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Why Do You Want an Adjustable Driver, and How to Adjust It?

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​Adjustable drivers hit the market several years back and have become quite common among golfers these days. Many golfers have at least one adjustable driver in their bags. So, why do you want an adjustable driver and what exactly is one?

In this article we’ll cover those questions and also explain how to adjust a driver. Let’s start from the beginning.

What is an Adjustable Driver?

An adjustable driver is exactly what its name suggests; a golf driver that can be adjusted. A golfer owning an adjustable driver will have the liberty of adjusting various parts of the driver to suit the different conditions of a golf course, the weather, as well as the golfer’s particular preferences, to enhance his or her performance.

Adjustable drivers provide golfers with the convenience of being able to change and adjust parts of a golf driver without the need of buying an entirely new club.

Types of Adjustments

Adjustments made to drivers can help golfers fix their existing flaws, especially their swing flaw. Depending on the driver a golfer owns, adjustments can be made to the hosel, as well as the weight of the club itself.

Hosel Adjustment

A common feature of an adjustable driver is the ability to adjust its hosel. The hosel on a golf driver is the socket at which the golf shaft is connected to the club head. An adjustable hosel allows a golfer to change a driver’s loft, lie, as well as face angle based on the type of shot he or she intends to hit.

The adjustments to the hosel are made by each partial rotation of the shaft. Generally, when a golfer changes the loft of the driver, it correspondingly changes the face angle of the driver. For instance, increasing the loft provides golfers with a more closed face.

However, there are adjustable drivers on the market today where adjustments to the loft, lie, and face angle can be done independently without affecting each other.

Helps With Ball Launch

Generally, if a golfer launch always takes the ball too high, rotating the hosel to decrease loft can help in adjusting the height a golf ball travels. On the other hand, if the golf ball happens to travel too low during every shot, adjusting the loft slightly higher can help in increasing the height the ball travels. With an adjustable driver, golfers will still be able to use the same club instead of switching between different clubs for different lofts.

Loft Options

Most importantly, when choosing an adjustable driver, it is important to make sure that the loft can be adjusted by 3 or 4 degrees. This is because, most golfers are inconsistent with their shots, and having a wider range to adjust to will prevent players from losing a great amount of distance.

Weight Adjustment

Besides hosel adjustment, adjustable drivers also provide golfers with the convenience of adjusting the weight of a club. The club heads on adjustable drivers are fitted with adjustable or movable weights that can be moved left to right, or up and down. The weight on the club head, when moved, will affect the centre of gravity of the driver, and eventually influencing the shot a golfer hits.

For instance, when there is more weight towards the heel, it can help combat a slice which increases draw spin and eventually making it more convenient for the club head to close at impact. Again, a golfer would not face the need of switching between clubs for a left or right, and low or high ball flight.

Besides having a left-right or up-down movable weight, golf clubs also come with weights that can be screwed to the club heads. However, this is more common with putters. The weights come in series that can be screwed to the sole of the putter based on the type of shot a golfer intends to play.

The Final Adjustment

An adjustable driver is certainly beneficial to a golfer. It not only enhances a golfer’s shots, but also gives him or her the liberty of playing shots without needing to switch between multiple clubs.

Similar to buying any other golf clubs, it is equally important to select an adjustable driver carefully to make sure it suits a golfer best. Most local golf shops sell adjustable drivers, and they will be easily available. Moreover, adjustable drivers can also be bought online with a wide variety to select from. Investing in the most suitable adjustable driver will certainly take a golfer a long way in the game.

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