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The Proper Golf Attire for Female Golfers

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The Proper Golf Attire for Female Golfers

Sports attires were designed for specific reasons such as comfort, safety, and presentation. They also help maintain the traditions of a particular sport. Every sport has its own suitable attire for men and women, and the same goes with golf. In this article we’ll go through the proper golf attire for female golfers so you know exactly what you can wear on the course and what not to wear. Let’s get stuck in.

Why is Proper Golf Attire Important?

In the game of golf, appropriate golf attire is part of the etiquette of the game itself. Moreover, almost every golf course has a certain dress code that golfers need to adhere to. Adhering to the dress code of the golf course is important for a smooth-flowing, safe, and hassle-free game. And, it is not an exception for female golfers

Most of the time, female golfers playing at small local golf courses are spotted playing their shots in jeans and a T-shirt. Nevertheless, this will not be acceptable on many private and semi-private golf courses. Proper female golf attire would be needed on these golf courses.

Standard Golf Attire for Female Golfers

The dress code requirements can vary from one golf course to another. However, most dress codes are quite standard, as well as breathable and comfortable.


One of the most common, standard top attires for female golfers are the collared shirts, or more popularly known as the polo-style shirts. These shirts come in a slightly thick, yet breathable cotton material. 

Their variety of styles includes the button-down, zip-top, as well as a V-neck. They come in both short and long sleeve designs. A plus point of this polo-style shirt is that they come in a wide array of colors. You can even find some with floral, stripped, and several other geometrical designs.

Besides these polo-style shirts, turtleneck and crew-neck tops are widely acceptable as well. However, T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, strapless tops, drawstrings, and similar types are considered inappropriate.


Many golf courses around the globe, be they private or semi-private, go with slacks as a standard wear for female golfers. Depending on the weather and season, female golfers are allowed to switch between long slacks and shorter slacks. Shorter slacks like capris, as well as crops and shorts, are advised on warmer days. However, they should be at knee length or longer. They cannot go above knee length. 

Besides these bottoms, skorts are also acceptable. Skorts are actually a combination of a skirt and shorts. Skorts, too, must be at knee length or longer. Jeans, athletic pants, and sweats are considered inappropriate and are not allowed on many golf courses.


Another popular attire for female golfers is the golf dress. Golf dresses are quite popular and they are also considered a part of the standard golf attire on most golf courses around the world. Golf dresses would be a good choice for those who prefer a more feminine look. However, sun dresses and other similar types of dresses are considered inappropriate and unacceptable on most golf courses. 


It is quite common to spot golfers, be they men or women, dressed in layers. Men usually wear vests over their shirts. Female golfers, too, have the flexibility of dressing in layers. Wearing vests or sweaters over polo-style shirts or turtleneck tops is considered appropriate, especially on cool days and is widely acceptable.

In addition to vests and sweaters, light jackets and wind shirts are acceptable. However, sweatshirts and denim jackets are not considered appropriate on the golf course. 


On sunny days, female golfers can wear hats and caps to keep the sun out of their eyes, as well as to protect the skin, and this is acceptable on most golf courses. Moreover, these head-wears come in a wide variety of choices and female golfers have the liberty of selecting from various colors, designs, and styles.

There are even straw hats, crocheted caps, and designer caps to choose from, and all of these are considered appropriate and are acceptable on most golf courses. However, cowboy hats and gag hats are considered inappropriate.

For those worried about their hair being flattened, investing in a visor would be a good choice too. Suitable sunglasses are also allowed on most golf courses and they are mostly used to protect the eyes from UVA and UVB rays.


Footwear is an important aspect in any kind of sport. It is equally important in golf as well. The correct footwear will help in keeping a golfer’s posture right and stabilize his or her swing on the course. It will also keep a golfer’s feet comfortable during the long hours on the course.

One of the best footwears on the course are golf shoes. Golf shoes for women come in a wide array of colors and designs. Ideally, almost all golf courses will require golfers to wear soft spiked golf shoes, or non-metal spikes to protect the grass on the golf course.

Golf sandals are also acceptable on most golf courses, especially during hot weathers. Sneakers and running shoes are allowed only in some courses, while street shoes and boots are considered inappropriate.  

Socks help in keeping a golfers’ feet dry and comfortable. Those wearing golf shoes will be required to wear socks as well. Low or no-show socks can be worn with shorter slacks, skorts, or golf dresses while matching crew socks can be worn with longer slacks. 

The Final Word

Proper attire on the golf course is essential in keeping golfers safe, protected, comfortable, and presentable. Hence, adhering to the dress code of the game keeps the game running smooth and prevents unnecessary issues. Moreover, the right attire makes a golfer look more professional, which might not seem important, but is definitely a confidence booster.

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