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Best Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Golfers Review

***Disclaimer*** This post may include affiliate links, including Amazon. This does not affect your viewing, or any pricing on the associated sites, but we make a commission on purchases. This is how we help fund this site. Thanks!

Best Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Golfers Review

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to put on your detective hat, and find out what the golfer in your life loves. More so seeing as golfers are pretty particular about their equipment, golf balls and all. Continue reading this best stocking gifts for golfers review to find out more. The golfer in your life will thank you.

The Perfect Gift

For the holidays, stocking stuffers are pretty efficient and though small, they pack quite a memorable punch. They can be practical or fun, but they have to be relevant to the golfer and thus I cannot stress how important it is to figure out what makes the said golfer tick.

That aside, we have put together a list of what we consider are the finest stocking stuffer gift ideas for golfers; and in the view of the fact that stocking stuffers should be reasonably priced and fit into a large sized stocking, we kept the price limit about or under $30 with only one exception (we just couldn’t help ourselves).

Here is our list of the 20 stocking stuffers golfers are guaranteed to love.

Best Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Golfers Review


Some golfers are content with using a regular coin to mark their balls on the green. However, for those looking to make a statement, go against the grain, and make fellow golfers go green with envy, then you should probably consider these personalized ball markers.

1. Tyson Lamb Donut-Shaped Ball Markers

Tyson Lamb Donut-Shaped Ball Markers

Top on or list of best stocking stuffer gifts for golfers are these incredible Tyson Lamb donut-shaped ball markers. 1.25” in diameter, and with their own storage pouch and gift box, these are elegance at its best. They are American made, and are crafted from the same type of steel Tyson Lamb uses for his putters.

Each ball marker is hand painted (talk about dedication), and painted different on each side. They are machined from raw brass and age with character (like fine wine). Though a bit pricey, I am sure the cost is justified. This is a classy add-on and a top stocking stuffer gift.

Personalized Golf Ball Markers & Divot Tool

Next on our list of incredible stocking stuffer gifts for golfers is this personalized golf ball marker and divot tool. A 3 in 1 tool, it reduces the amount of items a player needs to carry when hitting the links.

You can personalize the marker with the golfer’s name, initials, or a message. You can also choose between Oak wood, a black material for the ball marker, or Walnut wood. The divot tool too has a high quality hematite finish.

Callaway Poker Chip Markers

These poker chip ball markers are a really sound idea for the golf and poker player. The chip markers have a real poker feel and size. You can choose from one of three variations: red, white, or black.

The chips too have an interior metal chip for magnetic hat clips. As an add-on, you will never miss a putt or a birdie with these markers thanks to their putt alignment on the reverse side.

Blingo Ball Markers

For the ‘swag’ conscious folks. These markers will appeal to the golfers with a fashion sense or an attraction to rare golf items. They might also interest lady golfers.

The blingo ball markers add sparkle to the holidays and are available in a variety of colours. They make for an interesting gift for the fashion forward golfer.


Yes, books. The books listed here are gems in the golf world. Most pro golfers publish golf books and guides, but they fail to meet the threshold due to their complex golf jargon. They are not written for the layman. A few of these, however, are just mind-boggling. Hope you enjoy.

5. Why You Suck at Golf

Why You Suck at Golf Book

Next on our list of top stocking stuffer gifts for golfers is this incredible book by Clive Scarff. A pro golfer, and a writer, Clive records common golf mistakes and how to avoid them. The book handles both the physical and mental issues a player faces. He coaches on how to get into the right state of mind for a game by getting to the course well before time and how to fix faulty mechanics.

That aside, he has an edge over other writers thanks to his tongue-in-cheek style and how he explains issues in layman terms. If you are keen on stamping out bloopers in your much-loved golfer, or just pranking them, then this makes for a good gift.

The Greatest Game Ever Played Book

This book is a testament to the rich history and the diversity of golf. A book by Mark Frost, it had to make it onto this list of top stocking stuffer gifts for golfers.

The book follows the story of how an amateur, Francis Ouimet, and his 10 year caddie Harry Vardon, took on some of the world’s best players in the 1913 U.S. open and went on to win.

The duo driven by their passion for the game, broke down social barriers and made the game accessible to all. A movie exists, but we insist the book is better.

The 500 World’s Greatest Golf Holes Book

Following on our list of terrific gifts for golfers is the book ‘The 500 World’s Greatest Golf Holes’ by George Peper. It’s highly unlikely that most players will get a chance to play in most of these courses, but it sure makes for an incredible gift.

This book chronicles what are deemed to be the best holes, with more than 600 photos completing the biographies and statistics. The book too records the most scenic, the longest holes, the hardest to putt greens, etc. A gift no fervent golfer would turn down.


A golfer requires a ton of tools when on the course. From a cleat tightener, a ball brush/towel to club cleaners. These are challenging to keep track of let alone carry around the course. However, several tools can help solve this and could make for nice stuffer gifts.

8. All in One Golf Tool

All in One Golf Tool

On to more practical golf gifts is the all in one golf tool. Players need tons of tools on the course and this works to reduce the number of items one has to carry.

The Whetstone 75 – 4732 all-in-one stainless steel golfer’s tool has a ball cleaning brush, a removable pen, a magnetic ball marker, a cleat tightener, a club cleaner, and divot repair. It’s also small and thus will fit well in a stocking. This pen-knife multi-tool has a key ring and thus is easy to carry around.

