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For 2017 Cobra has evolved the shot-shaping technology of its F6 driver and really upped the game in terms of adjustability to make the King S7 a club definitely worth checking out. This new iteration of an already highly regarded big dog is sure to be a hit across a broad spectrum of golfers due to the increased positional adjustments that can be dialed in to really tweak performance. Come along with us as we take a closer look at the club in this Cobra King F7 driver review!

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New Features

Building on the popular F6 platform, this Cobra’s head retains the concept of a moveable weight system but has been reconfigured to accommodate a third port, placed close to the heel. This adjustability allows not only for the fine tuning of departure angle and rate of spin through the Center of Gravity (CG) displacement but also allows an increased influence on draw bias.

But it goes one better. Embedded within the grip is an Arccos sensor that provides shot tracking information via the Cobra Connect application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone, giving the same level of game analysis afforded to the pros.

Key Technologies

Tri-Port System

The tri-port system in the F7’s skillet-sized 460cc head harks back to the TWS days and includes one 12 gram and two 2 gram weights to enable the player to modify center of gravity positioning based on their needs and preferences. Gone are the linear ‘towering’ and ‘penetrating’ permutations of the F6, replaced by a less dramatic ‘front’, ‘back’, and new inclusion – ‘draw’ to complete the trinity.

TeXtreme Carbon Fibre Crown

The F7 retains the TeXtreme Carbon Fibre crown that boasts a 20% weight saving over titanium thus allowing more flexibility to play with the positioning of the CG, which now sits closer to the sole. This bestows upon the golfer an increased carry distance as well as a more forgiving spin attitude. Simply reposition the weight to the front to further drop and advance the CG towards the face of the club to create a shallower launch trajectory coupled with a lower ball spin.

Set the weight to the opposite position and the backward and slightly higher shift in CG results in a higher MOI to lessen head twist with a more skyward, faster spinning ball. Players who are disposed to slicing the ball will find that the option to place the weight heel-side sympathetically influences ball strike to calm errant leftward arcs, which can be a game-changer for the amateur or recreational golfer.

Adjustable Hosel

The MyFly adjustable hosel allows you to pair the clubs weighting parameters through 3 degrees of loft – 9 through 12 – and offers five trajectory choices including three draw settings to ensure the right dynamic combination to maximize your shot distance. The Cobra Smartpad allows the F7s sole to pivot slightly when you adjust the loft to keep the head square so that straighter drives are always delivered.

Titanium Face

The forged titanium E9 face is carried over from the F6 and is well known for its forgiving nature and presents a variable thickness construction with a larger sweet spot across its surface that rewards with increased ball speed and carry even on less than perfect hits.

Cobra King F7 Driver

Cobra Connect

Cobra has partnered with Arccos to integrate performance tracking technology in their F7 driver. The Cobra Connect package provides post-round stats through the embedded Arccos sensor in the butt of the shaft grip, automatically recording critical driving information using GPS to determine the likes of average and longest distance.

Download the Cobra Connect smartphone app and pair with your Arccos sensor and you’re ready to analyze your distance performance to help improve your game. The sensor's battery is designed to run for up to 3 years before requiring replacement.


There’s no doubting the size of the Cobra F7 - it’s big - so it should hit the mark for someone looking for a friendly, forgiving driver that presents a ton of body behind the ball to inspire confidence. It comes in four finishes, silver, black, blue - each with elegantly muted checkerboard patterning - and a rather exclusive-looking woodgrain patina.

The Cobra snake motif present on previous drivers to indicate the middle of the face is replaced with the word ‘Cobra’ and has a clean, crisp appearance as a result, making it an attractive addition to your golf bag.

Feel and Sound

The stock Fujikura Pro 60 shaft with its High Inertia Tip technology provides stability in the swing so it’s easy to get going and remains steady throughout the stroke. The F7 provides a positive yet slightly dampened sensation at impact. It’s not prone to announce an overly loud report on contact but still manages to deliver a throaty and satisfying thwack.

Minimal vibration is soaked up by the big 460cc head which still retains enough of a softness of response to let you know when you’ve not quite hit a peach. Strike it in the right place, though, and the E9 face with its large, light, thin, and red-hot sweet spot, will cannon the ball off with some fury.


There is no doubt that the position of the interchangeable weights influence the in-flight behavior of the ball and this can be a huge advantage to the golfer who is looking for that elusive ingredient to improve their game.

The less experienced player may choose to sacrifice distance for forgiveness whilst someone of a lower handicap may be able to afford a more penetrating flight with a longer carry.

Moving the weight to the back launches the ball a noticeable couple of degrees higher, although at an average cost of about five yards when compared to the same shot in the weighted draw configuration. Positioning the weight in the front produced satisfying distance results - however, the effect on forgiveness was apparent, which was slightly offset by a long carry and impressive total range assisted by the reduction in ball spin.


  • thumbs-o-up
    Cutting edge technology in the Cobra Connect system
  • thumbs-o-up
    Adjustable weight arrangement to help shape your shots
  • thumbs-o-up
    Large footprint is forgiving and inspires confidence


  • thumbs-o-down
    May not appeal as much to the experienced golfer
  • thumbs-o-down
    Your better shots can come at a distance cost

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Final Thoughts

This sensibly priced driver offers a wide variety of adjustment opportunities that should prove popular with a range of golfers who are looking to fine-tune their performance.

The forgiving nature of this club should inspire confidence in less experienced players and the integration with Cobra Connect technology makes the Cobra King F7 a great tool to enhance and improve their game.

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