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Best Christmas Gifts for Golfers Review

***Disclaimer*** This post may include affiliate links, including Amazon. This does not affect your viewing, or any pricing on the associated sites, but we make a commission on purchases. This is how we help fund this site. Thanks!

Best Christmas Gifts for Golfers Review

The holidays are right around the corner and the pressure to get a good Christmas gift for the enthusiast golfer in your life is on. However, that is not the only challenge that exists given that choosing a good gift among the countless items that exist is a minefield. It could be better, but not with all brands claiming to be the best. Well, you can sit pretty as we have compiled a top 16 best Christmas gifts for golfers review. What are friends for after all? But before we get into our list, there are a few things you should consider before you make that gift purchase.

Some Detecting Is In Order

To begin with, put your detective hats on and find out what gives your golfer a kick. What takes him over the moon? What is the one thing he longs for? You can also gift him the one thing he needs. Could be a new set of irons, some golf attire, but if they are all set for the course, a gift for them to show off their hobby. Bottom line is, put in some effort to look into what your “golfaholic” needs, or is into.

Having said that, here is our list of the best Christmas gifts for golfers. We have kept the items below or about $200.

Best Christmas Gifts for Golfers Review

Arccos Golf Performance Tracker

Topping our list of remarkable gifts for golfers has to be the Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System. If your favorite golfer can geek about golf stats all day, then this is a must-have. When they launched, the Arccos golf retailed for $399, but you can now get them for just $249.

The Arccos teams up with 14 sensors that attach to each club; thanks to these ultralight sensors, they can now access data previously only accessed by tour pros on their phone, with the Arccos app. The Arccos tracking system gives the precise distance to a point on the course, pros and cons of clubs, and gives advice on which club to use in every situation thanks to the Arccos Caddie.

This feature (Arccos Caddie), which is a 2017 software update will, based on weather and current stats give your golfer real-time recommendations.

If you want a stripped down version of the Arccos Performance Tracking System, you might as well look into the Arccos driver which focuses on driver stats. By and large, this is a nice item for ardent golfers, golfers who can geek about stats, and one who is looking to improve their handicap.

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

​​​​​​Next on our list of best Christmas gifts is the Zepp swing analyser which is ideal for beginners, or players looking to increase their speed or tempo. The gift is made up of a sensor which attaches to your glove and an app where one can get instant stats about their golf swing.

The sensor gages key aspects of ones swing, tempo, speed, backswing length, and more. With these stats, and thanks to their mobile app, Zepp provides a player with instant evaluation on where they should focus their training.

Zepp too offers personalized training with their smart coach centered on your data, and with their update, you can now track your swing path & distance, make friends with nearby players and create highlight videos.

Pocketec Golf Copper Tech MLH Glove

This is a never seen before innovation in golf gloves. Seeing as copper has been used for centuries in healing thanks to its properties, Pocketec Golf infused it in their patented one size fits all glove. The copper Tech MLH glove expands and contracts to fit all players. Thanks to this feature, your favorite golfer will have a custom fit glove.

The copper in the glove has some key benefits as well. First, it supports improved circulation and blood flow as well as relieving sore joints. It also reduces strain and fatigue by keeping the muscles in your hands warm while the moisture wicking properties of the Copper Tech MLH Glove move moisture away from your grip preventing rashes and odors. Finally, the non-slip silicon weave pattern provides unrivaled performance and grip.

TEC TEC TEC Laser Rangefinder

Following on our list of best Christmas gifts for golfers are rangefinders from Tec Tec Tec. If you are looking for an inexpensive rangefinder gift, then look no further than the Tec Tec Tec rangefinder.

To begin with, rangefinders should be fast at target acquisition, have a high locating sensitivity, and incredible accuracy. The Tec Tec Tec rangefinders do all these remarkably well without costing you an arm. They are also rain resistant and have a 6X magnification. Their pin sensor technology, pinseeker, and scan and distant priority modes are a plus as well.

These rangefinders have a 540 yardage with a give or take 1-yard accuracy. They can be worn on the belt or attached to the golf bag.

Head Covers

Golf clubs headcovers for a Christmas gift sounds like a cliché. However, there are some folks who have put in an extra ounce of effort to ensure you get unique headcovers.

To begin with, there are the Jan Craig knit head covers. Though they have a practical use, they are better as gag gifts. They are a timeless tradition of style and functionality. The headcovers are classic as they have been made the same way for the last 40 years and they are hand knitted. They also adorn the Jon Craig signature pom poms.

Other exquisite head covers to look into are the Arnold Palmer Monte Carlos. An exclusive collection and a stitch original design, the Monte Carlo collection is surreal. The head covers are 100% leather, handcrafted, water and stain resistant, engineered to fit, and fit all modern clubs. The Domie Putter full leather headcovers make for a good Christmas gifts as well.

Bombtech Grenade Drivers

If your favorite golfer is young and attracted to cool looking clubs, then this is an ideal Christmas gift. And with names such as Bombtech and grenade, you can be sure there is nothing subtle about it.

The Grenade driver has a splitting design, but thanks to its advanced aerodynamics, it’s longer than most of the big boy’s. If your favorite golfer needs some extra yardage, this is the perfect gift.

Antigravi-tee Levitating Ball

Next on our list of top Christmas gifts for golfers is this antigravi-tee levitating ball. Provided your favorite golfer has a fondness for the mystical, then he will definitely love this item.

