurant here is one of the tastier ones in town. The wifeys went for breakfast and all but one confirmed the recommendations.


Overall the Two Eagles Golf Course is a fun, short little course. If you are looking to pound out some balls this may not be the course for you, but if you are looking to work on some different aspects of your game, then try this one out!

Two Eagles Golf Course Discounts

We are going to be in touch with the management team at Two Eagles about giving a discount for our Premium Members, so stay tuned for upcoming specials.

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