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Best Golf Grip Training Aids

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Best Golf Grip Training Aids

If a particular player is struggling with his swing, then the fault most probably lies in the way he’s holding the club. According to Golf industry professionals, golf grip is one of the most important aspects of a golfer’s game and a lot of training aids are available on the market, and in this article we will give you the details of the best golf grip training aids and much more. All you need to do is continue reading. 

Orange Whip

Orange Whip’s ability to be used indoors without making any compromise on the performance, is one of its most overlooked features. For this, 5-10 minutes per day of training and a minimal amount of space is needed. It is considered to be time efficient and effective. 

A player can work with Orange Whip year round and one can easily work on improving ones golf swing and fitness regardless of the weather conditions or if there’s still daylight. It’s most appropriate for those who are living in harsh conditions (weather) or those individuals who don’t have enough time for practice.

The training exercises that are designed to maximize the effect of Orange Whip are Foundation Drills, which an individual can easily perform in one single workout. Well, to improve fitness and flexibility, two sets are normally recommended. For noticeable results, 5-10 minutes daily of workout is enough. Because of this minimal time requirement, almost everyone can incorporate this exercise in their schedule on a daily basis.

With regular usage, noticeable improvements can be observed in your golf swing including improved strength, increased flexibility, a perfect tempo, and improved coordination:

  • Flexibility - During swinging, weight on the shaft help in the provision of low impact stretch.
  • Strength - Strength is improved because of repetitive motion drills.
  • Coordination - Helps in synchronization of arms and body while swinging it repetitively. If not synced, the user might observe a loss of balance.
  • Tempo - Since arms and body both are working together a natural rhythm is maintained that mostly takes over the swing, which leads to the development of your tempo.

Orange Whip makes sure that a golfer makes most out of winter conditions, if a player is training without a ball then the swing will be developed naturally and consistency can be achieved.


While using Orange Whip indoor, it is important to make sure that there is enough space for swinging. It is recommended that all obstacles and restrictions are to be removed before swinging. Special attention should be given to doors and entrance areas.

Alignment Rods

Alignment rods are normally 4-foot long and brightly colored fiberglass sticks that are very thin and are popular among tour players and amateur golfers. Apart from alignment, these sticks can also be utilized in a number of ways to help improve your swing.

If a player is searching for a versatile training aid, which is not only effective but also inexpensive, then alignment rods are the way to go. It is considered to be more cost effective than lessons and makes practice more productive. Depending on their usage, they are responsible for providing resistance as well as feedback.

Putter Wheel

As the name suggest, it resembles a car tire as much as it resembles a ball and is a cutaway golf ball. It is designed in a way to train the eyes so they can be aligned properly with the hole. A highly engineered Putter Wheel and an alignment template makes a Putter Wheel system. One cannot describe it as a ball with its sides cut off.

Professionals have designed it in order to replicate the golf ball in terms of design, weight, size, and feel. It is engineered in a way to sense miss-hits which may results in wobbling and curving off phenomenon. This design is based on multiple engineering, manufacturing, and testing cycles which were tested over two years to get a perfect combination of internal weighting, outer material hardness, and a number of other important factors. There are mainly five reasons why everyone should have a putter in their bag.

Putting is Important

It is a well-accepted fact that almost more than half of the shots in a round are putts, which clearly means that one single club is the one who is responsible for 50% of the score. No wonder a putter is considered as the most important club in a golfer’s bag.

Feedback is Critical

At first, the only way for analyzing the putting stroke was through video. But even after watching those videos, one cannot really tell if they are improving or not. But stroke error is amplified because of the Putter Wheel design mechanism which ultimately allows a player to try out different techniques and grips and see what works best for them.

Seeing the Line

While a player is standing over the Putter Wheel, it can easily be noticed that it points in a very specific direction. So, rather than just dropping these balls you should go for lining up each practice putt when you were putting for birdie. So, the Putter Wheel will allow you to aim for each putt on the proper line and so that’s how it will be retained in a player’s mindset.

Eyes Over the Ball

Every instructor conveys this to the players, that keeping an eye on the ball is important for good putting. But the way in which the Putter Wheel is engineered allows the player to keep track of the path relative to the intended target line.

Taking it To the Course

Now that the player has gained confidence of using the Putter Wheel, he can easily put that practice to use on the course.


The benderstik is designed in a way to help players in building a swing that is supposed to last for a lifetime. So, practice doesn’t make a man perfect, rather a perfect practice makes it perfect and it is important to incorporate feedback in your practice or else it is considered a waste of time. The Benderstik training aid comprises of a 30 minute video by Mike Bender (2009 PGA National Golf Instructor of the Year) where demonstration is given for how to cure swing fault like:

  • Takeaway (either inside or outside)
  • Not over swinging (the proper way of creating width)
  • Swing path (inside out)
  • Head movement
  • Hip sway or slide
  • Pour Impact (flip)
  • Chicken wing (improve extension)

Impact Bag

It’s one of the best training aids for many reasons:

  • It really helps in readjusting your focus to the point that really matters.
  • It helps in training a player to use bigger muscles in order to strike the ball.


It should be noted here that the use of a mirror is not allowed during a competitive round of golf as according to the rules of golf. So, before a player can start a round it can be used as a final check and can be easily fitted into golf bag pocket.

Features included are:

  • Putting alignment mirror
  • Putting green target
  • Small and lightweight
  • Fits in a player’s golf bag/pocket
  • Use one for alignment and one as a target
  • Strong and durable
  • Great as a gift

The Greg Norman Secret

Considered to be an effective tool which is designed in a way that will teach players the proper hand and wrist position during full swing and short game. Its muscle memory will help a player bring improved game to the course.

The Final Word

There are many ways you could go about getting a great golf grip, and thereby a better swing, and training aids are definitely one good way to go. No matter which one you choose to go with, remember to have patience and you will see that improvement sooner than later. Fairways and greens!

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