The antigravi-tee demonstrates the principle of electromagnetic levitation. There are two magnets in the basswood base and the polished metal support arm to keep the ball suspended. A built-in microprocessor monitors the magnetic fields and adjusts its strength keeping the ball levitating.

This makes for a nice office or home addition, bequeaths a Wizard of Oz feel, and is something your favorite golfer’s friends will go gooey for.

Night Sports USA Backyard Night Pitch & Putt Golf Set

Following on our list of remarkable Christmas gifts for golfers is this backyard LED night golf pitch that is ideal for a golf fanatic.

The set is designed to light up your night-time sports and evening events. With 2 pitch and putt light-up LED flags, 24 light up LED markers that come in different colors, and 3 light-up LED golf bags, your favorite golfer can now enjoy his summer nights.

The balls match the quality you expect from professional balls with cutting edge aerodynamics, accuracy, control, and distance. The light-up zone markers as well as the LED flags are portable & come with replaceable 40-hour lithium batteries. Your favorite golfer will certainly love this.

Nexbelt Golf Series Belts

Nexbelt is groundbreaking to the belt market. Using a ratchet system, Nexbelt produced a one size fits all and what is perhaps the most comfortable belt on the market. With this in mind, Nexbelt had to be on our list of top Christmas gifts for that much-loved golfer.

The belts are designed to fit every ¼ inch rather than the standard fit to inch increments. This ratchet system allows for a custom fit for all golfers. The belt has an easy and quick release system and is customizable seeing as the buckles and straps are interchangeable. If your favorite golfer needs an attire upgrade, the Nexbelt Golf Series belt will make for a nice gift.

Ben’s Garden Sketch Tray

Next on our list of best Christmas gifts for golfers, is this remarkable garden sketch tray. The trays are handcrafted in New York and exemplify Ben’s exceptional love for the unusual. The plates are food safe and felted on the back side. You can wipe to reveal this.

However, these plates appeal thanks to their personalization as each tray is individually signed by Ben which is amazing. This tray without a doubt makes for a great gift.

Douglas Rose “The Woodrow” Shoe Bag

A chic item for the golfer in your life. One would have thought that after 10 kickass items, there were no more amazing gifts on our list. Well, The Woodrow had to make it onto this list of amazing Christmas gifts for golfers.

Made from water-resistant waxed canvas and designed to accompany the Stockton or collier, the Woodrow makes for a marvelous Christmas gift. The rubber bonded interior is versatile and can hold items from a 13 size shoe to a 15” laptop.

Camelback Chute Vacuum Bottle

Nobody wants to end the day with a lukewarm drink and therefore this makes for an amazing Christmas gift for a golfer. Next, on our list of incredible gifts for golfers, the Camelbak Chute Vacuum Bottle will keep drinks cold for 48 hours or more if you add ice, and hot for 6 hours thanks to its vacuum insulation.

It is designed in a way that it’s a breeze to clean and features a cap that snaps into the handle so it’s out of the way as you pour. No condensation collects on the sides of the bottle thanks to its double-walled steel design. An angled spout ensures drinks are delivered without spilling, and a tether attaches the cap to the bottle so as not to lose it.

For hydration, you can as well gift your golfer a Forepack, a hydration system with a protective rain cover, storage unit, and glove anchor. It also integrates with their golf bag.

Hickies Lacing System

All laced shoes suffer from shoe knot failure due to the inertia of motion as one walks. This can be an inconvenience in golf as one has a lot of ground to cover.

The Hickies lacing system seeks to solve this and makes for a good gift for an avid golfer. The Hickies make sneakers slip-on that that will always stay in place, and thanks to their design, you have the ability to use varying lacing styles. This is based on desired tightness and style inclinations.

The Hickies are also quite adaptive and can bear intense movements. They are also easy to snap into place thanks to their hook closure system.

14. 2018 Ryder Cup Gear

2018 Ryder Cup Gear

Gear for the 2018 Ryder cup in Paris is already available, and the items will make for incredible gifts for the golfer in your life. Items from headwear to jackets and polos are now available. However, these items are only practical for the “golfaholic”. Still a great gift though.

OnCore Golf Balls

Back in 2009, two chaps set out to produce golf balls. 3 patents later and a few years down the line, we have what are debatably cutting edge balls. With a hollow metal core, OnCore golf balls give straighter flight patterns, and less side spin and thus hitting more greens and fairways. Though OnCore produces softballs, they are 3-piece urethane golf balls and quite durable.

OnCore has 3 ball releases with the Elixr being their latest release. This is an 85-compression ball designed for distance, spin, control, and great feel off the face.

Their previous release, the Caliber, was an 80-compression ball meant for players whose swing speed is less than 100 mph while their very first design the Avant was a 65-compression ball. A worthwhile gift to lower the handicap or increase your favorite golfer’s accuracy.

16. DST Compressor 8 Iron

DST Compressor 8 Iron

If your favorite golfer needs to improve his/her game, then this golf training iron is ideal for him/her. With its curved shaft, you will be forced to lag your hands on your swing leading to more compression on the ball which in turn leads to longer flights.

The DST Compressor iron is for players who are keen on improving their game. It will not make you a scratch player, but it will noticeably lower your handicap.

The Takeaway

That’s it for us, and our list of top Christmas gifts for golfers. Though tons of good items can make for good Christmas gifts, it will be difficult to outdo the items on this list. Nonetheless, if we have missed an incredible item, let us know. We are always looking for notable golf related items. You can as well tell us which gift idea you liked the most by leaving a comment below.

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