January 2016


Some Odd Golf Facts You May Not Have Known

Golf is a centuries old sport which has been enjoyed by millions of people around the globe for years. Pretty much everyone is aware of what the game entails in its bare bones essence, with many being familiar about the intricacies involved too. However, there are so many unknown yet amazing facts about golf that you probably didn’t know about. Here are a few:

Old golf ball


Pro Golfer, Jordan Spieth’s New Dream Home

Jordan Spieth had an amazing year last year golfing with a few tournament wins and few new records. So what is a guy to do after he wins all that money? Buy a new house of course. And not just any house, but a house that was originally listed at $9.5 million! Apparently, Spieth is almost as good at negotiating as he is on the course, since he bought the house for just over $7 million (after the seller dropped the price to $8.5M).

There are a lot of amazing features of this house including a basketball court, 12 car garage, pedal facets in the kitchen, and so much more. I will let the pictures do all the talking. The house is breathtaking and I am happy for him because he deserves it.

golf dream house

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Business Golf

What Business Golf Teaches About Leadership

Golf is the sport of choice for many and is especially prevalent in the business community. The game is played passionately and with high expectations. It might even get frustrating and difficult between (and during) holes but merely a single great shot makes it all worthwhile. Leadership is similar to golf. Leaders are passionately and enthusiastic about their responsibilities. Their hard work, determination, and passion can yield successful results in some cases but in some they get to face dismal results. There are numerous leadership lessons that can be learned from business golf. Some of them are discussed below: 

1.     In Certain Situations, You Have to Go Big

Both in golf and leadership, there comes a time where you have to take some risks. In these situations, a safe strategy might keep you in the race but in order to achieve success, you simply have to take a chance and go big. In the office this can mean you decide to invest in that product you’ve been thinking about that costs a lot but might bring in high end clients. On the course, this could mean trying to clear that water hazard to hit the green and shave a stroke off your score.

Hard swing golf

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