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Cobra King MB CB Irons Review

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Cobra King MB CB Irons Review

If you are on the hunt for irons that not only play well but also look good, then you might want to try the Cobra King pros. They are a combo set and consist of the MB (muscle back) and CB (cavity back) and a standard flow set has the CBs from the 3 to 6 iron and the MBs from the 7 iron to the PW. In this Cobra King MB CB irons review, we’ll have a detailed look at the clubs so you can see if they are worth investing in for you.

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A Long Runner

For the past 6 or so years, Cobra has worked exceedingly hard to re-establish itself as a market leader and a top golf equipment producer, and with the Cobra King MBs and CBs, one would argue that they have made it. This is largely due to their decision to re-introduce the King name under the Cobra line up, which saw a spike in curiosity both by Cobra diehards and non-loyalists.

The King irons feature some of the best technology in golfing with a 5 stage forging process, tungsten toe weighting, and computer numerically controlled milled faces. These technologies are key to the precise shape, incredible weight balance, and greater shot making capabilities that these irons offer (more on this later).

The king irons were designed with feel, workability, and a bit of forgiveness in mind. That’s why they are a combo set. The CBs which are more forgiving are long irons and the MBs which are quite playable are short irons.

However, despite having CBs for long irons, the Kings are still meant for really good players to tour level players.

Cobra is again a top player in the golf equipment industry but a large part of this success is thanks to Cobra Puma staff player Rickie Fowler, and for that, we believe a big thank you is in order.

So, do the Cobra King pros live up to the hype?


With the King irons and like most forged irons, Cobra used a minimalist approach when designing the Cobra King CBs and MBs. The only key technologies are 5 stage forging process, CNC milling, and tungsten toe weighting.

The five stage forging process gets the grain structure correctly aligned, ensures higher tolerance, minimizes polishing (which, mind you, is a recipe for disaster), and helps tighten the grain structure. It also eliminates porosity and creates a better feeling iron.

As for the CNC milled faces and grooves, they allow for a much better trajectory control and spin. They also result in a smooth transition from irons to wedges and higher tolerances. Finally, the tungsten toe weight, which is in each head, positions the Center of Gravity (CG) behind the center for better shot making.

Bottom Line

Despite adopting a minimalist approach, the tech used on this iron is still impressive.

Build and Looks

The Cobra MBs and CBs are real lookers. Cobra exceeded all expectations and I will go out on a limb and claim that these are better looking than anything currently available. The Cobra King pros feature a diamond-shimmering black finish which gives them this dramatic look. Combine this with the bright orange on the back, and you have a flat-out mean looking iron.

Other than the black finish, these irons are also available in a chrome finish which for some reason makes them look a little larger than they are. Or is it the diamonised finish making them look smaller? Hmmm.

Cobra King MB CB Irons Review

As for the CBs, they feature a look which is rarely found on cavity backs these days. I.e. a cavity back with hollow areas whereas most players prefer muscle back looking cavity backs with extra weight on the perimeters. However, this CB look will appeal to scratch players since it combines great looks, proper forged feel, and a margin for error.

The KBS Tour C-taper shaft with its matte silver finish adds some incredible flair to these irons. This (in my opinion) is largely due to the contrast between the silver finish on the shafts and diamonised black finish on the heads.

The Cobra King CB and MB also feature a thin top line, compact head, straight leading edge, and limited offset. Some might be concerned with the durability of the black finish but according to Cobra, and as attested to by players who have had these irons for a while longer, the finish is more durable than PVD.

Bottom Line

If this was a word association game, then incredible would be the only word worthy of describing these irons. The Cobra King Pros were indubitably the best-looking irons of 2015 and 2016.

Sound and Feel

The Kings are quite responsive and can go neck to neck with any precision forged irons currently available. Sound and feel are solid and sharp which is better than one would expect from such head sizes.

The best feedback is from center strikes with a solid thwack sound on the long irons and a soft click on shorter irons. For mishits, they sound like dead rocks but surprisingly the feel isn’t as harsh as one would expect. They also feel light to swing despite the shafts being the same 120 grams as other irons.

Bottom Line

One of the softest feeling irons and quite pleasant to play.


In the end, it all boils down to performance. You might own the most appealing set of irons but if they do not fit your game, then they are worthless. The King pros are better player irons; i.e. players in the higher single digit handicap range.

Accuracy and Forgiveness

Well, this depends and you could be to blame for the murky results. Forgiveness is not a strong suit when it comes to these irons and the accuracy will depend largely on your striking capabilities. Dead center strikes will have the ball flying down the intended path with mishits having some serious repercussions.


Not one of the longest but it’s not as cranked as other irons. The Cobra King pros have weaker lofts with the 6 iron being 30 degrees while some of its competitors are 27 degrees. However, these irons are quite consistent as long as strikes are dead center. As such, they are meant for players who know what they want and what it is they are looking for.


At this, the King pros excel. They are the best in their class, with unrivaled playability, and can make any shot you dream up.

Bottom Line

The Cobra King pros, are elite player irons and are more about enjoying the game. They surpass rivals when it comes to playability and consistency but are not as forgiving as other better player irons and not as long too.


  • ​Premium feel – Feedback from these irons is nothing short of remarkable with the sound being as sweet as any other blade. The feel too is incredible with mishits not being too harsh
  • Looks – Superb. The black finish is a whole new ball game and these irons are unquestionably one of the best-looking irons
  • Unparalleled consistency
  • Workability – Better than most better player irons. You can make any shot you dream up and they will get you out of any tight lie


  • ​Lack forgiveness – mishits will definitely be punished and thus limiting most players
  • Lack distance which is partly due to their weak lofts

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The Final Verdict

By and large, the Cobra King pros are an amazing set. The feel is inconceivable, the looks unrivaled, and workability on a whole other level. For a consistent player there is no better option and are a must have. Check them out for yourself and start improving today. Fairways and greens to you!

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