Smoky Lake Golf Course Review

I golfed the well kept 9 hole smoky lake golf course on the weekend and it was a fun little course.

This course is located across the highway (Highway 28) from Smoky Lake. It takes a little over an hour from Edmonton to get there.

As mentioned it is a 9 hole course, but luckily it doesn’t feel like a short course. There are a two par 3s, and it is a par 36 course.

The course has a couple holes where water comes into play, but for the most part this water is easily avoided. The 3rd hole is the one hole where it can factor in, and that is only if you decide to cut the corner to try and save some yards.

Speaking of saving some yards, there are a few holes that dogleg/bend, and mostly near the green. For the most part you don’t have to worry about the bends. You simply hit a straight first shot (…haha very funny, I know), then can chip onto the green. Although, if you are looking to try to shave a few strokes off your game, you can play the course more aggressively and cut those corners. This makes for a shorter second shot, but cutting the corner won’t get you on unless you are a really long ball hitter.

The nice thing about “going for it” is that the course is pretty forgiving. The fairways line up next to each other in spots or there is enough open ground that you can find your ball. Hit the trees though, and you might not find your ball. The trees are thick in most spots, so your golf ball can be hard to find. Notice how I said YOUR golf ball, you might easily find one of mine out there.

If you do find one of mine, keep it. I didn’t like that one anyways.

There are some strategic and deep sand traps surrounding some of the greens, so be weary of these. When you do make it to the green, some of them can be tough to play, especially the last one. They placed these greens up on the hill, so miss the hole and you could be in trouble.

All in all, the gof course was in good shape, th round of golf was quick to play, and the staff in the pro shop were polite. It is one of the nicer small town courses I have played, so stop in and check it out on your way by!

Smokey Lake Golf Course Discounts

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