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Best Golf Grips for Big Hands

Best Golf Grips for Big Hands

A grip is considered to be one of the most important and overlooked fundamentals. It is regarded as the only connection a golfer has with the golf club and so is thought to be one of the most influential pieces of the golf swing. Proper movement of the swing results from proper gripping of the golf club, on the other hand improper gripping results in many problems (regarding swing). If your hands are bigger than average, then continue reading as we’ll go over some of the best golf grips for big hands. 

Why is Grip so Important?

On the golf course, a golfer has many mental distractions and it’s totally natural that every golfer faces a few problems to get a natural grip and a lot of struggles to get to that point. 

From the moment a golfer lines up the ball to the end of the follow through, his or her swing should remain fluid and continuous; and to avoid awkward slices it is important that the club should hit the back of the ball. What golfers want is to power up the ball using a strong swing, but to avoid the club slipping away from the hands the focus should be on the grip.

Normally, golf clubs have standard grips, but it is important to keep this in mind: all golfers come with different abilities to grip the club and obviously with different hand sizes. Players with long hands are given an alternative option of oversized golf (grips) or weak grips. 

What is an Oversized Grip?

So, an oversized grip is usually around 9 1/4 inches, which is  ⅛- inches larger than a standard grip size and in terms of feel, the difference is like holding a pencil instead of a baseball bat. Well, a lot of grip makers offer an oversized grip which can be easily installed on any club.

Better control of the club results from using a larger grip (depending on your hand size). The proper gripping of the club ensures the accuracy of the shot. The improved grip is also responsible for the additional power or distance

The golf grip plays an important role in trajectory/flight of the ball. Golfers who cannot hold a standard grip properly are in the habit of hitting the ball that either slices or hooks because of incorrect positioning of the club in their hands. This can be eliminated by using an oversized golf grip.

The Final Grip

Getting the proper swing correlates with how you are gripping the club, and therefore, getting the proper grip for your hand size can be crucial. But, never fear, as many retailers and manufacturers have undersized, standard, and oversized grips, so you can start working on that swing in no time. Fairways and greens! 

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