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Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver Review

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If you find you often lack confidence when approaching the tee and tend to look for your hybrid or a low iron, the Big Bertha Fusion might be the answer. Sometimes it is tricky reaching for a safe option when everyone is taking the covers off their drivers. Those who steadfastly stand by their drivers even when things are not going their way, often find themselves playing their second stroke from the rough just to get back in the game. If any of this sounds familiar, the Fusion is quite probably the driver you have been looking for. Keep reading this Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver review to find out more!

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It’s All About the Forgiveness

The Big Bertha franchise has always been known for its forgiveness without compromising on distance. Many of their other recent models have been aimed towards the more talented swingers. The Fusion is all about an easy hit and an easy, straight launch, even when you are well off the center of the sweet spot. The Fusion will give you buckets of confidence off the tee and you will find a lot more fairways.

I hear you saying, the majority of game improvement drivers or those aimed at the non-pro golfers are all about forgiveness these days, which is mostly true. The Fusion, however, manages to really provide the ultimate in forgiveness, and you don’t even have to buy chocolates and flowers.

Key Technology

One of the main technological marvels of the Big Bertha Fusion Driver is the exoskeleton or Exo-Cage as Callaway call it. This consists of an aerospace-grade titanium shell that works in tandem with the triaxial carbon sole and crown. The cutting-edge triaxial carbon material makes use of braiding process which makes it lighter than the standard weave method without any sacrifice in strength.

The result is a head that is seriously light, allowing them to use the saved weight closer to the perimeter thereby maximizing the MOI and therefore, forgiveness. The MOI is further enhanced by the triangular head shape.

It also gives them more freedom on the center of gravity (CG) positioning so this was also designed for ultimate forgiveness. The CG weighting is positioned low and way back which makes for a great launch and obviously provides amazing forgiveness.

Speed Step Technology

They continued with their Speed Step technology which has proved successful in the past. This tweak to the front of the crown makes the head more aerodynamic by reducing drag. This design technology was introduced on the remarkable XR16 driver after Callaway's R&D guys worked with Boeing to perfect the aerodynamic brilliance.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

Not only does it help the head slide effortlessly through the air to increase speed, it doubles as an effective alignment aid. Most testers who compared the Fusion to the Great Big Bertha and the XR16 found evidence that the enhancements to the Speed Step on the Fusion did indeed improve clubhead speed.

The versatile driver will appeal to players at any end of the spectrum, from the beginner to the guys going up for the top prizes. Loft options are 9.5°, 10.5°, and then jump to a high 13.5°. These can be adjusted by 1° down or 2° up with a draw or neutral face so there is something for everyone.


You get a number of choices when it comes to shafts, the main ones being the ultra-light UST Mamiya Recoil (45g-55g) or the Diamana Red (63g) in either 45.5 or 44.5-inch lengths.

The fractionally shorter Diamana shaft will give you more control and help improve consistency. Many golfers will actually find they get better distance with the shorter shaft due to the improved control and the greater confidence it inspires in their swing. You will find the sweet spot more often with improved distance off the tee. More experienced golfers could opt for the longer option.

UST Recoil Shaft

The UST Recoil shaft is one of the leading driver shafts available and the technology helps with an easy launch with good spin while the recoil technology improves energy transfer, leading to higher ball speeds and greater distance.

If you have the time, a professional fitting would be recommended to determine which option would be the most suitable for your swing speed and style, ensuring you select the most suitable shaft and other options to maximize your swing.


The most striking aspect of the appearance of the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver is the triangular shape, certainly not a traditional look. That’s not to say it does not look great. If you can deal with something a bit different, it is well contoured with rounded edges and manages to pull the look off.

The matte black carbon fiber crown has quite a bit going on with white and red edge designs. If you like the modern, hi-tech look, the driver will definitely appeal. The traditionalists may be harder to win over. Funky is how some describe it. Once you get used to it, is a good looking driver.

Sound and Feel

The fusion has a muted thud. The material and design of the head produces a powerful, deep sound on impact.

The tactile, as well as auditory feedback is good and you will immediately be aware of where and how you struck the ball.


Forgiveness. If you had to sum the Fusion up in one word it would be forgiveness. While it might not give you the greatest distance on all good hits, most golfers will more than make up for that with the additional accuracy and will make a lot more of their second shot.

The main features you will notice when using the Fusion are forgiveness and low spin. Obviously, this is what Callaway was going for in their design and they clearly achieved their objective. One often finds that drivers that are highly forgiving also tend to be high in spin, not so with the Fusion. It has a consistent low spin which will please the majority of players.

Distance is respectable but you probably will not win the longest drive with the Fusion. What you can expect is to spend a lot less time recovering from a wayward drive and have a much more enjoyable game while shaving a good few strokes off your previous best.

It is a pleasure to swing and the forgiveness will give you additional confidence to really have a go at it. You will find a lot more fairways with the Fusion and the results of your mishits will be a lot less severe, keeping the ball in play more often and allowing a much easier second stroke.


  • thumbs-o-up
    The most outstanding feature of the Fusion is the brilliant forgiveness. While it might not result in your longest drives ever, the improved consistency and reduced wayward tee shots will result in a better score
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    Good aerodynamics
  • thumbs-o-up
    Good adjustability and fitting options


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    Some might find there is a distance sacrifice
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    The head shape does not appeal to all golfers
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    Some might find the launch too high

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Final Thoughts

There is nothing worse than spending half your game recovering from tee shots that have gone wrong. The Big Bertha Fusion Driver from Callaway will take a lot of that pain away. You will find the sweet spot more often and when you don’t, the result is generally still fairly respectable in terms of distance and direction.

The weighting, shaft, design, and key technologies all combine to create a powerful driver that is easy to swing and easy to launch. There are very few regular golfers who will not see a great improvement when using the Fusion.

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