Fine Tune G-Clip Tool

This four in one compact tool reduces the number of items your favourite golfer has to carry around on the course. The tool has a ball marker, a ball mark, a repair tool, and a golf tee. As a plus, the tool attaches to the golfer’s belt and therefore, he/she does not have to rummage through his bag for the tool. A nice idea to make your favourite golfers time more effective.

No proper golfer can say no to a gift that reduces the number of items he/she needs on the course. Definitely had to be on our list of tremendous stocking stuffer gifts.


This sounds like a cliché for stuffer gifts, but no true golfer is going to turn a golf essential item down. Not with the originality that has gone into the balls below.

10. Trick Golf Balls

Trick Golf Balls

If your golfer appreciates a good prank on the course, then these will be a hit. The trick balls help lighten the mood on the course. For what is golf without a bit of fun?

The set is made up of a water ball which explodes into a water mist when hit, an unputtable ball (just won’t go in the direction it is hit), an exploding ball which becomes smoke on impact (the exploder), and the streamer which blasts into a spiralling ribbon. You might as well repackage these and pass them off as regular golf balls. I bet your golfers reaction on the course is going to be priceless.

Emoji Golf Balls

Emoji golf balls. Told you there was tons of ingenuity in golf ball design. These balls have a distinguishing design assuming the much loved emoji’s.

These balls, despite their fun approach to the game, are made of top-material, and have a high velocity solid core. They are multi-function appealing to kids as well as golf professionals. All in all a fabulous gift package.

Personalized Balls

Next on our list of remarkable stocking stuffer gifts for your favourite golfer are personalized balls. These are a nice way to pass a message across to your much-loved golfer.

After all, holidays are filled with personalized coffee mugs, ornaments, and picture frames; why not add balls on to that list. The upside is that personalization is free with a minimum one dozen order and is offered by most top brands.

Golf Mug & Putter Pen

Away from golf balls, next on our list is this stunning golf mug and putter pen set for less than $10. You can now practice your putting any time if you are overextended and can’t make it to the course.

The porcelain coffee mug has a hole at the bottom to aim for and a putter which doubles up as a pen. Promise there is not a golfer who can resist the desk and golf combos.

Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game

How well you do in this table top game determines who takes a drink. But don’t worry as the rules are written on the shot glass holder.

For golfers and fans alike, this is a lovely idea for a stock stuffer gift. It is also quite inexpensive going by the creativity in designing it. Though you might have a bit of trouble trying to shove this in a stocking, it is ‘hella’ fun to leave out.

The set includes 6 shot glasses, which is the best part, 2 clubs, 2 balls, a fairway, a bunker, a real water hazard, and the green. A must-have for your favourite golfer.

Golf Putting Door Stopper

Following on our list of stupendous stocking stuffer gifts for your favourite golfer is this golf putting stopper with 2 balls. Which better way to keep the door open at home/work and practice on your putting at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. It also includes a 2 year pocket planner for 2017 & 2018.

Golf Ball Slim Phone Case

These golf ball phone cases make for amazing stocking stuffer gifts. They are durable and ultra-thin that you will not notice it’s there. It too allows access to all iPhone functionalities.

That aside, it features a sleek translucent design, which is scratch proof and has an embedded image (the golf ball is embedded in the plastic and thus will never scratch). A snap-on back cover case is UV-coated for radiation protection. This is a rather interesting idea for a gift, but who doesn’t love a cool phone case?

Martini Tee Mini Shaker

“A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken not stirred” Bond, James Bond. Martinis are the embodiment of refined. Heck, every other drink wants to be a martini. However, there is something better and that is the martini tee, mini shaker. Nothing beats this combo of the two worlds.

Made of a proprietary polymer resin, the 3,1/4 inch tees are virtually unbreakable. They conform with USGA rules and independent laboratory testing shows that these tees give a golfer farther and straighter drives compared to wooden tees. Definitely the ideal stocking stuffer for the fun loving golfer in your life.

Proactive Sports Premium Suede Caddy Pouch

Funny how even with the largest golf bag, a golfer ever has limited space. There is rarely enough room for extra balls or to hold accessories. However, this caddy pouch is quite effective and is suitable for holding wallets, keys, and other pocket stuff.

It is also pretty thick and won’t tear easily due to tees. The bag has the look and feel of real suede, a 3 pocket design, a carabiner clip, and it is neoprene lined. It too attaches to your golf bag which is good. Only downside is that it might be difficult shoving into a stocking thanks to its size.

EZ Drinker Toilet Golf

There have been quality complaints about this item and it does not come with the toilet, but it makes for an incredible gag gift for the golfaholic in your life. The EZ drinker toilet golf has a mat, a retractable putter, three balls, and a hole. It is a wonderful way to pass time in the can. Your golfer can put in some extra putting hours while in the bathroom, and enjoy it still.

Collapsible Chipping Net

The 23-inch foldable chipping net is a nice stuffer gift though it might be a bit challenging jostling it into a stocking. This item folds into a 7-inch diameter and thus had to be on this list.

The net has 3 pockets for the ultimate chipping challenge and is good for folks with a bit of a backyard, a little extra space in the house, or during camping. By and large, this is a great way to practice at home, helps with your short game, and sharpens your skills.

The Final Gift

Well, that’s it from us and our list of 20 well 21 best stocking stuffer gifts for the golfer in your life. Some of these items are applicable in golf, others just for gags, while the rest serve to lighten the aura around golf. By and large, we hope you enjoyed and found a holiday gift for the golfaholic in your life.

Let us know what you think of our list by leaving a comment, and if you enjoyed it, share.

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