Bubba’s Hover Cart is an Exciting Change to Golf

Bubba’s Hover Cart!!

I know this has been around for a couple years, but I get excited to revisit this every once in a while. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it our below, then follow on to see what it costs or where you can try one!

Even if you’ve seen it before, I’ll bet you watched the video again, right?!

Yep, it’s still awesome!

So the pro’s and con’s list looks like this to me:


  • Less wear and tear on the golf course, as it has a very light footprint.
  • Speed of the game increases. It looks like these are faster than normal carts, and you can take a lot of shortcuts… LIKE GOING STRAIGHT OVER THE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!! Provide the people in front of you are using one too, this could reduce the time on the course.
  • Get’s new people on the course. I can name a few people myself that would play a round or two of golf JUST to try one of these bad boys out.
  • Less bumps while driving. Your golf clubs won’t be banging around as much in the back, and for those people that have back issues, won’t get the jostling around of a normal golf cart
  • This golf hover cart would get people talking. If you drove one of these, you would absolutely tell everyone about it, thus making them want to try it out as well.
  • It’s just awesome!


  • The cost is the biggest con. Not a lot of courses are going to shell out the bucks for these things.
  • Not sure how easy it is to get in and out of this thing.
  • It will be a little noisy when it is on, but it sounds like they are trying to reduce the noise as much as possible.
  • You may need a lesson on how to drive it. It isn’t as simple as driving a normal golf cart, plus the golf course’s don’t want these things wrecked, so you can probably count on spending some time learning (although Bubba said he only had a 5 minute lesson)
  • You may become addicted to riding it.

We saw from an online source that this golf cart or hover cart is running at about $58K US, so it might not be in your budget if you are only golfing a few times a year.

We also found that the Windy Knoll Golf Club has 2 of these! Now, if I had to chose between courses, this would definitely draw me in! There is an added cost to the round though. They charge $185 for 18 holes to use the golf hovercraft or hovercart, whatever you want to call it. Once GolfThis opens up to the US course, we will for sure try to get our Premium Members a discount on one of these!

Let me know you think in the comment section below!

Ryan S
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