Virtual Reality Indoor Golf in Alberta 2019 (Edmonton, Calgary, & Red Deer)

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Looks like the outdoor golf season is done for the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit on your couch and cry. Well, you can, and I would totally understand, but after you are done that, keep reading!

There are a lot of virtual golf or indoor golf facilities here in Alberta. These places are located all over your city and are actually open all year long. They are a great way to get some practice in over the cold winter months.

If you haven’t tried virtual golfing before, you really should. It is a totally different experience than outdoor golfing, and is very enjoyable. I will write a post in the future about why I like it so much. Maybe you tried virtual golf a long time ago, but things have changed in the last few years. The graphics are better, the rooms are comfier, and the machines are much more accurate. Some of them cameras can even pick up the spin on your ball!

I’ll do my best to give you a list of all the places you can play, but keep in mind, that things are always changing, and it is best to call beforehand to make sure they are still operating.

Here are the lists, separated by city.


Evolution Golf South – 3038 106st NW, EdmontonEvolution Golf North – 13807 156st NW, EdmontonThe Golf Den Edmonton - 14821 Yellowhead Trail NW, EdmontonThe Golf Den Sherwood Park – 975 Ordze Road, Sherwood ParkThe GolfZon South – 5431 Gateway BLVD NW, EdmontonThe GolfZon West – 15354 111Ave NW, EdmontonBlair Oko Golf Academy – 197 111st NW, EdmontonTee Time Golf & Lounge – 4138 101st NW, EdmontonSchanks Sports Grill – 9927 178st NW, EdmontonAverage Joe’s (can’t confirm they still have virtual golf) – 240-390 Baseline Road, Sherwood Park


Steve Lawrence Golf Academy - #7, 125 Carleton Dr., St. Albert


Red Deer Indoor Golf Dome – 40th Ave and McKenzie Road, Red Deer (**Membership required**)


X Factor Indoor Golf – Bay 24, 7700 110 Ave NW, CalgaryMetro Fairway Indoor Golfing – Unit 10 5220 4st NE, CalgaryRiverside Golf Center – 110 Point McKay Terrace NW, CalgaryGolf Canada Calgary Centre – 7100 15st SE, CalgaryEaglequest Golf Dome Calgary – 1025 32Ave NE, CalgarySchanks Calgary North – 103 Crowfoot Terrace NW, CalgarySchanks Calgary South – 9627 Macleod Trail South, Calgary

Although we do our best at to keep up to date on the prices and other information on the site, we sometimes miss stuff. Please check out the golf facility’s website for the most up to date information.

Get out there, or well in this case IN THERE and keep swinging the club. The next season is right around the corner!

If there is a place that we missed, please contact us or leave a comment in the comment section below and we will try to keep this updated as best as possible.

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